[2024 Guide] 9 Ways to Get More Pokeballs in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players are always bothered by the lack of Pokeballs and asked how to get more Pokeballs in Pokemon Go? You can collect Pokeballs only from PokéStops. If you have limited PokéStops, you need to slow down until you get new Pokeballs. In most cases, the gamers slow down until they get new Pokeballs. Then someone might have this question, "What is the fastest way to get Pokeballs in Pokemon go?" This article will show how to get Pokeballs in the fastest way possible in Pokemon can go.

Part 1: What is Pokeball in Pokemon Go?

You must have heard the term "Pokeballs" in Pokemon Go, quite a million times. Pokéballs are items that are used by Pokémon trainers, to catch and store Pokémons. Pokeballs can be conventionally collected from spinning Photo Discs at gyms and PokéStops (rewarded for a level upgrade, completing research tasks, opening gifts, or purchasing items in Shop).

Part 2: Different Types of Pokeballs in Pokemon Go

The Pokeballs are divided based on catch rates and rarities or how a few Pokeballs are exclusive to particular events. There are mainly five types of Pokeballs.

Standard Pokeballs

These are the most basic Pokeballs. You can get Pokeballs in Pokemon Go very easily. These Pokeballs are not much effective on powerful Pokemon. The most basic of Pokeballs, are easy to find and easy to use but not very effective when used on powerful Pokemon.

standard pokeballs

Great Ball

These Pokeballs are a blue upgrade of normal Pokeballs. You can increase the chances of capturing a Pokemon by fifty percent using this Pokeball. These Pokeballs are a little rarer and one can avail of this Pokeball only after reaching level 12.

great balls in pokemon go


These Pokeballs are the most effective in the game besides being the best Pokeball. These Pokeballs are rare, but it is worth it to stockpile these powerful Pokeballs, which are very effective for powerful Pokemons. A player can avail of these Pokeballs only after the player has reached level 20, also these Pokeballs are rarer than Great Balls.

ultra balls in pokemon go

Premier Ball

These are white Pokeballs given exclusively during special events in Pokemon Go. These Pokeballs are given temporarily to players when they are raiding during an event or capturing Shadow Pokemon. These Pokeballs can be used only on Raid Bosses and Shadow Pokemon but not after these events, no matter if you did catch any Pokemon or not. Even though these Pokeballs have an exclusive status, they are nothing more than normal Pokeballs when it comes to Pokeball efficiency.

premier balls in pokemon go

Master Ball

This is a legendary Pokeball existing in the mainline Pokemon games. This will help the gamer to capture any Pokémon effectively, without fail. Even though the data of Master Ball is stored in Pokemon Go, it is still unclear whether these are obtainable or not. This is the reason why this Pokeball is said to be too powerful to be adopted by a larger number rather than one so that these Pokeballs can be cut from the game before the game makes its debut.

master balls in pokemon go

Part 3: How to Get More Pokeballs in Pokemon Go? [7 Ways]

Way 1: Get Pokeballs on In-game Store [Free & Buy]

If you don't live close enough to a PokéStops or Gyms and running out of Pokeballs. You need to stop, otherwise you need to visit the store in the game. You can get the "shop" menu by opening the "pause menu". After you get into the shop option, you can spend coins from the game that you have collected defending gyms. You can spend real money to get coins with which you can buy Pokeballs.

If you don’t want to spend money on Pokeballs. You can get a free box in the shop every day and there may be some Pokeballs in that box.

Way 2: Spin Pokestops

This is the way that is worth mentioning, what you need to do is find a PokéStop and spin them. There are high chances of getting rewarded with Pokeballs after spinning. If you do not get rewarded with Pokeballs you can spin other stops and try spinning.

spin pokestops to get pokeballs

Way 3: Spin Gyms

As you were spinning PokéStops, similarly you can spin gyms to earn rewards. You can spin as many gyms as you want to collect Pokeballs as rewards. These rewards can be anything like Pokeballs and you can use these Pokeballs to catch more Pokemon.

spin gyms to get pokeballs

Way 4: Do Field Research Tasks

There is a quest task in Pokemon Go to complete research tasks. These tasks are exclusively available for particular events and are known as timed research tasks.

After you complete each task, you get rewards like berries or other game items. You can complete these research tasks and earn Pokeballs.

do filed research tasks to win pokeballs

Way 5: Weekly Progress

If you can cover more distance than your previous week, you can get rewarded with points or game items such as Pokeballs. Then you will get more Pokeballs so that you can continue catching Pokemon.

walk to win pokeballs

Way 6: Make Friends & Get Gifts from Them

In Pokemon go, you can send and receive gifts to or from your friends. Gifts can be a different type of reward like game items like Pokeballs. You can make more friends and get more gifts from them which can be Pokeballs.

Way 7: Raid Battels and Team Rocket Battles

If you participate in Raids or Team Go Rocket battles and earn rewards like Pokeballs, you will get Premier Balls which will help you catch Pokémon just like the ordinary Pokeballs.

You will need to save the Shadow Pokemon by countering Team Go Rocket attacks. If you succeed in doing that you will earn rewards like Pokeballs. After you complete the battle, you can expect at least 10 Premier Pokeballs or more rewards depending on how well you play your match.

join in raid battle to get pokeballs

Way 8: Start A New Game

You can earn more Pokeballs by starting a new game or creating a new Pokemon Go account so that you can get free Pokeball rewards.

Way 9: Level Up Trainers

You can get Pokeball rewards if you level up your fellow trainers. If you help your fellow trainers in catching wild Pokemon, you will be prompted with rewards which may include Pokeballs.

I hope all these ways will help you get your Pokeballs. All these methods or ways are very effective and you can use any one of the methods to get the Pokeballs when you run out of them. Now you do not need to wait or slow down until you get more pokeballs to catch more regular Pokemons or rare Pokemons.

Part 4: Companion of Pokemon Go: Get More Pokeballs without Moving

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    get more pokeballs via ultfone ios location changer

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    walk at the customized speed to get pokeballs


I hope this article will help you get Pokeballs in Pokemon Go when you are running out of it so that you don't need to slow down due to a lack of Pokeballs. If you are thinking of collecting Pokeballs from home, then UltFone iOS Location Changer is the best option for you.

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