[iPhone 15 Supported] How to Unlock SIM Card Without Puk Code -100% Working Tips

When you buy a SIM card from a carrier, a PIN (personal identification number) code and a PUK (personal unlocking key) code come along. Both codes are written on the card or in the letter that is passed from the carrier at the time of purchase. You will be asked to enter your PIN code whenever you restart your terminal and reinsert your SIM card. If you enter the incorrect PIN code three or more times, you will be prompted to enter a PUK code to unlock the SIM.

If you are looking for ways to unlock the SIM card without a PUK code, do not worry now! There are several hidden codes and "easy" ways to unlock any SIM card without using the PUK code. In this article, we are compiling an exciting guide that will help you how to unlock SIM card without PUK code iPhone 15.

Part 1. What Is A Puk Code

The PUK code or personal unlock key is a safety feature of all modern SIM cards operated on smartphones, including iPhone 15, tablets and other mobile devices. If you enter the false PIN code three spans, the SIM card will be locked, and you will require a PUK code to open it. The PUK code is special to each SIM card, and if you type it incorrectly many times (usually 10 times), the SIM can become unusable, so it is important to use the correct one.

puck code screen display

Part 2. How to Unlock SIM Card Without Puk Code via Carrier Website

Most mobile carriers offer their customers online accounts. In that case, go to the official website of the mobile operator and log in with your personal credentials. The PUK code should be detailed under your profile. Each website is different, so look for the option of obtaining a PUK code or unlocking the SIM card and finding out what you need. Next, we will talk about how to unlock SIM card without a PUK code from the carrier's website.

Step 1: In the first phase, visit the official website of the mobile operator.

Step 2: You have to first sign in with your account information.

Step 3:Go to the profile section and look for the PUK code.

Step 4: Use this PUK code to unlock your SIM on iPhone 15 or other models.

Part 3. How to Unlock SIM Card Without Puk Code via Customer Service

Is there any need to worry about the PUK code? No need to worry! Every mobile operator has a friendly customer care team to always help you. They can access all your SIM card information from their system. Call them and request them to help unlock your SIM card for your iPhone 15.

But that doesn't mean anyone can get that important information from them. Follow this step-by-step guide to call customer service and learn how to unlock your SIM card without a PUK number.

Step 1: Get in touch with your mobile network provider. Tell the SIM card that you want to unlock it because it is locked.

Step 2: Provide your personal information to your mobile network provider. You will be asked what is your name, phone number, etc. to verify your identity.

Step 3: Wait for the mobile operator to send you a PUK code.

Step 4: When you receive the PUK code, enter the PUK code into your appliance to unlock the SIM. It will unlock your SIM!

call carrier to get the puk code to unlock

Don't have time to call customer service? You can get the PUK code from the mobile operator's website. Let's see how to do it.

Part 4. How to Unlock SIM Card on iPhone 15 Without Puk Code via Secret Code

You do not need to install the application to unlock the SIM card. It is a trick often used by mobile shop clerks, who charge for unlocking their SIM card in this secret way. Now, it is not necessary to pay a penny for this work. Follow our steps on how to unlock SIM card without PUK code iPhone or Android.

Step 1: Pick up the your iPhone 15 and insert the sim card.

Step 2: Turn on the phone for 2-3 minutes.

Step 3: In this step, you must turn off your phone and unplug the SIM card. Repeat this step two times.

Step 4: Insert the SIM card again, turn on the phone, and then enter the secret code *22233421#.

It will remove the previous PIN or PUK code. Add a new PIN code and enjoy the sim network again.

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As we concluded, how to unlock SIM card without PUK code on iPhone 15 might seem tricky, but it's doable if you know what to do. This article shared some reliable methods that really work. You can try reaching out to your service provider, using special software, or getting a new SIM card. We highly recommend UltFone iPhone Unlock for unlocking iOS devices. Its intuitive interface and wide device compatibility make it a convenient choice for anyone facing a lockout situation on their iPhone or iPad.

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