How to Find and Follow Pokemon Go Routes? Proven Ways to Help You Form Zygarde

Pokemon Go is known for keeping the trainers on the edge by introducing new features and Pokemon items regularly. The latest Routes feature is one wonderful addition that promises to take your Pokemon Go gaming experience to the next level.

Typically, in the game, the trainer wanders around hoping to find and catch Pokemon. But with Pokemon Go Routes, you can follow a path set by other Pokemon trainers. Not only it gives you a chance to encounter your favorite Pokemon along your way, but also win special rewards on completing the routes. Sounds exciting, isn’t it? Without wasting more words, let’s teach you how to find and follow Pokemon Go Routes that another trainer has created.

Part 1. How to find a Route in Pokémon Go

The all-new Routes feature is already the talk of the town in the Pokemon Go community. Just imagine the fun of finding a rare Pokemon unexpectedly or maybe a new friend to share raid battles with.

And luckily, it’s quite simple to find Pokemon Go Routes that another player has recorded. Follow the below instructions to do that:

Step 1: Launch Pokemon Go and tap on the “nearby Pokemon” menu just below the binoculars symbol at the bottom-right corner.

Step 2: A map showing a list of nearby Routes will appear. Here, tap “See Nearby Routes” to expand the Pokemon Go Routes map.

 find pokemon go routes

Step 3: Simply, tap on any Route to view its details. You will also see how many trainers have followed this route and the approximate time to complete it.

Step 4: If you like the Route, hit the Route’s “Follow” button.

Step 5: Go to its Start point, if you are not already there, and follow the marked path until you reach the endpoint.

Step 6: And voila, be ready to collect the Route completion awards.

If you wish to end the Route and return to the Routes list, hit the Exit button at the top-left corner.

Part 2. Rewards of Exploring Pokemon Go Routes

Pokemon Go Routes brings a lot of opportunities for the trainers to catch rare Pokemons. While following the route, you are likely to encounter increased spawns, earn more Buddy Candy, and find special Zygarde Cells.

Never miss a chance to pick up rare Zygarde Cells as they let trainers change Zygarde's form. The animation of these cells is slightly different from the regular spawns, like small shiny green-yellowish icon as shown in the figure

zygarde cells pokemon go routes

The trainer can hold the Zygarde cells in Zygarde Cube and use them to upgrade Zygarde’s form. Its form changes depending on how many cells you find, starting from 10% to 50% to Complete Forme. And thus, always keep an eye on Zygarde Routes Pokemon Go while following a Route.

how to follow pokemon go routes to obtain zygarde forme

In addition, you get a variety of bonuses while exploring a Route. That includes:

  • Getting a Route badge upon completing a Route. Just like Gym badges, each Route has its unique badge. Complete the same Route multiple times to level up your badge, which is visible on your Trainer profile.
  • A chance to earn an XP bonus for the first route you complete each day.
  • When you’re exploring the Route for the first time, the Pokemon appears more attracted to Incense.
  • Complete the Routes for seven days and earn an increased XP bonus.
  • If you’re adventuring with your buddy on a Route, you’ll get a Buddy Heart on completion.
  • You are able to more Pokemon items like Revives, Poké Balls, and Stardust.

All the badges, rewards, and Pokemon items you earn on a Route are recorded in your Journal.

Part 3. Best Helper to Find and Follow Pokemon Go Routes - UltFone iOS Location ChangerHOT

There is no Pokemon Go routes nearby or do you have Pokemon Go Routes that you want to follow? Look no further and get help from UltFone iOS Location Changer .

It is a powerful location spoofer that help you find and follow Pokemon Go routes without leaving the comfort of your home. What you need to do is to import your favorite Pokemon Go routes and follow it via auto-walk feature. This way, you can explore the area containing a lot of Pokemon Gyms and PokeStops much faster and conveniently. On top of that, it comes with a sleek and modern interface, making it an ideal choice for all Pokemon trainers.

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More Key Features of UltFone iOS Location Changer

  • Import/Export Pokemon Go routes to follow Pokemon Go routes.
  • Set up a customized route and speed to hatch Eggs/ catch rare Pokemons without walking.
  • Import and follow Pokemon Go routes to do special research tasks.
  • Use its built-in joystick to control your character’s movement more conveniently.
  • It has a cooldown time feature that guides you when it’s safe to spoof your location again without getting detected by Niantic.
  • Compatibility with all location-based apps.

Here’s how to import Pokemon Go GPX routes and simulate an auto-walk:

  • Step 1Run the program on your computer and choose the “Single-Spot Movement” or “Multi-Spots” mode. Tick the disclaimer and hit Enter. download ultfone ios location changer to find pokemon go route
  • Step 2Connect your smartphone to the computer. connect ultfone location changer to find pokemon go route
  • Step 3Now, hit the GPX icon to browse and import the downloaded GPX file to the program. It will automatically show the GPX route on the world map. import pokemon do gpx route map
  • Step 4After that, you need to customize the speed you want to star following your Pokemon Go route without walking and encounter your desire Pokemon, rewards, etc.

Part 4. FAQ about Pokemon Go Route.

We have shortlisted a few important questions for our readers.

Q1. How to Make a Route in Pokemon Go?

If you want to create a Pokemon Go Route, follow the below steps:

  • Go to any PokeStop or Gym and select it as your Starting Point from the Nearby Pokemon > Route tab.
  • Next, choose an End Point (that can be changed later).
  • After that, click on Record to start mapping your Route.
  • Travel to the End Point to finish recording your Route.
  • Also, enter some basic information about the Route and submit it to Niantic for review.
  • And that’s how you create a Route in Pokemon Go.

As of now, the trainers can create up to a maximum of 4 Routes per week. Note that it may take at least 24 hours for your Route to be accepted.

Q2. Why can't I create a route in Pokemon Go?

If you are unable to create Pokemon Go Routes, look out for the below factors:

  • Poor or no internet connection.
  • Your device is not compatible with the Pokemon Go app.
  • A bug in the Pokemon Go cache files. Try clearing the cache data.
  • You cannot create more than 4 Routes per week.


That brings us to the end of this informative guide. Hopefully, you won’t face any trouble in how to find and follow Pokemon Go Routes. Just be sure to follow the marked path correctly and you’re going to get a variety of Pokemon items and special Zygarde Cells along your way.

And if you want to explore new routes without going outside your room, then use UltFone iOS Location Changer. This tool allows you to import the GPX Pokemon Go files and move along at a set speed.

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