Pokespoofer Co Review: Is Pokespoof Safe, Legit?

One of the most useful hacks in Pokemon Go is spoofing your original location to somewhere else. The internet is full of third-party software that help you change Pokemon Go location seamlessly. Among them, Pokespoofer.co is one notable program that has gained considerable attention in the last few years. It basically injects APK to your phone to install a virtual joystick on the Pokemon Go app. This way, users can trick the GPS into believing that they are somewhere else.

However, this app has got a lot of negative reviews from the Poke Go community. Give this, we are going to provide an honest review of Pokespoof to help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive in!

Part 1. Is Pokespoof Safe, Legit or a Scam?

After analyzing Pokespoofer.co reviews and testing the product ourselves, we found that it is not worth installing. A frustrated user wrote on Reddit:

Total clickbait. It always says verification failed and you have to manually push it but the button is just a png image that does nothing. There's a video going around and you'll notice that's right where the guy cuts off his "how to" tutorial in the app too so you won't see the manual button not working for him either.

Similarly, a lot of Poke fans are already terming this app as a scam and clickbait. When installing the program, users often complain of Pokespoof no verification error. Also, it’s quite common to get caught by Niantic when using Pokespoofer.co. This can lead to soft banning of your account.

Part 2. How to Download Pokespoofer?

Even though it’s not recommended but we will still teach you how to download Pokespoof. The installation procedure is quote lengthy and tech-savvy, but with the below guide, you won’t face any issue.

Step 1: First, go to Pokespoofer.com on your web browser.

Step 2: Now, connect your phone to it and hit “Start Injecting”

pokespoof download

Step 3: Once it’s done, follow the on-screen instructions to install the Joystick on your phone.


It’s worth mentioning that downloading Pokespoofer comes at its own risks. Many people on Reddit reported that unknown purchases were made from their accounts after downloading Pokespoof APK app. But fret not as we have an ideal Pokespoof co alternative for you in the next section.

Part 3. Best Alternative of Pokespoofer [Safe, Legal, Official and 100% Working]

Having millions of active users, UltFone Pokemon Go Location Spoofer stands out as the best Pokemon Go spoofing tool for trainers. With just a single click, you can spoof to anywhere in the world without getting detected by Niantic. Compared to Pokespoof, UltFone Pokemon Go Location Spoofer offer official access to download Pokemon Go Spoof Apk which is safe and legal. Besides, it guarantees a 100% success rate that help spoof Pokemon Go location and catch rare Pokemon without any hassle.

Aside from location spoofing, you can easily setup a customized route between two or multiple points. This helps you explore an area, looking for Pokemon items while sitting in your room. If that’s not enough, this tool also provides a virtual joystick to give you a 360-degree moving experience.

Free Download For PC Secure Download Free Download For Mac Secure Download
  • Step 1 Install the program from its official site and run it. Choose “GPS change” from the left tab and hit Enter. download pokespoof apk
  • Step 2Connect your iPhone or Android to the program. Soon after connection, it will open the World map on the screen.  pokespoof download
  • Step 3 Now, select a location using your mouse or entering its name (or coordinates). Hit Start to Modify. best pokemon go spoofer
  • And voila, the app will immediately teleport you to the new location. Launch Pokemon Go and start exploring. Hopefully, you’ll encounter rare Pokemon sooner than later.

Part 4. FAQ about Pokemon Go Spoofer

Q1. What is the best GPS spoofer for Pokémon GO?

Our market research shows that UltFone Pokemon Go Location Spoofer is the most reliable and efficient GPS spoofer. It offers a 3-click procedure to change your Pokemon Go location to anywhere. Compared to other tools, UltFone guarantees 100% safety, pinpoint accuracy, and a variety of top-notch features to enhance your Pokemon Go gaming experience.

Q2. What is Free SpooferPro Key?

SpooferPro is a tweaked editing of Pokemon Go app that comes with added functionalities like GPS spoofing and virtual joystick. To access all the features of SpooferPro, you need to subscribe to its premium version.

Want to do it for free? Try getting your hands on SpooferPro key. Now, there are several ways to do that, including:

  • Subscribe to the relevant YouTube channels that offers surprising giveaways of these third-party apps’ keys.
  • Wait for the Pokemon Go community days when Niantic offers a lot of special bonuses and rewards to the trainers. And if you’re lucky, you might get the SpooferPro Key.
  • There are a lot of rather unverified websites that occasionally give SpooferPro Key for free. They rarely work but it’s a bargain you have to take for getting a free key. Don’t forget to check them out regularly.

Want to avoid all this hassle? Get UltFone Pokemon Go Location Spoofer and start spoofing your Pokemon Go location right away.


And that’s all for today. Hopefully, you have a clear understanding of how safe Pokespoof is and why it’s not a good idea to use this tool.

Instead, get assistance from UltFone iOS Location Changer whenever you have to change the location in Pokemon Go. It is 100% safe, legit and has won the trust of millions of users.

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  • Safely change the location to anywhere in the world without ban from Pokemon Go
  • It is the best Pokemon Go Joystick without jailbreak
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