Quick Fix: iPad Won't Update to iOS 17/16 [2024 Updated]

The latest iOS update for iPad is now available for download. Unfortunately, some users are facing errors. iPad won't update iOS 17, which is panic for them. Don't worry! Here, you will get all possible solutions to fix your iPad to update to the latest version with advanced features.

Every time a new update is launched in the market, have some pros and cons, and many users can't even install the new version due to technical errors. Here we are going to analyze all the reasons and tips to fix won't update iOS 17:

ipad wont update to ios 17

Reasons Why Won't My iPad Update to iOS 17 & Tricks That Help

In most cases, if the iPad error cannot check for an update, there may be a problem with authentication. Sometimes Apple App Store needs help understanding you. Or, iPad might be downloading another update or app at the same time, and your app might be in line. In rare cases, iPad may forget the app. Every year, some users encounter this error while downloading a new iOS update, which is familiar with iOS 17. However, iPad needs to be properly updated before this problem can be resolved. Here’s what you need to know if iPad won’t update:

1. iPad isn't Compatible

Each time you update your iOS, Apple stops supporting older devices because the old iPad won't update. Apparently, iPad can only be updated if it supports the software version. Therefore, before upgrading, it is necessary to check whether the newly released iOS or iPad iOS update is compatible with the current iPad model. You can search directly on the Apple Update Compatibility page. If you always see the error message, “I can’t install iOS 17 Update", here you can match the full list of iPad getting iPad iOS 17 as follows:

  • iPad mini (5th Generation and Later)
  • iPad (6th Generation and Later)
  • iPad Air (3rd generation and later)
  • iPad Pro (2nd generation and later)

Some features, such as 3D reactions with hands in FaceTime, are limited to the new iPad beyond the 10th generation of iPad.

2. Internet Connection isn't Strong Enough on iPad

If you want to use a wireless update, check your network connection. Maintaining active and stable Wi-Fi connectivity is also important in building a smooth wireless iOS update. The iPad software update failed repeatedly, which means your internet connection is unstable or has a very slow downloading speed. Having a high-speed connection avoid error and also boost downloading speed.

To eliminate the possibility that iPad cannot update to the latest iOS 17 due to a slow Wi-Fi network, you can go Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings to refresh the network connection.

reset ipad network settings

3. iPad is Out of Storage Space

A new iOS installation requires a gigabyte of storage on an iOS device, but sometimes a small software update for more than a year usually requires a small space. So, first, check the size of the new software update, reserve space, and prepare the device.

If your iPhone fails to install iOS 17, you should check to notice if you have sufficient storage space to download the update. You may run out of storage if you keep saving videos and pictures.

Try to delete unwanted files. Here's how to verify your iPad storage. You should delete the video file or go to another device or Mac/PC. Regular-length videos have a capacity of 1~2Gbs. Check for updated storage capacity: Go to Settings app > General > About > Scroll and search for Available GB.

check iphone storage

To clear iPad storage quickly, we highly recommend you use a free tool to backup your iPad to computer .

4. There Isn't Enough Battery on iPad

Updating your iOS will require more battery than your daily consumption. Therefore, it is essential to ensure your iPad is charged before allowing system updates. The iPad must remain connected to power for critical system upgrades. Otherwise, you risk dying on your iPad in the middle of the process. There are chances of system crashes and application and data loss.

If you want a smooth, uninterrupted process, turning on at least 60% is a good idea. But if you have battery problems and want to ensure that your iPad's power remains on, the best way is to plug it into the charger all the time. Otherwise, the upgrade can quickly drain the battery and cause your iPad to run out of battery. In such cases, you will likely experience blistering and other performance problems.

Apple's Final Advice: Update iPad to iOS 17 with iTunes

New software updates often include new programs and, more importantly, bug fixes for problems that existed in previous software versions. Connect your iPad to your PC and download and install the update using iTunes if you face an iPad error, unable to check for an update. Before performing a software update for iPad, back up your files and ensure that the iTunes is up to date.

  • Step 1: Attach your iPad to your PC with a USB cord. If iTunes does not open automatically, open iTunes manually.
  • Step 2: If you have enabled the Show Sidebar option in iTunes, left-click iPad under the Devices spot on the left side of the iTunes dashboard. If not, select iPad from the Devices section at the top right of the screen.
  • Step 3: Click the "Overview" tab at the top of the iTunes window and click "Check for updates" .
  • Step 4: Download and Update. Leave the iPad connected until the update is complete.
  • check for updates

If you plan to install iPad iOS 17 on your main device, we recommend you have a backup before you initiate. It is true for major iPad iOS updates but is essential for early developer betas. Remember that these beta versions are for developers to use on devices dedicated to testing the app, and Apple does not expect you to use them on devices with important ones.

iPad Update Still Fails? Use the Ultimate Tool to Fix EverythingHOT

After considering all the above solutions iPad won't let me update; I have tried the different tools for iOS system repair. But after research and personal experience, I recommend the UltFone iOS System Repair .

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    Here are the main features of this powerful tool:

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  • It supports repairing system issues in iOS 17 without losing any data.
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    Learn how to use this ultimate tool to fix iPad won't update to iOS 17 and everything:

  • Step 1 Connect your iPad to your computer and launch UltFone iOS System Repair. Click "Start" on the interface.
  • start to repair ipad wont update error
  • Step 2Click "Standard Repair" to begin fixing iPad won't update errors.
  • standard repair ipad update error
  • Step 3Then, click the "Download" button to download the automatically matched firmware package for your iPad.
  • download firmware package to repair ipad system
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  • fix ipad update error now
  • Step 5Wait for the tool to repair your iOS system, then your iPad will restart automatically. Any error causing your iPad won't update to iOS 17 has been fixed.
  • fix ipad wont update to ios 17 error


Updates to iOS are important for any iPad user. You can't ignore or avoid the upgrade of the iPad due to technical issues. But whenever you encounter iPad won't update to iOS issue; you can try the fixes above, especailly UltFone iOS System Repair to take advantage of the latest iOS. Apple is always releasing iOS updates in batches; if not, it's a good concept to wait. So, even if you didn't receive an update today, you'll receive it in the next three to four days.

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