Nintendo has Announced that Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Won't Work on iOS 16/15. Think Carefully Before You Perform An Update

Pocket Camp is a social simulation mobile game for iOS and Android devices. The game is full of fun in which the players visit a campsite with campers to complete small tasks, customize avatars, living spaces, and do much more. Likewise, this game is also quite popular among the iOS 16/15 users, but sometimes, they end up facing animal crossing unplayable on iOS 16/15.

In the last few weeks, we were observing and receiving iPhone user complaints related to the problem animal crossing pocket camp doesn’t work on iOS 16/15. This issue needs to be discussed. We want our readers to know the fixes and solutions so here we are ready with new content for them. Game lovers had better know what we are going to cover in this article.

Bad News for Nintendo Gamers-Pocket Camp Won't Work on iOS 16/15

After the announcement from the Apple that iOS 16/15 is going to be available in its devices. Many were surprised, and some even wasn't ready for this news. Nintendo didn't think about this and it created problem for many users. Bad news was waiting for the pocket camp lovers. Nintendo shared a notice that animal crossing pocket camp doesn't work on iOS 16/15. It is working and finding a solution to this. Nobody knows how much time this will take, so it has advised avoiding updating your device to iOS 16/15. This way, you can continue playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp game on your iOS device.

What to Do if I Already Updated to iOS 16/15? Can I Downgrade to iOS 15/14?

If you are an Animal Crossing Pocket Camp fan but ended up being attracted with the new iOS 16/15 update, then you are making a great mistake, and you know why. But don't worry, there's still a way to help you downgrade to iOS 15/14. Follow the steps below and you'll downgrade to iOS 15/14 safely.

  1. Step 1. Download iOS 15/14 firmware package.
  2. Step 2. Put your iPhone in recovery mode.
  3. Step 3. Launch iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone to your computer.
  4. Step 4. iTunes will automatically detect your device in recovery mode, click "Yes" in the prompted window.

    restore your iPhone

  5. Step 5. Click "Restore and Update" and locate the iOS 15/14 firmware package.

    downgrade iOS 16 or 15 to iOS 15 or 14

  6. Step 6. Click "Next" > "Agree" to start downgrading your iPhone to iOS 15/14.

In case any data loss occurs during this process, it's recommended to make a new backup of your iPhone on iOS 16/15. And instead of using iCloud or iTunes, which may cause compatibility issues, you'd better use UltFone iOS Data Manager, the perfect alternative of both iCloud and iTunes.

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FAQs about Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Question 1: How to update Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on iPhone?

Users with iOS 14 and later

If iOS 14 is running on your device, open the App Store and tap on "Account" to the upper right side of the screen. Now, check if an update button is present to the next of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp game or under "Automatic Updates". Tap on "Update" button if it is available there and if not, swipe down and refresh the page. If both methods don't display the "Update" button, you can try signing in with your Apple ID, restart your device, and do the same thing that you did initially for finding the update button.

Users with iOS 13 and earlier

Open the App Store and do the same as the iOS 14 users for finding the "Update" button. If an Update button is shown under the Pending and next to the Pocket Camp game, tap on it. Now, perform similar things as iOS 14 users do such as restart the device, try to sign in with the Apple ID, etc.

Question 2: Which devices Animal Crossing Pocket Camp support?

If you are using an iOS device, Animal Crossing Pocket camp is compatible with the iPhone (5s and newer), iPod touch, and iPad devices which are running iOS 9.0 or the newer operating systems except iOS 16/15.

The Bottom Line

For all the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp fans, it's terribly bad news that animal crossing is unplayable on iOS 16/15. Thus they have to keep using iOS 15/14 or wait for the Nintendo to fix this with the game update. Hopefully, the update version will come out soon!

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