Full Guide on How to Unlock A Blacklisted iPhone

Numerous cell phone fix shops offer phone recovery software to their clients and quit purchasing a phone that they can't initiate because of an inadequately blacklisted IMEI phone number. In this guide, we will discuss about several ways on how to unlock a blacklisted iPhone 6/6s/7/8/X/Xs/11/12.

Part 1. What is a Blacklisted iPhone?

how to unlock a blacklisted iphone

If an iPhone is reported as lost or stolen, or which has unpaid bills, it gets blocked by the carrier and is called as blacklisted. Or the iPhone is in the following situations:

  • marked as replaced by an insurance claim or illegal hardware replacement.
  • -is involved in fraud or other illegal activities.

The blacklist can be a common carrier database that was created to address the issue of iPhone theft and help users determine if a used iPhone has been previously reported as lost or stolen.

IMEI numbers can make it simpler for network operators to find lost or taken iPhones and lock them out of the network. It likewise assists clients with deciding whether it merits purchasing a utilized iPhone.

Part 2. How to Know whether your iPhone is Blacklisted?

Now you know what a blacklisted iPhone is, but how you will know that whether your iPhone is blacklisted or not? And how to activate a blacklisted iPhone?

It is quite easy to check the blacklist status of your iPhone and there are many online tools you can go with. We recommend that you ask a trusted blacklist to correctly determine the status of the iPhone.

Note: Don’t know what is the IMEI number of your iPhone? Click here for Apple's official help.

Part 3. How to Unlock a Blacklisted Phone for free?

If you are looking for a method on how to unlock a blacklisted phone for free, you will be sad to know that there is only one method available. The only way to unblacklist an iPhone for free is by contacting your carrier. Only after that, you will find out the reason why they blacklisted it. And there is no guarantee in this free method that your device will be able to activate a blacklist iPhone.

It can be blacklisted due to pending bills which you can simply pay and your device will be removed from the blacklisted list by the carrier.

If that is not the case, it may be blacklisted because it has been reported as lost or stolen, then you will not be able to get it removed from the blacklist list by the carrier and you have to follow other available methods to get yourself out of the blacklist.

How to Unlock a Blacklisted Device that’s Been Reported as Lost or Stolen?

In the above method, you contacted your carrier and tried to activate the blacklisted iPhone for free. But what if it doesn’t work? What to do now? How to unlock a blacklisted sprint iPhone 7? How to unlock a blocked IMEI iPhone?

Sometimes, the previous owner or the person who holds the ownership of the phone (usually happens in case of second hand iPhone) reports the iPhone to the carrier as lost or stolen. Now if that’s the case, try contacting the previous owner. If that doesn't work, here're some paid third-party software that can help you remove the device form the blacklist.


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DirectUnlocks is a lawful, safe, and ensured specialist organization that provides iPhone and Android blacklist unlocking services. This specialist organization offers the best way to enact a blacklisted iPhone without voiding your guarantee. The organization offers an unconditional promise alternative for any individual who is disappointed with their blacklist removal services. Such choice guarantees that you're not spending your cash on a helpless assistance conveyance.


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ExpressUnlocks provides a service which includes a proper way on how to unlock a blacklisted iPhone 6 or how to unlock a blacklisted AT&T iPhone 5s. It ensures that you get your phone out of the blacklist without tampering with any part of your device, so to maintain quality. And the warranty too will not void.

Replace your IMEI Chip

unlock a blacklisted phone by replacing your imei chip

Still figuring out how to activate a blacklisted verizon phone or how to clear bad esn iphone? Calm down. Relax. There is one more method which can be used to unblacklist iphone or any android phones. The method is to replace your IMEI chip in your device. This method is not easy and quite complex. The bad news here is that it doesn’t work on the most recent models of iPhones. It works mostly on the older models of iPhones. Success rate of this method is very less and there are very less chances that you will be able to activate the blacklisted device again as finding a clean IMEI chip is quite complex.

Bonus Tip: How to remove iCloud lock from your iPhone without Apple ID?

You can use UltFone Activation Unlocker to remove iCloud lock from your iPhone and then you can login with a totally new iCloud account. So if you forget your iCloud ID account or password or your iPhone comes with a pre iCloud lock enabled, you can trust Ultfone Activation Unlocker blindly. Besides, it also boasts about the following features:

  • Unlock iCloud locked iPhone without previous owner.
  • Turn off Find My iPhone feature without password and Apple ID.
  • Bypass activation lock when you forget Appld ID and password.
  • Protect your device from being tracked or locked by the previous owner.
  • Support iOS 12 to iOS 14 from iPhone 6 to iPhone X.
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This article ends here. We have discussed about several ways on how to unlock a blacklisted iPhone. There is only one free way to try and there are several other ways where you have to pay for the service to unlock a blacklisted iPhone 7 or 6. And in case you need to remove iCloud lock from your blacklisted iPhone, UltFone Activation Unlocker can do you a favour. If you have any questions regarding how to unlock a blacklisted iPhone, feel free to comment below, we'll be thrilled to help you!