How to Sync Ringtones to iPhone

I created customized ringtones and tried to sync it with the iPhone. But even after the process is marked finished, my ringtones are not synced to my iPhone. They do not appear on my iPhone. How can I sync the ringtones with my iPhone successfully?

Everybody loves creating their own customized ringtones. But when it comes to syncing those ringtones to iPhone, users fail abruptly. But don’t stress, you are not the only individual who face this kind of problem. There are many users struggling with the same dilemma as you due to indefinite reasons. But we can tell you the successful way to sync ringtones to iPhone.

In this guide, we will focus on the two best ways to learn how to sync ringtones to iPhone 11, iPhone X/XR/XS, and all other models. Even if you are not willing to use iTunes, we have an alternative for you. Let’s take a look.

Way 1. How to Add Ringtones to iPhone from iTunes

There are many users who often make purchases via the iTunes library. If you are also one of them and now you wish to sync those ringtones with your iPhone, then you must know the appropriate method. Here are the steps that you need to follow to understand how to sync ringtones to iPhone 6 with iTunes.

  1. 1. Get the latest version of iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone with the system. The device will be recognized by iTunes automatically.
  2. 2. Under the file menu, you will see some icons of Music, Movies, TV, and more. Click on the three horizontal dots, and you will see the Tones option.

    open tones

    You will be able to see the available ringtones in iTunes. Go to File> Add File to Library, and the list of files will appear so that you can first add the tone you want in the iTunes library.

    add tones in library
  3. 3. Once you have the ringtones in the iTunes library, click on the Device icon. There you will see the Tones option on the left side menu. Select the option, and you can choose whether you want to sync all tones or the selected ones only.

    sync ringtones to iphone

    If you select the Selected Tones option, the list of ringtones that are available in the library will open up. Then you can choose the ones you like and exclude the other ringtones from syncing.

  4. 4. Tick the Sync Tones checkbox and press the “Sync” button at the bottom to initiate the syncing process. When the process finishes, you will be able to find the ringtones in your iPhone library.

You can also use the drag and drop method to transfer the ringtone files on your device directly.

Way 2. How to Add Ringtones to iPhone without iTunes

Even though iTunes is a useful tool, users often experienced some unexpected problems with iTunes, like ringtones not syncing to iPhone. Fortunately, we can also sync ringtones to iPhone without iTunes. With the help of UltFone iOS Data Manager tool, you can effectively replace iTunes and work better for data management. This software can help you add, delete, transfer various files effortlessly. Moreover, it has features like backup, restore, transfer WhatsApp and some additional tools.

The key highlights of the software are its amazing features that include:

  • Transfer ringtones from computer to iPhone/iPad without iTunes
  • Transfer iTunes media to iOS device without iTunes
  • Transfer device media to iTunes by a simple click
  • Support selective backup iPhone data without iTunes, 100% free
  • Transfer data between device and computer freely
  • Manager iOS data in a more flexible way, like edit, delete, add, import, export, etc.
  • Transfer WhatsApp across the platform, i.e, Android to iPhone and vice versa
  • Fix iPhone issues without data loss
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You can download and install the software on your computer, and you will be able to import the ringtones from iTunes without using it. When the ringtones won’t sync to iPhone 6 using iTunes, you can rely on UltFone iOS Data Manager to add ringtone to iPhone without syncing.

  • Step 1 Run the program on the system and connect your iPhone with it. The software will automatically recognize the device. Select Manage tab from the top menus.

    connect your iphone
  • Step 2 From the side categories, please click Audio to expand. You will see the Ringtones option.

    sync ringtones to iphone without iTunes
  • Step 3 Click Import button, and choose the ringtones that you want to import. The selected ringtone(s) will be synced to your iPhone successfully.

When you are trying to sync ringtones, there are two things to point:

  1. 1. The ringtone files for iPhone are quite similar to the audio files, but there are minor differences. The ringtones must be in M4R, M4A, and MP3 format.
  2. 2. And if the ringtone is longer than 40 seconds, this iOS Data Mananger will cut the first 40 seconds as the ringtone. That’s why it is recommended to keep the ringtones less than 40 seconds.


When it comes to transferring ringtones to iPhone without sync, UltFone iOS Data Manager is the best alternative you can find. Whether you need to sync the files with iTunes or want to create a backup of your device data, it is a reliable tool. We all know that iTunes is a certainly valuable tool for data management across iOS devices. Still, UltFone iOS Data Manager provides additional functionalities that make the software far more useful.

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