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Straight Talk Wireless is a U.S. cellphone carrier. They permit clients to select their own network from the nation's driving transporters, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon. But in the event that you wish to leave Straight Talk, nonetheless, you should unlock your device to utilize it with your new operator. Peruse on to figure out how to unlock Straight Talk iPhone the correct way.

Part 1. Reasons for unlocking your Straight Talk iPhone.

unlock straight talk iphone

It’s important to understand why you want to unlock your iPhone. In the event that you decide to end services with Straight Talk, you may wish to use a different network. To do so, you'll need to unlock your Straight Talk iPhone. This is on the grounds that most operators lock their devices to guarantee customers to take care of their devices and service charges before changing networks. This guide will tell you how to unlock straight talk iPhone without password.

It's not bizarre for iPhone clients to see approaches to unlock their gadget, but in the event that you want to unlock a Straight Talk iPhone 5S, you're in an excursion. Of all specialist co-ops, unlocking an iPhone from straight talk has demonstrated to be one of the hardest. But not to stress, we have a couple of solutions to try out. Read this article to the end to know more about how to unlock straight talk iPhone.

Part 2. How to Know whether your iPhone is Blacklisted?

Unlocking Policy/Criteria:

  • The phone must be active and used for at least 12 Months of Straight Talk Service.
  • The Straight Talk phone must not be reported as lost or stolen.
  • The Straight Talk phone must not be involved with fraudulent/illegal activity.
  • The Straight Talk phone must be in good standing. (No bills/dues pending).
  • Your Straight Talk iPhone’s number has not been ported or recycled.
  • If you are a Straight Talk customer then it will be free of cost for you.
  • Customera from military personnel are entitled to privileges.

Moreover, you need to affirm that your iPhone's IEMI is a certified one. This is quite important for you. There are many stolen iPhones on the planet today. You can utilize unlocked straight talk iPhone only when your IEMI is perfect and not gained through a fraudulent method. Along these lines, try to make a confirmation prior to continuing to unlock your gadget.

Steps on How to Unlock Straight Talk iPhone 5/SE/6/6S Plus/7 Plus/XR/11:

  • 1.Call Straight Talk Customer Care Service 8774302355. (Representatives are available between 8am-11pm).
  • 2.Ask the executive for the unlock code and confirm with them whether you are eligible or not for the unlock.
  • 3.From Straight Talk customer care executive, you will receive a unlock code of 10-15 digits. Take a note of it and keep it for further steps.
  • 4.Switch off your iPhone and insert a new SIM card.
  • 5.Start your device and wait.
  • 6.Your iPhone will ask for the unlock code.
  • 7.Enter the unlock code you received from the customer care representative and press Unlock.
  • 8.Hurray! You are done with unlocking.

By and large, customers may just take advantage of the Straight Talk unlock program once each year. In any case, exceptions are made for conveyed military personnel. On the off chance that you have satisfied the criteria outlined above and still cannot unlock your iPhone and stay confused about how to unlock iPhone straight talk. You may contact customer care to get a partial reimbursement dependent on the estimation of your device.

Part 3. Other ways to unlock your Straight Talk iPhone.

Still wondering how to unlock my straight talk phone? You might end up in a rush to unlock your device. If so, you can unlock your Straight Talk iPhone by selecting a third-party service. There are many ways on how to unlock straight talk phone for AT&T sim card. Numerous websites offer unlocking solutions, giving codes in return to large charges. These expenses fluctuate, and you should practice caution as not all third-party unlocking websites are trustworthy.

Unlock Straight Talk iPhone using ExpressUnlocks

unlock straight talk iphone using expressunlocks

This website offers IMEI based Straight Talk iPhone unlock service.

Advantages of using Express Unlocks are:

  • It works very fast so that your iPhone can be unlocked as soon as possible.
  • Doesn’t require any professional knowledge to use it.
  • If it doesn’t work, you can also request for refund.
  • It unlocks iPhone permanently.
  • ExpressUnlocks has a customer 24/7 available care service to answer your questions or issues.

This site additionally offers a couple of other solutions too. You can retrieve a free IMEI status report, top up your iPhone in the event that you are in a different country and need more credit, and purchase SIM cards. On top of being a great IMEI unlocking administration, ExpressUnlocks can benefit you in a few other manners too.

Unlock Straight Talk iPhone using DirectUnlocks

unlock straight talk iphone using directunlocks

DirectUnlocks gives individuals a simple method to unlock their devices through online website. It will guarantee you to accomplish your objectives without voiding your warranty. The organization offers an unconditional promise option for any individual who doesn't care for their data. Such an option guarantees that you're not wasting your cash on helpless assistance conveyance.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of using DirectUnlocks. Advantages are that it’s safe and legal. Disadvantages are like it may take up to 24 hours in device unlocking process.

Bonus Tip: How to unlock iPhone without Apple ID and password?

UltFone Activation Unlocker is a bonus tool for you. It can remove iCloud activation lock, turn off Find My when you forgot your Apple ID account or password. Without any hassle, you can unlock your iPhone/iPad which is iCloud locked. The user interface is very simple and friendly. You can download the program free on both Windows and Mac computers.

unlock straight talk iphone without apple id and password

Its key features include but are not limited to the followings:

  • Unlock iCloud locked iPhone without previous owner.
  • Turn off Find My iPhone feature without password and Apple ID.
  • Bypass activation lock when you forget Appld ID and password.
  • Protect your device from being tracked or locked by the previous owner.
  • Support iOS 12 to iOS 14 from iPhone 6 to iPhone X.
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You may wind up in a rush to unlock your device. If so, you can unlock your Straight Talk phone by choosing an outsider help. Numerous sites offer unlocking arrangements, giving codes in return to an assistance charge. These expenses differ, and you should practice alert as not all outsider unlocking administrations are dependable. What's more, in this article, we also introduce to you an amazing iCloud lock removal tool-UltFone Activation Unlocker. If you have any questions regarding how to unlock a blacklisted iPhone, feel free to comment below, we'll be thrilled to help you!

Free Download For PC Secure Download Free Download For Mac Secure Download