Fixing iPhone No Service Issue After iOS 17 Update: A Comprehensive Guide

No Service after iOS 17.0.3 Update. I got a notification to update my iPhone 14 promax to iOS 17.03 which I did. After the update, my device has been displaying no service. I have done all the recommended solutions on google ( removed and reinserted the sim, reset settings, hard restart, no iOS update). Is there any other option to explore?

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After upgrading your iPhone to the latest iOS 17 update, you may suddenly find yourself without cell service or data connectivity. This frustrating “No Service” issue can prevent you from making calls, sending texts, and accessing the internet on your mobile network.

While loss of service after an iOS update is not uncommon, it doesn’t mean you have to live with it or buy a new phone. Often, the problem is relatively minor and can be fixed with some basic troubleshooting and configuration changes. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through the most common causes of the iPhone no service problem after updating to iOS 17 and provide step-by-step solutions to get your cell and data connectivity working again.

Part 1. Why is My iPhone Saying No Service after Update?

There are a few common reasons you may see a ‘No Service’ or ‘SOS’ message on your iPhone after updating to iOS 17.

The most likely causes include:

Airplane Mode is enabled - Check to make sure Airplane Mode is turned off, which disables all wireless connections.

Out of carrier coverage area - If you moved to a new location, you may be outside your carrier's service range until they add coverage.

Misconfigured network settings - Sometimes an iOS update resets settings or changes carrier configurations, causing service issues.

Carrier outage - Your cellular provider could be experiencing a temporary outage or disruption in your area.

Other software bug - An iOS 17 bug may also be interfering with cellular connectivity and service.

Part 2. How Do I Fix No Service after Update?

2.1 Force Restart your iPhone

One of the first things to try when dealing with iPhone issues is a force restart. This resets the device and clears any corrupt temporary data that may be causing problems.

Here's how to force restart your iPhone:

  • 1. Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
  • 2. Immediately press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
  • 3. Now, press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo appear on the screen
iphone no service after ios 17 update

2.2 Carrier Updates

Another potential fix is to check for and install any pending carrier updates for your iPhone. Cellular providers will periodically release carrier updates that can improve performance and compatibility and fix issues after an iOS update.

To check for a carrier update when your new iPhone saying no service:

  • 1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • 2. Tap on General, then About.
  • 3. If a carrier update is available, you'll see an option to update your carrier settings. Tap to Update and Install the update.
  • 4. Wait for the update to complete. It may involve restarting your iPhone.

2.3 Toggle Airplane Mode

A quick fix you can try is toggling Airplane mode on and off. This essentially turns your wireless connectivity off and then back on, which can resolve any temporary glitches.

To toggle Airplane mode and fix no service after airplane mode iPhone:

  • 1. Open Settings and tap on Airplane Mode to enable it. This will turn off all wireless connectivity.
  • 2. Wait 30 seconds, then go back and turn Airplane Mode off to re-enable wireless connectivity.
  • 3. Check if cell service is restored on your iPhone.

2.4 Remove the SIM card and insert it again

Removing and reinserting the SIM card can force your iPhone to re-register the mobile connection and troubleshoot any issues.

To fix iPhone 15 no service:

  • 1. Use the SIM card ejector tool to eject the SIM card tray.
  • 2. Remove the SIM card from the tray and reinsert it. Make sure it is seated firmly.
  • 3. Slide the SIM card tray back into your iPhone.
  • 4. Check for restoration of cell service.

2.5 Reset Network Settings

You can also try resetting all network settings on your iPhone, which will clear any problematic configurations that may have occurred during the iOS update.

To reset network settings:

  • 1. Go to Settings > General > Reset.
  • 2. Tap on Reset Network Settings.
  • 3. Enter your passcode if prompted.
  • 4. Confirm reset when asked. Your iPhone will reboot.
iphone 15 no service

2.6 Change DNS Server

Changing the DNS server assigned to your iPhone can also help troubleshoot connectivity issues after an iOS update.

Follow these steps:

  • 1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and tap on the "i" icon next to the Wi-Fi network you are connected to.
  • 2. Tap on DNS.
  • 3. Remove any existing DNS server IP addresses.
  • 4. Enter a new DNS server such as Google ( or Cloudflare (
  • 5. Tap Save in the top right corner.

2.7 Restore iPhone

If none of the above solutions work, you may need to do a full restore of your iPhone to factory settings. This will completely wipe your device and install a clean, updated version of iOS.

To restore your iPhone and fix no signal iOS 17:

  • 1. Backup your iPhone data to iCloud or iTunes on a computer. A full restore will wipe your device.
  • 2. Connect your iPhone to a computer via USB and open iTunes or Finder.
  • 3. Select your iPhone and then click Restore. This will install a fresh copy of the latest iOS version.
  • 4. Set up your iPhone from scratch after the restore completes. Do not restore a backup yet.
  • 5. Test cell service first before restoring your backup. This determines if a clean iOS install resolves the issue.

Part 3. Simplest Method to Fix iPhone No Service After iOS 17 Update

If you have tried all of the above troubleshooting steps but are still experiencing the no-service issue on your iPhone after updating to iOS 17, the problem may be more serious. There may be deep system-level errors that standard resets cannot fix.

In this case, the best solution is to use a professional iOS repair tool like UltFone iOS System Repair to fix core iOS system problems.

UltFone iOS System Repair is an advanced utility designed to resolve over 150 types of iOS system issues, including fix iPhone no service, without any data loss or technical skills needed.

Key benefits of using UltFone iOS System Repair include:

  • Fixes deep system problems that cause no service and other errors
  • Repairs issues without deleting data or losing personal content
  • Downgrades from iOS 17 to previous versions if needed
  • A user-friendly repair process requires no technical knowledge
  • Works for all iPhone models and iOS versions, including latest iOS 17
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Here is how to fix no service after iPhone update ios 17 using UltFone iOS System Repair:

  • Step 1Get the UltFone software on your computer and open it. With your iPhone connected via USB, UltFone will detect the device. iphone 15 no service
  • Step 2Click on "Standard Repair" from the main menu. This will initiate a full scan of your iPhone's software environment. no service after airplane mode iphone
  • Step 3UltFone will then automatically download the specific iOS firmware file required for your iPhone model and iOS version. Let this complete. iphone no service after ios 17 update
  • Step 4Once downloaded, click "Start Standard Repair" to begin the system repair process. UltFone will enter recovery mode and fix corrupted iOS files. no service after iphone update ios 17
  • Step 5Wait a few minutes for the repair to finish. Your iPhone will reboot back to normal iOS operation with cell service restored. iphone no service after ios 17 update

Part 4. People Also Ask about iOS 17 grocery list Not Working

Q1. Will restoring iPhone fix no service?

Yes, restoring your iPhone to factory default settings can often resolve the no-service issue if it started after an iOS update. This wipes the device and reinstalls a clean iOS version, which fixes system errors.

Q2. Will I lose anything if I reset network settings?

Resetting network settings does not delete any personal data or content. It only clears network configurations like Wi-Fi passwords and cellular settings. So, it's safe to try to fix the iPhone with no service without losing anything.

Final Word

iPhone cellular error no service iOS 17 after updating can be incredibly frustrating. But in most cases, the problem is caused by minor software bugs or settings changes rather than any hardware issue.

By methodically trying fixes like network resets, SIM reinsertion, carrier updates, and system repairs with UltFone iOS System Repair, you can reliably get your iPhone back online with full data connectivity restored.

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