How to Fix iPad Won't Download Apps

Recently users are filing complaints asking- why won't my iPad download apps? If you are also the one frustrated by this problem, then it must be awful. Not being able to download apps on your iPhone is like losing the main functionality of the device. So, whether you are facing the problem during updates or downloading new apps, we have a comprehensive guide for you.

Take a look at the guide and learn what you can do when the iPad won't download apps. The solutions are easy to catch up and possibly fix the problem right away.

Now, let's take a look at the solutions and start using them one by one.

Solution 1. Connect to Wi-Fi

There is a possibility that the apps are not downloading because you have exhausted your data limit. People report- my iPad won't download apps without even trying other tweaks. So, before you act out, try connecting to a Wi-Fi connection. Open the control center and connect to the Wi-Fi of your choice.

And if you are already connected to a Wi-Fi network, try switching to another network to ensure the problem isn’t with the network.

connect wifi to download apps on ipad

Solution 2. Pause and Resume the App Download

Another tweak that is worth a try when you can't download apps on iPad is pausing and resuming the app download for a while. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. 1. Firmly press the app from the Home screen, and you will see the Pause Download/Resume Download and Cancel Download options.
  2. 2. If the app download is stuck, click on the Pause Download option. Then close the app and tap on the Resume Download option to continue the process.

    pause and resume download an app when you can’t download it successfully

Hopefully, this will allow the download to proceed further.

Solution 3. Quit App Store and Restart Your iPad

The question you are asking- why won't my iPad let me download apps, has one plausible explanation. Your App Store might have some glitches, thereby preventing the download.

  1. 1. Close the App Store and open background application. Swipe up to close all background apps.

    quit app store when you cant download apps on ipad
  2. 2. Now, to power off iPad with Face ID, you need to press and hold either volume button and the Top button until the power off slider appears. For iPad with a Home button, just press and hold the Top button until the power off slider appears. Drag the slider to power off your iPad, and then press and hold the Top button untile you see the Apple logo.

    restart ipad to fix apps not downloading on ipad

Solution 4. Update iOS on Your iPad

The next step to take when apps are not downloading on iPad is updating your system software. Most of the problems that arise in iOS devices are related to software. So, make sure that you have an up-to-date version of the software.

  1. 1. Open Settings app > General > Software Update and check if any update is available.
  2. 2. Tap on the "Download & Install" option and install the updates right away.

Your device will reboot after the update, and then you can try downloading the apps again.

Solution 5. Set Date & Time Automatically

It will seem like a hit-and-error method, but sometimes the iPad will not download apps if the time and date are incorrect. The easiest way around this problem is to automatically set date and time so that it is always correct.

Navigate as Settings > General > Date & Time> toggle the Set Automatically bar and turn it on.

set time and date automatically on ipad

From now on, your iPad will automatically detect the time and date whenever you restart your device or enter a new time zone. Moreover, it won't interfere with the app downloads.

Solution 6. Reset Network Settings

After trying some get-around methods, it is time to take some serious actions if the iPad apps are not downloading. So, we will reset the network settings firsthand as it won't have a drastic effect on your device.

Just Go to Settings app > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. If prompted, enter your device passcode and confirm the reset.

reset ipad network to fix ipad won't download apps after update

Wait as the iPad reboots, and you will be able to download the apps, perhaps.

Solution 7. Sign Out of Apple ID and Then Sign In Again

If it doesn’t matter what you try, the iPad won't download apps from App Store; then, we need to sign out and sign back in again. If you have set up multiple accounts on your iPad, then getting confused in the credentials is possible. Follow the steps below:

  1. 1. Open Settings and tap on your Apple ID. Scroll down to get to the Sign Out option.
  2. 2. Enter your Apple ID password to turn off the ID and sign out. Don’t forget to close the app.

    sign out apple id and try again to download apps on ipad
  3. 3. Again, open the Settings app and head to Apple ID. Sign back in using the correct ID and password.

When you are logged in, make another attempt to download the app you were trying to install on your device.

Solution 8. Check Restrictions Settings

One possible reason why the iPad does not download apps is restrictions. If the user has put on restrictions over the number of apps or some specific apps, then they cannot be downloaded on the device. So, make sure that you go through the restrictions and turn them off, if necessary.

1. Open Settings and go to Screen Time. Tap on the Content & Privacy Restrictions and scroll down to the Allowed Apps section.

check restrictions settings when you can’t download apps on ipad

Take a look at the section and make sure that the App Store Downloads is not restricted. You can also turn off the Restrictions feature entirely by toggling the "Content & Privacy Restrictions" off.

Solution 9. Still Can't Download Apps on iPad? Repair iOS without Data Loss

If the iPad still can't download apps or worse, it is not responding at all; it is a sign of underlying software issue. Fortunately, we have a tool that can repair iOS and fix "iPad not downloading apps stuck on waiting" issues with just a few clicks. It is UltFone iPad iOS System Repair tool on which you can rely without any doubt and make sure that your device runs smoothly.

Before we start, download the software on your system and finish the setup. Once it is ready, use the guide below to resolve the issue:

Free Download For Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP Secure Download Free Download For macOS 10.15 and below Secure Download
  • Step 1 Run the program and connect your iPad with the system using an original cable. Select the Repair Operating System mode to fix all iOS related problems. Then hit the Fix Now button to begin the repair process.

    repair ios to fix ipad apps wont download
  • Step 2 The next step is downloading a firmware that is compatible with your device. It will be detected by the software automatically, but make sure that you check the specifications. Hit the "Download" button to get the firmware.

    download ipad firmware

    In case you already have the package file, you can also directly import the file and move on to the next and final step.

  • Step 3 At last, click on the Repair Now option, and you will see the ongoing process on the screen. Once the process finishes, the software will notify you and reboot the device.

    start to repairing ipad not downloading apps

After the restart, your iPad will have normal functioning without any data loss.

Here is a video guide to show you how to fix iOS to normal without data loss.


Solution 10. Restore iPad to Factory Settings

If you have tried everything and still iPad won't download apps after update, it means that you need to restore the iPad to default settings. The factory reset will erase all data and settings and allows the device to be set up as new.

1. Launch the Settings app > General > Reset > Erase All Content & Settings. Confirm the reset by entering your device passcode and wait for the iPad to reboot.

erase all content and settings on ipad

Now, you can set up the iPad from scratch, and don’t forget to perform a backup using iCloud or iTunes before the reset.

A Last Word

Now you know what you can do when the iPad can't download apps. Using the above-listed solutions are most likely to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Still, we recommend using the professional iPad iOS System Repair tool for a guaranteed solution.

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