[Proven Guide]Pokemon GO Rare Candy Cheat in 2024

Pokemon Go Candy is one of the most useful resources in the game. The players need Candy to evolve and power up in Pokemon Go, which explains why this valuable item is so hard to get.

But there’s nothing to worry about. For players who don’t want to spend hours trying to get more Candy, we have some Pokémon Go rare Candy cheat and tips for you.

Part 1. How Pokémon Go Cheats Rare Candy Work?

Rare Candy is a special Candy that is essential to evolve up in the game and win upcoming battles without much trouble. After winning a battle raid with raid boss, the trainers get the rare Candy as the reward. Depending on the difficulty of the task, the player might get 1-3 rare Candies.

One unique trait of rare Candy is it can be used on any Pokemon. But collecting it through official methods is a difficult feat. Here’s the norman way that you can perform Pokémon Go rare Candy cheat in 2023.

Step 1. Start by opening your regional map on phone.

Step 2. Tap Quest on the top tab and choose “Filters.” Then, find and tick the “Rare Candy” filter. Uncheck all other options.

pokemon go rare candy cheat

>Step 3. The map will instantly show the rare Candies in your area. Click on Maps to get the coordinates of the rare Candy.

pokemon go cheats rare candy

Step 4. Now, you need to leave the house and physically walk or drive to that destination to get rare Candy.

Step 5. Finish the task successfully to get the rare Candy.

pokémon go rare candy cheat

Part 2. Best Way to Reach Pokémon Go Rare Candy Cheat Location

As mentioned above, you can reach the desired coordinates of Pokémon Go rare Candy by walk or drive all the way to that point. But sometimes, reaching that exact location rather quickly is often not possible due to weather conditions or whatever.

And that’s where a location spoofer program like UltFone iOS Location Changer comes into play. Using this friendly software, you can easily spoof your location to any place in any country which greatly increases the chances of getting rare candies.

Moreover, you can move around using a virtual joystick to enjoy 360-degree gaming experience - all while sitting on your comfy chair.

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Check out below steps to reach Pokémon go Rare candy location without any hassle

  • Step 1Run UltFone iOS Location Changer on your computer. Be sure the “GPS Change” icon is selected on the left tab and hit Enter.

    fake location on zalo with ulfone

  • Step 2Now, connect your iOS device to the computer and hit Next to get going.

    select an iphone to change location on zalo

  • Step 3 The program will show the world map on the screen. Enter any location or move your mouse manually to get any location you wish.

    create a location for zalo

  • Step 4The program will hardly take a few seconds to move your iPhone’s location to that spot. Now, run the Pokemon Go app and try to get as many rare Candy as you want.

Key Features of UltFone iOS Location Changer

  • Change location to anywhere instantly around the world.
  • Simulate GPS movement: move along customized routes naturally in the game.
  • Spoof Pokémon GO safely and won't get you banned.
  • Fake location on Tinder, WhatsApp, Life360, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, etc.

Part 3. Things that People Also Ask about Pokémon Go Rare Candy

Here are a few important points you should know about.

Q1: How to use rare Candy cheat in Pokémon Go?

Now that you have finally got rare Candy, the next step is to use it. Check out the below instructions to use Pokémon Go rare Candy cheat on any Pokemon:

  • First, tap the Menu option at the bottom middle.
  • Then, tap Items > Rare Candy.
  • Now, select the Pokemon on which you want to transfer the rare Candy.
  • Next, use the + or – options to adjust the amount of rare Candy you want to transfer.
  • Finally, hit Yes to complete the transfer successfully.

Q2: What is the cheat code for pokemon rare candy?

82025840 is the master code for the cheat, and 0044 is the item code for the rare candy.

Q3: How do you get unlimited rare candies in Pokemon go?

If you want to get hands tons of rare Candies without much hassle, then just follow the two simple tips.

1. Use the Pokemon Go rare Candy cheats (outlined in the above question) carefully.

2. Don’t forget to take assistance of UltFone iOS Location Changer to quickly move to locations having rare Candies. With this tool, you can cover longer distances in few seconds and increase your chance of getting rare Candies.

Final Words

Now, you have better understanding of how pokemon go rare Candy cheat works, so you can collect unlimited rare candies quickly.

Use a professional spoofer like UltFone iOS Location Changer to get to the rare Candy without actually moving an inch. This easy-to-use tool helps you cover the long distances in a matter of seconds.

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