How does Battery Life on iOS 17 Compare to iOS 16?

The WWDC announced the iOS 17 release date in September 2023; Apple users worldwide have been impatiently waiting for it to come out.

And while most of us will have to wait a couple of months more to get it on our devices, the iOS 17 profile download is available for developers to test its features.

But that's a story for some other time. At the moment, the hot topic among Apple users is iOS 17 vs iOS 16 battery life!

And that's what this article is all about! Let's dive in the comparsion!

Part 1: iOS 17 Features: What's New on iOS 17

The New iOS 17 Features Includes:

  • Customized phone calls
  • Voicemail message in text form
  • Swipe right to reply to messages
  • View locations directly in the conversation
  • Audio messages in text form
  • Stickers drawer
  • Leave audio/video messages for missed FaceTime calls
  • Share contact details via NameDrop

Part 2: iOS 17 vs iOS 16 Battery Life: What's the Key Difference?

Many users with Apple phones want to know about the iOS 17 version of the battery, how it improves compared to iOS 16 or if it is more power hungry than iOS 16. We have summarized the battery features of iOS 16 and iOS 17 in order for you to choose whether or not to upgrade to iOS version 17.

iOS 17 Bettery Life:

Because beta versions are still under testing and not fully optimized for power efficiency, your iPhone's iOS 17 battery life may unexpectedly get worse after updating to iOS 17 beta. Users frequently report battery depletion difficulties when Apple releases beta versions of its software.

Battery life issues are raised with every new operating system release, and iOS 16 is no exception. Due to background syncing and upgrading, there are frequently brief periods of rapid battery consumption following an update, but occasionally issues last longer.

You can look for this article to see how to fix iOS 17 battery life problems.

iOS 16 Bettery Life:

iOS 16 has been released for a while now. The battery status of iOS 16 is relatively stable so far. After all, the official version of iOS 17 has still not been released, and it is inevitable that the beta version has some issues.

When iOS 16 was first released, some users also complained that iOS 16 consumed power fast. But with the release of the official version, these voices gradually become smaller.

Part 3: How to Download iOS 17 Profile and Upgrade to iOS 17? [Official]

While the official version of the new iOS 17 is not available for download, you can still go for the iOS 17 download.

Here’s how to download it the official way:

1. Go to the Apple Developer website and enroll your Apple ID in the Apple Developer Program.

2. On your iPhone, go to “Settings > General > Software Update.” iOS 17 download will be available. Tap on it to download and upgrade.

ios 17 vs ios 16 battery

Part 4 : How to Install iOS 17 without Profile? [Fastest & Easiest Way]

If you're looking for a faster way to install iOS 17, consider using the UltFone Upgrade/Downgrade tool. This tool allows you to seamlessly install the iOS 17 profile on your iPhone or iPad in a matter of seconds automatically without data loss. Furthermore, if you encounter any issues while upgrading to iOS 17, you can rely on this tool to effectively resolve iOS stuck problems.

Free Download For PC Secure Download Free Download For Mac Secure Download

Follow these simple steps to download and install iOS 17

  • Step 1 Download and Launch UltFone iOS Downgrade Tool. After downloading and launching the program on your PC or Mac, connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the computer. Then, click "iOS Upgrade/Downgrade" at the bottom left of the panel.
  • ios 17 vs 16
  • Step 2 Select "Upgrade" on the following screen to proceed.
  • ios 16 vs ios 17
  • Step 3 Choose the "Download" option to get the iOS 17 firmware.
  • ios 17 vs 16 battery life
  • Step 4 Once the firmware package is downloaded to your computer, click 'Initiating Upgrade' to update iOS.
  • ios 17 vs ios 16 battery life
  • Step 5 Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded the iOS 17 profile.
  • is ios 17 better than ios 16
Free Download For PC Secure Download Free Download For Mac Secure Download

People Also Ask about iOS 17 vs iOS 16 Battery

Q1: Does iOS 16.1 fix battery percentage?

With a dynamic indicator, iOS 16.1 increases the battery percentage icon.

Q2: Is iOS 16.1 better than 16.2 battery test?

It appears that iOS 16.2 does not bring about any substantial gains in the battery aspect when compared to the iOS 16.1 battery test. On many iPhone models, it actually performs worse when it comes to battery life than iOS 16.1. The video contradicts the claims of numerous users who assert that iOS 16.2 has improved battery life.


iOS 17 vs iOS 16 battery life! Which one is better? Should you download iOS 17? This is all Apple users are talking about nowadays. Therefore, we have done a head-to-head comparison of both iOS versions on battery life and difference between ios 16 and 17 to help you make an informed decision. So, if you're ever wondering whether to try iOS 17 version before the official release, this article is here to help!

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