Top 10 iPod Music Manager You Cannot Miss

When you think of iPods loaded with your favorite music, you might get all worked up thinking about its content to be managed. Well, No music lovers want to get their device hanged up and sure no one wants a complicated content manager for their iPods. If you’ve been looking for something that allows you to manage the content of your iPod faster and easier, then here is the list of top 10 iPod music manager that you cannot miss!!

Top 1. UltFone iOS Data Manager

UltFone iOS Data Manager is viewed as one of the best ever iPod music managers and is a great alternative for iTunes to easily back up and restore your iPhone/iPad/iPod on Windows/Mac. With it, you can import/export/add/delete your iPod music freely without any limitations.

Some of the best features of UltFone iOS Data Manager that you can't get in iTunes include:

  • Manage multiple file types on your iPhone very efficiently.
  • Support to readily transfer files between iPhone and PC/Mac.
  • Support to free preview backed up files.
  • No storage space limitations.
  • No network required during the backup process.
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  • Step 1Launch UltFone iOS Data Manager on your computer, and make sure that your device is connected to MAC via a USB cable. Select Manage from the top menu.

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  • Step 2 Now you can go for Music section and manage your iPod music.

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Top 2.iMazing

Developed by Switzerland based software developer, this music manager software makes it easier to transfer, backup, print, and manage data on your iPhone and iPad. You can absolutely go for it and replace iTunes with it to manage your iPod. One of the lag in this though is the transferring process, it could have been much better.


Top 3. CopyTrans Manager

This is a free app that enables you to transfer your songs from your computer to an iPod, iPod Touch, or iPhone. You can add and delete music, videos, podcasts, and more. It’s a light weighted app and works well for managing your music collection without iTunes. Although it's highly flexible, this music manager is not so user friendly reportedly.

copytrans manager

Top 4. YamiPod

Yamipod is a freeware that enables the users to proficiently organize their iPod on Mac OS X and Windows. YamiPod is an exclusive software because it runs straight from an iPod/iPad and requires no installation. This permits you to update your iPod from any PC without installing any software. However, its user interface is a bit haphazard.


Top 5. Foobar2000

Foobar2000 gives you features to fall in your favorite category because it’s extremely light on the system and you can customize it according to your needs. To get it set to go, you will need to install few support components, but after that, it works amazingly well with your iPod/iPad/iPhone. The two components you will need are the iPod Manager and Nero AAC Codec.


Top 6. Senuti for Mac

Senuti is a valuable tool to transfer music after a hard drive crash or if you have bought a a new PC and just simply want to transfer and move your music onto it. When your iPod or iPhone is connected, Senuti creates a list of all the songs plus playlists. If you are worried about duplicates, Senuti shows a small blue dot next to each song that you've already had before. Although it’s generally good but it does create problems while connecting to some latest devices.


Top 7. SharePod

Sharepod is extremely user friendly with basic media player feature which lets you play songs. You can also copy your tracks to itunes if you want with sharepod, while you are importing music from your computer to ipod/iphone. Although sharepof is great but it does lack a good user interface.


Top 8. AnyTrans

AnyTrans runs fairly well on a computer and has got some basic features like transferring and backing up data on iOS devices. Its performance is better than other basic music managers in downloading videos and transferring data. The complicated interface makes it a weak software and also it has got an unstable performance. Besides, The software is also more expensive than the others.


Top 9. MediaMonkey

Another great alternative for iPod music manager is the free basic version of MediaMonkey. It enables you to manage your iPod content without any additional components and can play a various number of music formats including FLAC, MP3, APE, AAC. One set back of MediaMonkey is that it might stumble a little while moving big files.


Top 10. Songbird

Suprisingly, Songbird has come a long way since its launch. If you leave it to its default settings, it works really well with your device and has got easy to use interface. It enables you to drag and drop songs from your music collection over to your iPod. Songbird could score more if it had been more flexible as a software.


Which iPod Music Manager Do You Prefer

The above stated iPod music managers are the best alternatives of iTunes. However, our personal favorite remains UltFone iOS Data Manager, as it so extremely light, user-friendly that can make you have an enhanced music experience. It creates a list of your favorite music and gives you an option to add/remove files and delete the duplicated ones without any space limitations. It’s easy to install and launch and doesn’t need a network for backup. Free download it now and have a fresh experience.

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  • Selectively restore backup to iPhone/iPad.
  • Transfer files on iPhone/iPad/iPod to/from computer freely without limitation
  • One click to export photos to computer
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