A Comprehensive Guide: Fix iPhone 15 Keeps Restarting

Has your iPhone 15 started randomly restarting out of the blue? You're not alone - this frustrating issue seems to plague every new iPhone model. A device restarting when you least expect it disrupts your activities loses unsaved data, and can even make you miss important calls or messages. But don't panic yet - in most cases, random restarts can be fixed by troubleshooting the potential root causes.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through all the typical triggers like hardware defects, software bugs, overheating, battery drainage, and more. We'll also provide actionable solutions to diagnose and stop the random restarts for good. Follow along as we help you get to the bottom of why your iPhone 15 keeps restarting itself.

Part 1. Why does My iPhone Keep Restarting Repeatedly?

There are a few common reasons an iPhone 15 keeps freezing and restarting:

  • Software issue or bug - A problem with iOS or an app can cause the phone to crash and restart. A buggy software update is often the culprit.
  • Overheating - Excessive heat causes the CPU to throttle and can trigger an automatic restart. This typically happens while gaming, charging, or doing other processor-intensive tasks.
  • Faulty hardware - Defective components like the logic board, battery, or RAM can lead to random restarts. This is more common with older iPhones.
  • Battery problems - An aging or damaged battery may cause power fluctuations and restarts. Letting the battery fully drain can also corrupt software and cause restart loops.
  • Water damage - Liquid getting into the iPhone can short-circuit components and disrupt normal functioning, leading to restarts.

Figuring out the exact cause requires diagnosing when and how often the restarts happen. But software issues and battery problems are most common.

Part 2. How Do I Stop My iPhone from Restarting Loop?

Fix 1. Fastest & Easiest Way to Stop iPhone 15 Keeps Restarting

If your iPhone 15 keeps randomly restarting, the quickest and easiest way to stop the loop is to use UltFone iOS System Repair. This powerful software tool can deeply diagnose and fix all kinds of iOS system problems without losing any data.

UltFone iOS System Repair is compatible with iOS 17 and iPhone 15 and offers a host of advanced features that make it the perfect solution for any iPhone restarting issue. Key benefits include:

  • One-click to enter and exit recovery mode safely
  • Repair 150+ iOS issues like reboot loop, Apple logo, black screen
  • Fix software bugs causing crashes and restarts
  • Downgrade from iOS 17 without iTunes
  • Reset iPhone without password, iTunes, or Finder
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With its user-friendly interface, UltFone iOS System Repair lets you fix iPhone restart loops like a pro without any technical skill. It digs deep into the iOS system to resolve software issues causing the restarts. The repair process is fast, hassle-free, and prevents data loss.

To stop my iPhone 15 keeps turning off and restarting using UltFone iOS System Repair, follow these steps:

  • Step 1 Download UltFone on your computer and install it. Use a USB cable to connect your restarting iPhone 15 to the computer. iphone 15 keeps restarting and won't turn on
  • Step 2Open UltFone and go to the System Repair module. Click "Standard Repair" to begin fixing the restart issue. my iphone 15 keeps restarting
  • Step 3UltFone will detect your iPhone 15 model and automatically download the correct firmware needed to stop the restarts. Click "Download" to get the firmware. iphone 15 keeps restarting itself
  • Step 4 Once the firmware finishes downloading, click "Start Standard Repair," so UltFone can use the firmware to fix your iPhone. iphone 15 keeps freezing and restarting
  • Step 5 Be patient as UltFone repairs your iPhone's system by resolving the software issue causing the restart loop. The repair process usually finishes in just a few minutes. iphone 15 keeps turning off and restarting

Fix 2. Force Restart iPhone

If you are wondering why my iPhone 15 keeps restarting over and over, it may need a force restart. A force restart is an easy first troubleshooting step that can quickly clear any minor software glitches causing the restart loop. It essentially cuts power and reboots your iPhone to refresh the operating system. To perform a force restart, you'll manually power down the device and turn it back on using a special button press combination.

Steps on how to restart your iPhone 15:

1. Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.

2. Immediately press and quickly release the Volume Down button.

3. Finally, press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo appear on the screen.

iphone 15 keeps restarting itself

This will force your iPhone to restart fresh and hopefully stop the looping restarts.

Fix 3. Factory Reset iPhone

If a basic force restart doesn't work, the next step is to factory reset your iPhone. This complete wipe will clear out any corrupted files, settings, or apps that could be triggering the restart loops. While it erases your data, a factory reset gives your device a clean slate.

Here is how to fix iPhone 15 keeps restarting every 5 minutes:

1. Go to Settings > General.

2. Scroll down and tap Reset.

3. Choose Erase All Content and Settings.

4. Enter your passcode if prompted.

5. Confirm the reset when asked.

my iphone 15 keeps restarting over and over

The iPhone will reboot into recovery mode to erase itself. Once finished, it should be freed from the restart issue.

Fix 4. Restore via iTunes

You can also use iTunes on a computer to fully restore your iPhone software system, potentially fixing any issues causing restarts. This is similar to a reset but reinstalls a fresh iOS version instead of just wiping data.

Steps on how to restore via iTunes:

1. Install the latest iTunes on a computer and connect your iPhone with a USB cable.

2. In iTunes, enter your passcode if prompted and click Restore.

iphone 15 keeps restarting

3. iTunes will download the latest iOS version and install it on your device, replacing any problematic software.

4. Set up your device again when the restore completes.

If the restart issue stems from a software glitch, this iTunes restore should get your iPhone working normally again.

Fix 5. Remove SIM Card

Random restarts are sometimes tied to cellular connectivity issues. If the restart seems to happen when making calls or using cellular data, try removing your SIM card. This will rule out any network-related problems.

Steps on how to remove SIM card:

1. Locate the SIM card slot on the side of your iPhone.

2. Use a SIM ejector tool or paperclip to pop out the tray.

3. Remove the SIM card from the tray.

4. Power on your iPhone and test if restarts still happen without the SIM installed.

5. Insert the SIM card again after testing.

If the issue goes away without the SIM, your mobile network may be involved. Contact your carrier for assistance.

Fix 6. Check for Hardware Issues

Faulty hardware like a deteriorating battery damaged charging port, or defective logic board can randomly trigger restarts. Carefully inspect your iPhone's physical condition and functionality, or take it to Apple Support for a professional diagnosis. It is obvious that an iPhone 15 keeps restarting after water damage.

Common culprits include:

  • Swollen or expanded battery
  • Corroded/loose charging port
  • Cracked logic board
  • Bad memory (RAM) module
  • Water damage/liquid corrosion

If a hardware defect is causing the restart loops, the iPhone will need repair or replacement to properly fix the issue.

Fix 7. Update iOS Version

Be sure your iPhone is updated to the latest stable iOS version. Apple releases periodic software updates that fix bugs and performance issues. An outdated OS or glitchy recent update could be causing the random restarts.

Steps on how to update iOS version:

1. Go to Settings > General > Software Update.

2. Download and install any available updates.

3. Read the release notes for mention of bug fixes related to restarts.

4. Test if the issue persists on the new iOS version.

iphone 15 keeps restarting

Keep your system updated to prevent software-related restart loops in the future.

Part 3. People Also Ask about iPhone 15 Keeps Restarting

Q1. Can a bad battery cause a boot loop iPhone?

Yes, an aging or faulty iPhone battery that can no longer provide stable power can definitely cause random restarts and boot loops.

Q2. What does it mean when a phone is Bootlooping?

A boot loop refers to when a phone is stuck in a continuous restart cycle, shutting down and booting back up repeatedly. It prevents the phone from fully starting up and becoming usable.

Final Word

iPhone 15 keeps restarting and won't turn on is annoyingly common but, thankfully, has a variety of solutions. Start by force restarting the device and checking for overheating issues.

For software-based causes, perform an iTunes restore or use UltFone iOS System Repair to refresh the OS without data loss. Hardware defects may require the replacement of components like the battery.

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