Easy Guide for You to Get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go Cheat 2024

If you’re a Pokemon Go fan, you must know how important it is for the players to get their hands on rare and shiny Pokemon! One such Pokemon that is famous due to its low spawn rate is Mewtwo!

“How to get Mewtwo in Pokémon Go for free?”

“How to get shiny Mew in Pokemon Go?”

Reddit is buzzing with queries about this psychic-type rare Pokemon!

So, if you’re also a Pokefan, get ready to learn how to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go cheat!

Part 1: Brief Introduction About Pokemon Go Mewtwo

Mewtwo is a powerful psychic-type legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Due to its amazing combat skills, it is considered one of the strongest Pokemon in the game, making it highly sought-after by the players. However, it is quite rare and is only available in Tier 5 Legendary Raids or special events.

Mewtwo was last seen in Pokemon Go in 2022 during a 5-Star Raid. When will Mewtwo return to Pokémon Go? We’re not sure, but players are hopeful that it will make an appearance soon.

Part 2: How to Get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go Cheat?

Wondering how to get Mewtwo in Pokémon Go without raid? We suggest using a third-party location changer app, like UltFone Location Changer.

UltFone Location Changer is a software that lets you change your GPS location on both iOS and Android devices. It essentially spoofs your location, making it appear as if you're somewhere else. This makes it easy for Pokemon Go players to take part in special events taking place in different places around the globe with Joystick feature.

It has a user-friendly interface, making it an ideal tool for newbies. The best part about this tool is that it comes with a built-in cooldown timer and speed control feature that enables you to play the game without getting detected or banned.

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How to Catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Go via UltFone Location Changer:

  • Step 1Run UltFone Location Changer on your computer. Be sure the “GPS Change” icon is selected on the left tab and hit Enter.

    how to play Pokemon Go without moving with ultfone

  • Step 2Now, connect your iOS device to the computer and hit Next to get going.

    use ultfone ios location changer to play Pokemon Go without moving

  • Step 3 The program will show the world map on the screen. Enter any location or move your mouse manually to get any location you wish.

    how to move in Pokemon Go without walking via ultfone ios location changer

  • Step 4The program will hardly take a few seconds to move your iPhone’s location to that spot. Now, run the Pokemon Go and try to get as many Pokemon as you want.

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Now that you know how to get Mew in Pokémon Go cheat, let’s have a look at some other ways to get it.

Part 3: How to Get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go Without Cheating?

If you don’t want to spoof your location and want to get Mewtwo without cheating, there are 5 ways how to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go research.

1. Legendary Raids

The first way to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go is by taking part in the Legendary Raid battles, which include 5-Star Raids and Mega Raids. To participate in these raids, you need to have a raid pass found in nearby gyms or purchase a premium raid pass from the Pokemon Go shop.

Legendary Raids are usually part of special events; therefore, keep an eye on the game announcements to stay updated about the dates.

2. Ex Raids

Ex Raids or Exclusive Raids are invitation-only events. To be eligible to receive an invitation for an Ex Raid, you need to first win raid battles at popular gold badge gyms. Once you complete a raid event at one of these gyms, you’ll earn an Ex Raid pass and get notified of upcoming Ex Raids.

shiny piplup evolution

3. Special Events

You can also get a chance to encounter Mewtwo during the special events in Pokemon Go. These events include research tasks and raid battles and have boosted Mewtwo spawns, which increase your chances of finding this rare Pokemon.

4. Checking Out Nest Locations

Even though Mewtwo is not found in nests, if you’re actively looking for this Pokemon, it is a good idea to explore nest locations. If you’re lucky, you might come across a boosted Mewtwo spawn!

shiny piplup evolution

5. Trading

If you have missed the raid battles and special events, as a last resort you can get Mewtwo by trading it with other players. If a trainer has an extra Mewtwo they are willing to trade, you can get it from them in exchange for a Pokemon from your collection.

Part 4: How to Get Shiny Mewtwo in Pokemon Go?

Once you find and defeat Mewtwo in a Tier 5 Raid Battle, you become eligible to find a Shiny Mewtwo. However, here’s the catch: Shiny Mewtwo has the same combat skills as the regular Mewtwo. The only difference is that the shiny variant has a green tail rather than the regular pink one.

Part 5: How to Get Shadow Mewtwo in Pokemon Go?

To get your hands on Shadow Mewtwo, you need to fight a three-phase battle. The first phase involves fighting Giovanni’s grunts and team leaders. In the second phase, you fight Team Go Rocket leader Giovanni himself. Once you defeat Giovanni, you move on to phase three, where you encounter Shadow Mewtwo.

Part 6: How to Get Armored Mewtwo in Pokemon Go?

Armored Mewtwo made an appearance in Pokemon Go back in 2020 during the Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution event. It has not been seen in the game since then.

Maybe Niantic might decide to bring it back during some special events in the future.

Final Words

The biggest flex in Pokemon Go is to add rare and legendary Pokemon to your collection. Players go to every extent to get their hands on these Pokemon, including spoofing their locations to be able to take part in special events and tasks.

So, if you’re looking for the legendary Mewtwo, you’re in luck! In this comprehensive guide, we have discussed 5 ways to get Mewtwo the regular way. This includes participating in Legendary Raids, Ex Raids, special events, exploring Pokemon nests, and trading with friends.

And if you would like to tweak the game a bit, we have also included how to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go cheat. This method involves spoofing your location using UltFone Location Changer.

So, try these methods and increase your chances of encountering Mewtwo!

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