Easy Guide to Fix iOS 17/iOS 18 beta Not Showing Up, iOS 17/iOS 18 beta Install Fixed

ios 17 not showing up

With the anticipation to check out what new iOS version offers, many people will catch the hot and download iOS 17/iOS 18 beta. But most of them may face a common issue, that is iOS 17/iOS 18 beta not showing up or iOS 17/iOS 18 beta not downloading/installing on their Apple device. Well, if you are going to be one of them, then do not worry. This article will share all the FREE ways that can get you access to iOS 17/iOS 18 beta without Apple developer account.

Part 1. Why iOS 17/iOS 18 beta is Not Available?

You might be worried about why is iOS 17/iOS 18 beta not showing up on your Apple device and ask why can't i get iOS 17/iOS 18 beta. Well, there can be various reasons behind the absence of the iOS 17/iOS 18 beta update which include:

  • IOS 17 is launched in some countries before others, and you might be living in a country where the update is not yet launched officially. For example, In Europe, the Apple update launches after a week or two from the launch in the USA.
  • The device you are using is not compatible with IOS 17.
  • There might be a network issue.
  • Your updates are set at scheduled intervals which is why your device never looked for any available update.

But no matter what is the reason that your Apple device is not showing an update for IOS 17, we can fix it. In the next section, we are going to share how you can fix this issue and update your Apple device to IOS 17.

Part 2. How to Fix iOS 17/iOS 18 beta Not Showing up - iOS 17/iOS 18 beta Installed successfully without Apple Developer Account!

Solution 1: The Easiest and FREE Solution to Install iOS 17/iOS 18 beta without Apple Developer Account

Let's start with the easiest way out to fix the issue of the iOS 17/iOS 18 beta not working on your iPhone. You can download Ultfone iOS Downgrade Tool which offers a FREE and easiest solution to install iOS 17/iOS 18 beta on your device without Apple Developer Account , and the whole process is quite simple. Moreover, it offers ultimate solutions for all issues related to iOS system problems. The professional tool can repair 200+ iOS/iPadOS/tvOS system problems in minutes like iPhone or iPad stuck on iOS update, recovery mode, DFU mode, apple Logo, boot loop, etc. There are no technical requirements and no data loss.

Besides, It is highly recommended that updating your iOS device via this tool which can bring your iOS device to the newest version even you can’t see the update on your phone.

Watch The Video to See How to Upgrade to iOS 17/iOS 18 beta & Fix iOS 17/iOS 18 beta Update Not Showing Up

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Once downloaded, you need to follow these steps to enable IOS 17 on your Apple device (iPhone or iPad).

  • Step 1 Run the Ultfone iOS Downgrade Tool and connect your Apple device to your computer. Afterward, click “iOS Upgrade/Downgrade” at the bottom left of the panel.
  • can't see ios 17
  • Step 2 Then, choose “Upgrade” and click the button below..
  • i don't see ios 17
  • Step 3 The tool will detect the IOS version automatically and share the upgradable firmware with you. You have to click on ‘download’ to start downloading the firmware.
  • ios 17 not working
  • Step 4 After the firmware package is downloaded, you will see the interface shown below. Here you need to click on ‘initiating upgrade’ without clearing your previously saved data on your Apple device.
  • ios 17 beta not showing up
  • Step 5iOS 17/iOS 18 beta Installed successfully. Once you click on “initiating upgrade’, you cannot disconnect your Apple device and wait till the upgrade completes. When the upgrade completes, you will see the following window:
  • ios 17 beta not installing

And your Apple device will be working on the iOS 17/iOS 18 beta by following these 5 simple and easy steps.

Solution 2: Check the Compatibility

To see if you can use IOS 17 on your Apple device, you need to check the compatibility of your device. The new upgrade iOS 17/iOS 18 beta is available for iPhone models from iPhone SE 2nd generation to the latest model (iPhone 14 and the next ones)

Solution 3: Check Your Internet Connection

Poor internet connectivity can also create iOS 17/iOS 18 beta issues. This is why you need to make sure that your Apple device is connected to Cellular Network or WiFi. You can reset these settings by following these steps in order:

    1. Open settings and tap on ‘general’

    2. Tap on the ‘reset network settings’ option as shown in the picture below

ios beta not showing up

Solution 4: Restart Your Device

Restarting your Apple device can also do this trick of getting access to the IOS 17 upgrade. You need to follow these steps to restart:

    1. Quickly press and release the volume up and ‘volume down buttons

    2. Afterward, keep pressing the ‘side button until the Apple logo appears

    3. Your device will be restarted.

Solution 5: Remove Old iOS Version Profile

A fixated old version profile can also cause iOS 17/iOS 18 beta issues. To fix this, you need to delete the old version profile from your device by following these steps:

    1. Tap on settings, go to ‘general’, and then open ‘VPN & device management

    can't see ios 17 beta

    2. In ‘configuration profile’, select the “IOS 17 Software Profile”

    3. Tap on ‘remove profile’ and restart your iPhone.

Solution 6: Download and Install iOS 17/iOS 18 beta Profile Manually

To unveil the features of the IOS 17, you can also download this profile manually. You have to take these steps for manual downloading only if you have a developer account.

    1. Open developer.apple.com and sign in with your Apple account

    2. Open downloads from the menu tab.

    3. Under IOS 17, tap on the ‘install profile’ button and ‘allow’ the download.

    4. After downloading, go to ‘settings’ and tap on ‘profile downloaded’ under the banner of Apple ID, and tap on ‘install’

    5. Click on the ‘restart iPhone prompt

    6. When restarted, go to settings, then general, and then tap on software update. You will see IOS 17 there. Tap on it to finish the installation.

why is ios 17 not showing up

Solution 7: Use iTunes/Finder to Get iOS 17/iOS 18 beta Update

When your device refuses to download the update, you can work around it by using the macOS Finder or iTunes software. It is a safe approach to verify that the profile is completely downloaded to your PC.Connect your iPhone to your computer and click on iTunes Finder

    1. Tap on your device> ‘restore iPhone/iPad

    2. Now tap on the “IOS 17 profile’ that you already downloaded on your Macbook by following the process shared in 2.6. Finder will extract data from this downloaded file and upgrade your iPhone by installing this profile on your iPhone.

beta profile

Part 3. People Also Ask about iOS 17/iOS 18 beta Not Showing Up

Q1. Why is iOS 17/iOS 18 beta not available on my iPhone 13?

iOS updates are not distributed to users simultaneously. Apple normally releases iOS updates in phases, releasing them gradually over time to various countries and devices. The release is typically based on variables including server capacity, server location, and device compatibility.

Apple often starts by rolling out the update to a limited subset of users to make sure there aren't any significant problems or faults that might have gone unnoticed during testing. If there are no serious issues, they progressively make the release available to more users.

Q2. What time is the release of iOS 17/iOS 18 beta?

On September 18, Apple will start distributing iOS 17/iOS 18 beta for its iPhones. The new mobile software upgrade was introduced at WWDC 2023 in June and has been accessible in beta form for a few weeks.

Q3. Which device will get iOS 17/iOS 18 beta?

The list of gadgets that will receive the iOS 17/iOS 18 beta upgrade has been confirmed by Apple. The iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, SE (2nd generation and later), 14 (including Plus), and 14 Pro are among them.

Q4. Why can't i get iOS 17/iOS 18 beta?

Some people may throw a question: why can't i download iOS 17/iOS 18 beta? If iOS 17/iOS 18 beta is not compatible with your iPhone, you won't receive a prompt to download the most recent update. For instance, the most recent software you'll ever be able to use on an iPhone X or iPhone 8 is iOS 16.

Final Words

It is alright to find the issue of the iOS 17/iOS 18 beta not showing up or "why am i not getting iOS 17/iOS 18 beta update" on your Apple device. This can be due to compatibility, network, fixated profile, location, or any other iOS 17/iOS 18 beta issues. The good news is that you can fix these issues and enjoy the update iOS 17/iOS 18 beta.

You can get help from formalized and advanced software like Ultfone iOS Downgrade Tool. Or else you can opt for checking phone compatibility, and internet connectivity, restarting the device, removing the old version profile, manually downloading and installing the IOS profile, or using iTunes finder to install the IOS profile. Through these effective tricks, you can get access to and unveil the features of the iOS 17/iOS 18 beta.

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