Top 4 Ways to Fix iOS 17 Keyboard Not Working Properly

The release of iOS 17 brings many great new features and updates to the iPhone, including an overhauled keyboard with new capabilities like advanced word predictions, emoji suggestions, and enhanced autocorrect.

However, some users have reported issues with the iOS 17 keyboard, ranging from laggy response times to keys not working properly. If you've recently updated your iPhone to iOS 17 and are having problems with the on-screen keyboard, you're not alone.

It can be because of any iOS 17 keyboard bug or any other internal system issue with your device. Before you give up and downgrade back to iOS 16, try the quick fixes outlined in this article first. We'll go through some solutions.

Part 1. Why is My iOS Keyboard not Working?

There are a few common reasons an iOS keyboard can stop working properly, including:

  • Software bugs or glitches, especially after a major iOS update
  • The keyboard app crashing
  • The iPhone needs to be restarted to refresh the keyboard
  • iOS 17 keyboard updates settings need adjusting
  • The keyboard dictionary needs to be reset
  • The iOS version is outdated and needs to be updated
  • There is physical damage to the screen or keyboard connectors

Most keyboard issues can be fixed with simple troubleshooting, like restarting the iPhone or toggling keyboard settings. Software bugs, app crashes, and outdated iOS versions are usually the main culprits behind an unresponsive iPhone keyboard.

Part 2. How Do I Unfreeze My iPhone Keyboard?

2.1 Reset Keyboard Dictionary

One common way to fix iOS keyboard issues is by resetting the keyboard dictionary. The keyboard dictionary stores learned words, shortcuts, and corrections that help power autocorrect and word suggestions.

Over time, this dictionary can become corrupted or filled with inaccurate data that ends up doing more harm than good.

Moreover, sometimes you may also experience iOS 17 keyboard lag. Resetting the dictionary clears out this faulty data so the keyboard can start fresh.

Follow these steps to reset your iPhone's keyboard dictionary:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Tap on General.

3. Scroll down and tap on Reset.

4. On the Reset screen, tap on Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

5. Enter your passcode when prompted.

6. Confirm that you want to reset the dictionary.

ios 17 keyboard bug

2.2 Delete All Keyboard and Re-add

If resetting the keyboard dictionary doesn't resolve your issues, you can try removing all added keyboards and then re-adding them. This essentially gives your iPhone a clean slate for the keyboard and languages.

Deleting all keyboards and re-adding them again not only fix iPhone keyboard haptics not working, but it will also refresh the data stored in each keyboard and prevent it from lagging in the future.

Follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard.

2. Tap Edit in the top left corner.

3. Tap the red minus button next to each keyboard to delete it. Confirm deletion.

ios 17 keyboard not working

2.3 Hard Reset Your iPhone

If simpler troubleshooting doesn't work, you may need to do a hard reset on your iPhone. A hard reset (also called a force restart) will reboot your entire device and refresh all components, including the keyboard. This can eliminate any corrupted files or glitches that standard restarting won't fix.

For iPhone SE and later (iOS 17 Supported):

1. Press and release the Volume Up button.

2. Immediately press and release the Volume Down button.

3. Finally, press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo.

After the hard reset, test your keyboard to see if responsiveness and functionality have improved. This should refresh the entire system and may resolve persistent issues.

Part 3. One-stop Solution to Fix iOS 17 Keyboard Not Working

While the troubleshooting tips covered can resolve many common iOS 17 keyboard issues, some system-level problems may require more advanced repairing. If you find your keyboard still misbehaving after trying all the recommended fixes, it's time to bring out the big guns.

UltFone iOS System Repair tool provides a one-stop solution for any lingering keyboard problems on iOS 17 devices. This powerful utility is designed to fix over 150 different iOS system issues without data loss or technical expertise needed.

Some key features that make UltFone iOS System Repair ideal for keyboard problems include:

  • Advanced repair capabilities to resolve system-level glitches, crashes, or freezes causing keyboard failures.
  • 1-click recovery mode to enter and exit recovery if needed for keyboard repairs.
  • Safe downgrade from iOS 17 back to stable iOS 16 or earlier.
  • Reset iPhone without a password, iTunes, or Finder if the keyboard is unresponsive.
  • Fix common issues like the Apple logo, reboot loop, and black screen.
  • Fix haptics not working on iPhone 14 and iOS 17.
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To use UltFone iOS System Repair to resolve your iOS 17 keyboard problems, follow these steps:

  • Step 1Connect your iPhone to the computer and launch the UltFone iOS System Repair app. After your device is detected, click "Start." ios 17 keyboard issue
  • Step 2On the main menu, select "Standard Repair" to begin the repair process for your keyboard issue. iphone keyboard haptics not working
  • Step 3Click "Download" to download the latest iOS firmware package matched to your iPhone model. haptics not working on iphone 14
  • Step 4Once the firmware finishes downloading, click "Start Standard Repair" for the tool to identify and fix any system-level issues causing your keyboard to malfunction. haptics not working on iphone 14
  • Step 5Be patient as the app analyzes your device and repairs the iOS system. Your iPhone will automatically restart when finished. ios 17 keyboard lag

Part 4. People Also Ask about iOS 17 Keyboard Not Working

Q1. Why are some of the letters on my keyboard not working?

A few reasons certain keys may not work include stuck keys, software bugs, damaged keyboard, or incorrect keyboard settings like disabled autocorrect. Resetting settings or your iPhone can typically fix it.

Moreover, if you experience iOS 17 keyboard haptics not working, it can be due to a bug in the recent iOS 17 update. Before you decide to downgrade your iOS version, try the above-mentioned fixes.

Q2. How do I know if my keyboard is locked?

Signs your iOS keyboard is locked include being unable to type anything, seeing a keyboard lock icon on the top bar, or getting a "software keyboard is disabled" pop-up when you try typing. You can check Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards to see if it's disabled.

Final Word

While iOS 17 delivers some exciting new keyboard capabilities, any major iOS update also inevitably brings with it bugs and glitches. If you've noticed issues with your iPhone's keyboard since upgrading to iOS 17 - unresponsive keys, disappearing letters, incorrect autocorrect, etc - don't panic. In most cases, you can revive your misbehaving keyboard with a few strategic troubleshooting techniques.

For advanced issues that persist, powerful utility tools like UltFone iOS System Repair provide the ultimate solution to refresh your iPhone's entire system and get the keyboard flawlessly functioning again.

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