The Best Cydia Apps for iPhone

Apple has released its iOS versions continuously, like the previous iOS versions and many of you may want to jailbreak the iOS on your iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad, or other idevices to get more chances to experience cool apps. Getting Cydia apps would be one of the most common things you do for your jailbroken iPhone. Below is the collection of the best Cydia apps for your iPhone in 2013 according to the feedback of many iOS users.

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The Best Cydia Apps 2020

  • Activator. This app is a free app inside Cydia and quite popular among iOS users. It supercharges the Home button on your iPhone and offers you the ability to set more options for interactions. You can launch apps, mute your device in no time, force an update all the notifications, control the brightness in many ways, decide whatever you like in the Activator menu, etc.

  • Display Out. This app charges you for $2.99 and it is a great little addition to any jailbroken iPhone or other iOS devices. Display Out makes you directly mirror the entire OS, such as the apps, the AirPlay capable device, etc. You can control over resolution and brightness, adjust the scale, clash with some existing apps that support AirPlay mirroring, etc.

  • SBSettings. As one of the best Cydia apps for iphone 5, SBSettings allows you to turn WiFi or Bluetooth on/off, change your brightness, switch to Airplane mode, etc. with a ton of customization, this app also allows you to change looks with lots of themes, and download many extra settings icons from Cydia.

  • Zephyr. One of the best Cydia apps for iPhone 4 or 5 is Zephyr. It provides you chances to close apps or bring up the multitasking switcher, switch between your recent apps, diable the functionality for select apps, etc.

  • Stride. One of the best Cydia applications 2013 comes to Stride. This app makes you personally to design your own gestural password, replace the stock slider, layer the security with a combination of a PIN entry, the lock screen slider, and the drawn Stride password.

  • Intelliscreen X. Among the hot Cydia apps, Intelliscreen X is quite useful. With this app on your iPhone, the lock screen takes on a life of its own as messages, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Weather, and lots of other apps can be viewed, accessed without unlocking the screen.

  • Besides the apps listed above, there are many other pop applications which have high reputation among users, such as the Dreamboard, the Camera Tweak, PKG Backup, NoNewslsGoodNews, Dashboard X 2.0, bite SMS, iFile, etc. If you feel interested in any of the Cydia apps, navigate directly to it.