How to Fix Wifi Calling Not Working on iPhone? Solved!

Staying connected is essential in the ever-changing world of technology, and WiFi calling has become indispensable for iPhone users.

Nevertheless, consumers sometimes have the annoying problem of their iPhones needing help to make WiFi calls. We will examine the causes of this issue in-depth in this thorough tutorial, along with offering step-by-step remedies for iOS 17 and iPhone 15 users about wifi calling not working on iphone appropriately.

Part 1. How to Enable Wifi Calling on iPhone?

To enable Wi-Fi Calling on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  • 1. Open Settings: Tap on the "Settings" app on your iPhone's home screen.
  • 2. Select Phone: Scroll down and tap on "Phone" from the list of options.
  • 3. Wi-Fi Calling: Tap on "Wi-Fi Calling" or "Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone," depending on your iOS version and carrier.
  • 4. Toggle Wi-Fi Calling On: Toggle the switch to turn on Wi-Fi Calling.
  • 5. Follow Prompts: You might be asked to enter or confirm your emergency address for emergency services. Follow the on-screen prompts to do so.
  • 6. Verify Activation: After enabling Wi-Fi Calling, a Wi-Fi icon or the name of your carrier should appear in the status bar to indicate that Wi-Fi Calling is active.

Once Wi-Fi Calling is enabled, your iPhone will use an available Wi-Fi network to make and receive calls and texts when cellular coverage is weak or unavailable, helping you stay connected in areas with poor cellular reception.

Part 2. Why is My iPhone Not Working on WiFi Calling?

There are a number of reasons why ios 17 wifi calling not working properly. It might be the result of software bugs, issues with network connectivity, or incompatibility of the device.

All iPhones may not support WiFi calling, or it may not be activated on the device.

Operating system bugs may prevent WiFi calling from working correctly.

Part 3. How to Fix Wifi Calling Not Working on iPhone?

After determining the probable reasons, let's examine the remedies:

Way 1. Check Device & Software Support

You must have an iPhone 5c or later model to utilise Wi-Fi calling. Similarly, iOS 11.2 or later is needed for Wi-Fi calling to function.

There are instances when a software flaw causes the problem. Look into if your iPhone has the most recent update available.

Steps on fixing iOS 17 wifi calling not working:

  • 1. Go to Settings.
  • 2. Toggle between "Phone" and "WiFi Calling."
  • 3. If it's available, turn on WiFi calling on this iPhone.

Way 2. Check Internet Connection

For WiFi calling to function, a steady internet connection is required. Take these actions:

Steps on solving wifi calling is on but not working iphone

  • 1. Navigate to Settings.
  • 2. Ensure you're linked to a dependable network by tapping "WiFi".
  • 3. Look for any problems with the network.
iphone calls not working on wifi

Way 3. Fix Wifi Calling Not Working in the Fastest Way [No Data Loss]

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Steps on how to use UltFone iOS System Repair to fix wifi calling not working on iPhone:

  • Step 1 UltFone is to be downloaded and installed on your PC. After using a USB cord to connect your iPad, select Start. wifi calling not working on iphone
  • Step 2 To begin, launch UltFone and select "Standard Repair." iphone calls not working on wifi
  • Step 3 Verify the iOS firmware UltFone downloads for the iPad model you own. ios 17 wifi calling not working
  • Step 4 "Start Standard Repair" should be clicked. wifi calling not working iphone
  • Step 5 Allow the repair to be completed. Your iPad/iPhone will restart with UltFone. The issue of wifi calling is on but not working iphone has been resolved. iphone 15 wifi calling not working

Way 4. Restart the iPhone

Rebooting your device may solve the issue. To carry out:

Steps on fixing wifi calling not working iphone:

  • 1. Hold down the Home and Sleep/Wake keys simultaneously until your iPhone becomes unresponsive; maintain pressing both buttons.
  • 2. The Apple logo will appear on your iPhone's screen shortly if there's no Home button on your iPhone
  • 3. To restart an iPhone X or later model, press and hold both the Side and Volume buttons, then swipe across.
ios 17 wifi calling not working

Way 5. Reset Network Settings

Restart your network; if your iphone wifi calling not working, try changing the settings. This is what you should do:

Steps on fixing iphone wifi calling not working:

  • 1. Navigate to Settings → General → iPhone Transfer or Reset.
  • 2. To reset network settings, select Reset → Reset. Input your passcode and press to confirm the deletion of your Wi-Fi configuration.
ios 17 wifi calling not working

Is phoning over WiFi still not working? Try the following solution that comes up.

Way 6. Enable/Disable Wifi Calling

Most users worldwide do not have Wi-Fi calling turned on by default. It must be enabled via Settings. To make Wi-Fi calling possible, just follow these instructions.

Steps on fixing iphone 15 wifi calling not working:

  • 1. Navigate to Settings on your iPhone.
  • 2. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • 3. Turn on the toggle next to this iPhone's Wi-Fi calling feature. There will be a pop-up. Press the Enable button.
iphone calls not working on wifi

Your calls will be automatically routed to Wi-Fi in the background once Wi-Fi calling is activated.

Advice: If Wi-Fi calling is already on, switch it off and then back on.

Way 7. Turn On Airplane Mode

When you put your phone in Airplane mode, the majority of network connections, including cellular networks, are disabled. Thus, turn it off for a little while before turning it back on. That ought to resolve any issues with Wi-Fi calling.

To get the fix about iphone 15 wifi calling not working go to iPhone Settings to activate Airplane mode on your device. Turn on the switch adjacent to the aeroplane mode. To turn it off, use the same toggle. As an alternative, launch Control Center and select the Airplane mode to turn on or off.

ios 17 wifi calling not working

Way 8. Change DNS

Wi-Fi calling frequently malfunctions as a result of a DNS server problem. Thus, adjust it to match your WiFi network to resolve the issue of iphone calls not working on wifi smoothly.

Steps on fixing iphone calls not working on wifi:

  • 1. Go to Wi-Fi after opening Settings on your iPhone.
  • 2. Press the little (i) symbol adjacent to your wireless network.
  • 3. Click the Configure DNS button. If Automatic is shown, select Manual. Then, enter and, the Google DNS servers. Save the changes. If it displays Manual, choose Automatic and save the setting.
  • iphone calls not working on wifi
  • 4. Give the phone a restart.

Only your iPhone will be impacted if you change the DNS for a Wi-Fi network on your phone. You must adjust the DNS on your other iPhones if you are experiencing the same problem.

Way 9. Update Subscriber Settings

A different way to fix “wifi calling is on but not working iphone” problem is to try upgrading the subscriber settings. But be aware that this technique is limited to Sprint members.

Using the iPhone's phone function, just hit the phone icon and enter ##25327# as the number in case wifi calling is not working on iphone properly. Now, give it some time for the process to begin.

The signal on your iPhone will completely disappear for a short while (a few minutes) before coming back. You may see the Wi-Fi logo in the iPhone's status bar when the update is complete.

iphone calls not working on wifi

Final Words

In conclusion, while problems like wifi calling not working on iphone might be annoying, they can be successfully fixed with the correct troubleshooting techniques.

Whether it's employing sophisticated tools like UltFone iOS System Repair, verifying a steady internet connection, or confirming compatibility, this article has covered a range of options to accommodate varied situations. Enjoy the smooth experience WiFi calling on your iPhone offers while staying connected.

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