iOS 17 Check In not Working! Here's How to Fix

Check In is the most talked about feature of the all-new iOS 17 update. What it does is send a text to the selected contacts when you reach a specific location. The idea is to let your loved ones know that you have arrived somewhere safely. It also provides details like your location, battery level, route, and signal strength to the iPhone’s contacts. But unfortunately, many users are reporting that iOS 17 Check In not working on their devices.

If your iPhone is also not sending a Check In to the contacts, fret not. We have outlined the proven workarounds to help you remedy this “ios 17 check in not working after update” issue quickly.


Part 1. Why is iOS 17 Check In Not Working and How to Fix!

There can be a range of reasons why iOS 17 Check In not working after update on your iPhone. Let us discuss them one by one along with their solutions.

Reason 1. iPhone Running Below iOS 17

It’s important to remember that the Check In feature is only available for iOS 17. If your iPhone is running on a lower iOS version, it just won’t send the Check In text. Moreover, iOS 17 supports iPhone X and later models.

Solution: Update iPhone's iOS system to the latest iOS 17

To check and update your iPhone to iOS 17, follow the below steps:

  • Open Settings and go to General > Software Update.

  • If the new updates are available, tap Download > Install.

  • Wait until the process is finished.

  • When your iPhone restarts, try using the Check In feature. Hopefully, it will run fine.

Reason 2. The Recipient's Phone Not Supported

Chances are the recipient’s iPhone is not updated to iOS 17. Or they might be using an iPhone that’s not compatible with iOS 17.

Solution: Check Requirements on the Recipient’s Phone

Make a call to the person to whom you want to send the Check In texts. Confirm if their iPhone is updated to iOS 17 which supports only iPhone X or later models.

Reason 3. Poor or No Network Connection

The Check IN feature needs a stable internet connection to send an iMessage to the selected contacts. If you don’t have access to an internet connection, you might experience the iOS 17 Check In not working issue.

Solution: Enable Cellular Data or Wi-Fi

Turn on your cellular data and make sure your package is not expired. To do that:

  • Go to Settings> Mobile Data/Cellular
  • Turn on the toggle for Cellular Data.
  • Swipe down and make sure the toggle for “Messages” is also turned on.

Alternatively, you can try connecting to a Wi-Fi network for the Check In feature to work properly.

ios 17 check in not working after update

Reason 4. Phone's Location Services is OFF

Check In relies on the GPS location of your iPhone to send track your location and send it to the desired contacts. If the location service is disabled, it won’t be able to locate where you are.

Solution: Turn on Location Service

Unsurprisingly, you need to turn on the Location Services on your iPhone. Here’s how to do that:

  • Go to Settings and scroll down to Privacy & Security.
  • Turn on the toggle in front of “Location Services.” If it’s already on, disable it and then, enable it again.
  • Also, swipe down and enable the toggle for the Messages app.

Hopefully, it will fix the iOS 17 Check In not working on iPhone issue.

Part 2. [Ultimate Solution] Fix iOS 17 Check it Not Working via System Repair

Tried all the aforementioned methods but to no avail? Don’t lose hope as unknown bugs in the iPhone’s system software might be triggering the iOS 17 Check In not working problem tool.

That’s where UltFone iOS System Repair comes into play. It has a built-in iOS system repair feature to remove all the iOS-related bugs from your iPhone. With just a few clicks, you can make iOS 17 Check In work again smoothly using this powerful tool.

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The best thing about UltFone iOS System Repair is its ability to automatically detect and fix 150+ system issues without any data loss. And One key quality of UltFone is its ease of use.

To fix Check in not working after updating ios 17 via repair iOS system, you need to:

  • Step 1 Start by installing the program on your computer. Connect your iPhone to it via a lighting cable and hit Start. download ultfone ios system repair to fix ios 17 check in not working
  • Step 2lect Standard Repair to remove iOS bugs without data loss. (Back up your iPhone if you want to choose Deep Repair). click to fix check in not working after update ios 17
  • Step 3Next, choose a suitable location and hit Download. Wait patiently until the firmware package is installed. fixios 17 check in not working on iphone 11 via  ultfone
  • Step 4After that, click on Start Standard Repair to start fixing the iOS bugs. And wait for a while. Your iPhone will restart when the process is finished. Now, the iOS 17 Check In feature will work smoothly as it’s supposed to be. fix check in not working after update ios 17 successfully

Part 3. FAQs about iOS 17 Check in Feature

Q1. How to Use Check in iOS 17?

To use iOS 17 Check In, please:

  • Launch the Messages app and open any chat.
  • Tap the “+” icon and select More> Check In.
  • Go through the tutorial procedure. Then, tap Continue> Send a Check In.
  • Now, choose the desired destination or a timer. Hit Done followed by Send.

Q2. Is Check In available for all iPhones?

No, the Check In feature is available for iOS 17 only. And iOS 17 works on iPhone X and later models. If your iPhone is of lower model, this feature won’t work.


And that brings us to the end of this informative guide. We discussed the four proven methods for fixing iOS 17 Check In not working. Hopefully, you’re able to get Check In up and running on your iPhone again.

But if the conventional solutions didn’t work for you, try using UltFone iOS System Repair . It offers a quick and convenient way to get rid of all the iOS bugs in your iPhone without losing data. It will definitely fix the iOS 17 Check In issue.

With that said, feel free to share your response in the comment section.

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