How to Fix Cydia Crashing on iPhone

Many of citizens who freshly jailbroke their iPhones are having problems withCydia crashing when opened it. There is a speedy and infected fix needs to an SSH into your iPhone or use iPhone browser and erase a few files.

It appears that the problem is source by some dishonored repositories that construct Cydia crash surrounded by the first few second of load it. Fortunately, this article will analyze the cases and solutions on how to fix Cydia won't open iOS 16/15 after jailbreak in iPhone.

Case 1: Cydia keeps crashing

It is normal to see Cydia Crashing 9.3.3 after the jailbreak process. If there is an error message saying "x HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error", it usually means your installation is incomplete. Something went wrong during the installation.

Erstwhile this could be web issue when trying to download from cydia . This could be fixed by checking decent internet connection during download or when running cydia.

cydia crashing upon load

Cydia crashes on startup

How to Fix Cydia Crashes on Startup

If Your Cydia will continue to crash even if you try to restart your device and you are certain to have a decent internet connection, the only solution might be to rejailbreak your device. Possibly you could re-jailbreak your iDevice and reinstall Cydia, with other great jailbreaking by following a complete step.

Case 2: Cydia Not Loading

It is usual to see Cydia crashing on startup and is not loading with the information “Unable to Load (the internet connection appears to be offline)”.

cydia not opening

Cydia won't open

How to Fix Cydia Won't Open

Check your internet connection and see if it is working properly. In few cases, Cydia is not capable to load if you are attached to the internet using mobile data because the connection is too slow. Another achievable cause for this problem is the time and date settings in your iDevice.

Case 3: Cydia is Crashing Upon Load

If Cydia is crashing upon load, you can try these steps to fix it. These steps need iFile installed, ssh installed, mobile terminal installed, or an knowing of how to get at the file system with iphonebrowser or such. Those topics are not covered here (look for another guide for how to get to the file system elsewhere such as the ssh guide here). This guide should entirely be used if cydia fails upon load. It is not to solve any other problem.

How to Fix Cydia Crashes Uppon Load

To fix this Cydia crashes when opened issue, you need ifunbox or iTools on your PC then connect your device to your PC with usb, now locate and delete the following two files:

  1. 1. /etc/apt/sources.list.d/cydia.list
  2. 2. /var/lib/cydia/metadata.plist

    cydia crashing upon load

    Cydia Crashing Upon Load

  3. 3. Remove anything in these above folders.
  4. 4. Leave the below folder, just make sure it is empty:

/var/lib/dpkg/updates/ that should fix the problem.

Case 4: Cydia Won't Open on iPhone

Cydia not working or cannot open Cydia on iPhone at all? Sometimes, Cydia won't load, won't work, or won't be able to open at all even you try to reboot your iDevice. This is decidedly discouraging especially when it keeps backing out every time you tap on the brown Cydia logo and try to launch it.

cannot open cydia on iphone

Cydia won't open

How to Fix Cydia Not Opening on iPhone

One cause this could be happened is there are too numerous connections to Cydia server when you try to download it. You may not be capable to download Cydia wholly although the screen displays you it is completely done. This is because the server obtains massive traffic and nobody can load Cydia or any other packages when the server is down. What you can do is to re-install Cydia itself by an SSH program or hold for a couple hours until the server is up. You can forever download the current Cydia deb file and install the latest edition on your iDevices.

Case 5: Cydia is Not Loading the Package You Just Downloaded

If cydia is not loading the package you have just downloaded or you have just downloaded some packages and installed a few tweaks from Cydia but you can’t search them under Cydia -> Manage -> Packages -> Installed Tweaks. There are no symbols come out at your home screen too.

cydia not loading package

Cydia not loading package

How to Fix Cydia Not Loading Package Issue

First of all, do not panic. Things could be simpler than you think. Try to reboot or respring your device and find if the packages come out in the Installed Tweaks. If it doesn't work, inspect and look how numerous Cydia sources you have in your iDevice. Cydia can't display all packages if you have too numerous sources saved in your device. Try to take out few of the fresh Cydia sources and reload the list of tweaks installed. It is going to work for sure.

Ultimate Solution to Fix Cydia Not Working: Restore from Jailbreak with Cydia Alternative

To restore from jailbreak and to fundamentally avoid Cydia not working properly on iOS 16/15/14/13/12/11/10/9 you can use UltFone iOS System Repair tool. This is one of the ordinary difficulties users face after they have jailbroken their device. If your iPhone gets stuck on a display (Recovery Mode, DFU Mode, Apple logo, blue/black screen) and it doesn't change past that, you're possibly in an immobile condition - which can be set using this nice utility.

Note: By using this iOS repair tool, it will fix all kinds of jailbreak issues and restore iPhone to latest official iOS version by removing jailbreak from your iPhone. Which means, your iPhone will become unjailbreak status.
Free Download For PC Secure Download Free Download For Mac Secure Download

You can download free version and install it onto a PC or Mac version to start repairing system.

  • Step 1 Launch this program and connect your jailbroken device to computer using Apple original lightning cable. Choose Repair Operating System feature from the main interface.

    repair iphone black screen

    Repair operating system

  • Step 2 Click Fix Now in the next screen and download firwmare package by clicking Download button.

    download firmware package

    Download firmware package

  • Step 3 With firmware package downloaded successfully, you can click Start Repair to start repairing iOS system.

    fix ios now

    Firwmare is downloaded successfully

  • Step 4 The process takes a few minutes. After system recovery, your iPhone will restart and everything is fine now.

    ios system is done

    System recovery is done

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None of the cases above matches yours? Here you can find more cydia impactor errors and fixes. If you feel Cydia not initiating or anything relate to this subject and you have found the answers, why not share it here at the comment box below? Or post it at our social media page.

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