How to Solve iPad Keyboard in Middle of Screen

Normally, the keyboard of iPad is always seen at the screen's bottom. And people are also used to such use of keyboard. If any slight change is been done to any of the settings, may it be placement of keyboard, we are not likely to get moving with such changes as some of us prefer the default settings only. And hence one such issue is placement of keyboard in iPad. However, if you encounter your iPad keyboard in middle of screen or in case you deal with split situation of your iPad's keyboard, then you surely need to read below described solutions for your problem. We know how desperate you are to get your keyboard back to its original position.

So fellas, let us take a look at how to solve "Apple iPad keyboard in middle of screen" issue with easy in simple steps.

How to Fix iPad Keyboard Split in Middle of Screen

In actual fact, the users of Apple are offered in total 2 various positions to place the iPad keyboard on the screen, namely, undocked and docked. This norm selection is somewhat not-so-easy to find. However, it can be enabled easily accidently. Usually, when the iPad keyboard is place at the screen's bottom, your iPad is in Docked mode. On the other hand, when the iPad keyboard in placed in screen's middle, your iPad is in Undocked mode. Apart from these 2 options, iPad even has a Split mode, which splits your iPad keyboard in 2 parts, making it simpler for the one using both the hands to type on the iPad.

So iPad lovers, you must now be knowing that you are not dealing with any type of problem; instead, you just need to change the settings and you are good to go. All your iPad is dealing right now is the Undock mode; else, you must have accidently turned on the Split option. So let us now see how to move keyboard down on iPad screen. Follow below steps to get you iPad keyboard back to its original position.

Step 1: Long press the iPad's keyboard icon that can be seen at the keyboard's right bottom corner. Now simply select the option Dock to get the "middle of the screen keyboard" issue solved.

middle screen

Step 2: The next step in iPad split screen issue is to simply choose the option Merge or Dock and Merge, according to your requirements.

split screen

How to Fix iOS iPad Keyboard in Middle of Screen with UltFone iOS System Repair (ReiBoot)

To know how to move keyboard down on iPad screen, we have seen above the first and the very simple method. However, in case your iPad's keyboard is still in the middle of the screen after changing the settings, you need to fix your iPad software as it may be dealing with some issues and this is the reason your ipad's keyboard placement is changed abruptly. You now require some different but effective help that be given by UltFone iOS System Repair . The tool provides the out-of-the-box solutions when everything fails to solve your issue. The tool also has a very understandable interface that allows users to benefit from it easily. Not only your iPad's keyboard placement issue can be solved with the help UltFone iOS System Repair (ReiBoot), but the software can also help you solve various types of iOS issue with ease. Follow below described steps to get iPad keyboard in middle of screen fix.

Step 1: Open the program on computer that you will be using for the entire process and simply connect your iPad with USB to it. Select option Repair Operating System.

repair operating system

Step 2: The most up to date firmware package is required to get further in the repair process. Hence using the option Download, simply get the firmware package downloaded.

download the firmware package

Step 3: Click Start Repair to initiate your iPad repair procedure and wait till the process gets finished.

initiate repair


In the above article, we have seen the best and simple 2 ways to solve how come my iPad keyboard is in the middle of my screen issue. We hope you must have got your iPad's keyboard back to its original bottom position from the unwanted middle of the screen position. In case you have other issues, such as iPad black screen, iPad keyboard not working, iPad keeps restarting, go for UltFone iOS System Repair to get your iPad problem solved. The tool will surely help you to solve the problem. Do not hesitate to share any feedback with us in comments below.