[10 Fixes] Won't Record Sound/No Sound on iPhone Videos?

The top-notch cameras and inventive strategies of iPhones have made it a competitor to DSLR cameras. More and more videos uploaded on YouTube and other such platforms are being shot with it. Most of the time, the videos on the iPhone turn well, but some of them might accompany issues like no sound on iPhone video clips. It is not a very common issue but can be troublesome when it happens.

fix no sound on iphone videos

If you are likewise confronting the same, this post will assist you concerning this issue and deliver you with the solutions for managing it.

Part 1. Why There is No Sound on iPhone Videos?

The reason for sound not working on iPhone videos can be many, but some of them are:

  • Speaker Error: Dampness, or accidentally dropping your iPhone, can damage the iPhone speaker, causing sound disappearance.
  • The Do Not Disturb Mode: This feature switches off the whole sound of the iPhone. It is intended to make the phone quiet and won't play any sound.
  • External Connectivity: If you have connected your iPhone to a Bluetooth gadget, any obstructions between your iPhone and the Bluetooth gadget will cause a sound error.
  • Dirty Ports: If the headphone jack gets filled up with residue, it can intrude on the working of your phone's sound framework.

Part 2. 7 Simple Fixes for No Sound on iPhone Videos

Fix 1: Clean the Mic on iPhone

Sometimes, when you're recording, small residue particles give a blockage for a sound which results in silent recorded videos. Try cleaning the mic on your iPhone with a needle or consult a specialist.

clean iphone mic

Fix 2: Volume Up or Unmute iPhone

If your iPhone video sound is not working because of the sound profile, change it from silent to general and see if the issue resolves. That is the way you can do so:

  • Toggle the ringer button on the left side of your iPhone to bring it from Silent to General mode.

    iphone ringer

  • For an iPhone 7 or above, open Sounds and Haptics from Settings where you can see a few options to change the ringtones and alarms volume.

Fix 3: Disconnect All External Devices

From your iPhone Settings, go to the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings to turn them off. It will make sure that no external gadget is connected to your phone that might be disturbing the sound. Check the sound system again to see if your iPhone resumes the standard functioning.

Fix 4: Disable DND Mode

If The Do Not Disturb Mode on your iPhone is causing the audio error, switching it off from the setting will fix it quickly. That is how:

  • 1. Open your iPhone and go to the "Do Not Disturb" or DND option from the Settings app.

    dnd off

  • 2. There is a button on top that shows if the mode is enabled or not. Tap on the option to switch it off if it's enabled.

Fix 5: Close Camera or Video App and Open Music

Now and again, a minuscule programming error might prompt no sound on videos on iPhone 11. An open camera app may be the cause for your iPhone not playing any sound with a video.

To cross-check it, close the camera or video recording app on your iPhone, and play a song from the music application. Once more, go to the videos and check if the issue has been resolved. 

Fix 6: Check Mic Using Voice Memos

Sometimes, the problem is with the mic itself. If Bluetooth is off and shutting the camera hasn't fixed the "no sound on iPhone text videos" error, you should check if your phone microphone is working appropriately. To do this, open voice memos on your iPhone and record your audio. If it doesn't produce a proper sound, head down to some other techniques beneath.

Fix 7: Update iOS/Video Apps

You might be encountering the no sound on iPhone video camera issue, given the iOS and iPad internal software itself. An iOS or iPadOS update may fix your sound issue. 

On your iPhone, go to "General" from the Setting app and then open "Software Update" and adhere to the guidelines to update your gadget to the latest version.

update ios

Part 3: 3 Deep Fixes for No Sound on iPhone Videos

Fix 1: Repair iOS System

UltFone iOS System Repair is an expert repair tool that contains three important highlights: 

  • Enter and Exit Recovery Mode
  • Reset Device
  • Repair Operating System. 

With the UltFone iOS repair tool, you can put any Apple gadget contact into or out of recovery mode with just a single tap. What's more, if your Apple device stalls out in recovery mode or is stuck on the Apple logo/reboot/dark screen, it'll enable you to fix it and help you overcome the iPhone video no sound recorded front camera.

Key Features:

  • Fix 150+ iOS issues like Apple logo, reboot, blacked-out screen, etc.
  • Reset Apple devices without iTunes/Finder/Passcode.
  • One can downgrade their device from iOS 15 without iTunes.
  • Support all iOS versions and phone models, including iPhone 13 series and iOS 15.

Steps to Repair iOS System:

  • Step 1Download and Install UltFone iOS System Repair
    After downloading, open the program on your PC/Mac, and have your iPhone/iPad/iPod connected to the PC. Press "Start" to continue repairing your device.

    Free Download For PC Secure Download Free Download For Mac Secure Download

    start ultfone to fix no sound on iphone videos

  • Step 2 Select Repair Method
    Click "Standard Repair" on the next screen to continue.

    standard repair


    There're two fix modes: Standard Repair and Deep Repair. with Standard Repair, you can fix the iOS issues without losing data, where Deep Repair mode will clear off everything on your gadget and help you overcome complex errors.

  • Step 3 Download Firmware Package
    Before playing out the fix, tap the "Download" button to get the ideal firmware package for your gadget. If you have the firmware downloaded, tap "Import Local Firmware" to import it.

    firmware package

  • Step 4 Start Repairing iOS
    After downloading the firmware package, tap "Start Standard Repair" to fix the iOS error on your gadget.

    start to repair iphone

  • Step 5 Complete the iOS System Repair
    When done, iOS system repair will reboot your device, and all that will fully recover.

    done system repair

Fix 2: Reset All Settings

Resetting your phone setting to its default state will reset every one of your settings, including network, passwords, location settings. Your files and data will be still there.

To do so, go to General from Settings and press Reset > Reset All Settings. And afterward, follow the on-screen instructions.

reset all settings to fix no sound on iphone videos

Fix 3: Soft Restart iPhone

To soft restart an iPhone X or above model, press one of the volume buttons and the power button simultaneously until you see the power off slider. Slide the button to turn it off and hold the power button again to restart it.

To soft restart, an iPhone 8 or older model, press the power button for some time until the "Slide to Power" appears. Slide the button to turn it off and hold the power button again to reboot it.

soft restart iphone


No sound on iPhone video might be problematic for many users. But, the techniques discussed in this post will assist you with fixing the problem. If the issue persists, download the UltFone iOS System Repair right away to fix it, and watch your favorite videos with practically no difficulty.

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