Shiny Umbreon Pokemon Go Full Guide - What You Need To Know!

The quest to get rare and shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go continues! Players from all around the world are actively searching for Shiny Umbreon.

“How to get Shiny Umbreon in Pokemon Go?” asks one Pokefan on Reddit.

“Can you get Shiny Umbreon from Raids?” asks another.

Well, fellow Pokemon Go players, we hear you! Here’s a complete guide on how to get Shiny Umbreon Pokemon Go.

But before we dive into the details, let us tell you what exactly Shiny Umbreon is.

Part 1: Brief Introduction About Shiny Umbreon Pokemon Go

Shiny Umbreon is a generation II dark-type Pokemon found in the Johto region. This Pokemon is not found directly; rather, it evolves from Eevee.

Eevee has several evolutions, with Shiny Espeon, Shiny Umbreon, and Sylveon being some of the final forms.

Therefore, if you want to get Umbreon Shiny Pokemon Go, you’ll first have to capture Shiny Eevee and evolve it into Shiny Umbreon.

shiny piplup evolution

Part 2: How to Get Shiny Umbreon in Pokemon Go?

If you’re looking for quick and easy tricks to encounter Shiny Umbreon, here are 4 ways to get Shiny Umbreon Pokemon Go.

Method 1: Evolution Method

The most common way to get the Pokemon Go Shiny Umbreon is via the evolution method. However, it requires you to follow a set pattern. Here’s how it goes:

Step 1: Capture Shiny Eevee

The first step to get Shiny Umbreon via the evolution method is to obtain Shiny Eevee. For this, you need to spin Pokestops to come across the “Evolve a Pokemon” quest. By completing this task, you have a fair chance of getting Shiny Eevee as a prize.

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Once you acquire Shiny Eevee with this method, it’s time to move to the next step.

shiny piplup evolution

Step 2: Set Shiny Eevee as Your Buddy

Set Shiny Eevee as your Buddy and walk 10 km with it. This way, you will earn Buddy Hearts or candies, giving you the option to evolve it. However, to get Shiny Umbreon, you need to evolve Shiny Eevee at night. If you evolve it during the day, it will turn into Shiny Espeon.

Step 3: Use the Nickname Trick

Another way to evolve your Shiny Eevee is by using the nickname trick. Every Eevee Pokemon has a special evolution name. If you rename your Shiny Eevee to its evolution name, you can evolve it naturally by simply spending 25 candies.

The evolution nickname for Shiny Umbreon is Tamao. Change your Shiny Eevee’s name to Tamao and spend 25 candies to evolve it naturally into Shiny Umbreon. But this method works only once per account.

Step 4: Evolve Eevee Naturally

If you have used up the nickname option, you can let Shiny Eevee evolve naturally during the gameplay. However, this method works by chance, as Shiny Eevee can evolve into any of its 8 variants. So, whether it evolves into Shiny Umbreon or not purely depends on your luck.

Method 2: Special Events

If, for some reason, you are unable to get Shiny Umbreon using the evolution methods discussed above, you can take part in special events, like the “Jump Start Special Research,” to win Shiny Umbreon as a reward.

Method 3: Trading Shiny Umbreon

If getting Shiny Umbreon is your top-most priority, you can also trade it with other players. If you have trainers in your Pokemon Go friends list who have multiple Shiny Umbreons, you can trade one in exchange for a Pokemon from your collection.

Method 4: Raids and Quest Rewards

Niantic frequently hosts raids and quests with special rewards. By taking part in these Shiny Umbreon Pokemon Go raid events and quests, you may encounter Shiny Umbreon in the final battle and would have to defeat it to add it to your collection. Secondly, you can also get Shiny Umbreon as a reward for completing these tasks.

Part 3: FAQs About Shiny Umbreon Pokemon Go

Q. How to evolve Shiny Eevee into Umbreon?

There are several ways to get Shiny Umbreon:

  • You can either use the Shiny Umbreon Pokemon Go name trick to evolve it. Simply rename Shiny Eevee to its evolution name Tamao to evolve it.
  • Secondly, you could also set it as your Buddy and walk with it for 10 km to get Buddy Hearts or candies. By spending 25 candies, you can evolve Shiny Eevee into your favorite Shiny Umbreon.
  • As a last resort, you can let Shiny Eevee evolve naturally into Shiny Umbreon as you progress in the game. However, Eevee can evolve into any of its 8 variants; therefore, this is not a sure-shot method.

Q. Can I get Shiny Umbreon in Pokemon Go?

Yes, you can get Shiny Umbreon Pokemon Go, but not directly. As Umbreon is a variant of Pokemon Eevee, you must first obtain Shiny Eevee and then evolve it into Shiny Umbreon. However, if you take part in special events, raids, and quests, you have a high chance of getting Shiny Umbreon as a reward.

Final Words

Pokemon Go is all about adding unique Pokemon to your collection, and one of the most sought-after Pokemon is Shiny Umbreon.

In this comprehensive guide, we have discussed 4 methods to get Shiny Umbreon Pokemon Go. These include the Eevee evolution method, taking part in special events and raid battles, and trading it with your Poke-buddies.

So, if you’re a Pokefan searching high and low for Shiny Umbreon, this guide will definitely come in handy!

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