Can the iPhone 15 Charge Other Phones? How to Charge?

Apple's recently released iPhone 15 lineup includes reverse wireless charging capabilities, allowing it to share its battery with other devices. This new feature, already seen in recent Android flagships like the Galaxy S22, lets you charge AirPods, Apple Watches, or even other iPhones by simply placing them on the back of the iPhone 15. Reverse wireless charging is a marquee addition to the iPhone 15 models.

In this article, we'll look at iPhone 15 wireless powershare and can the iPhone 15 charge other phones. Moreover, we will take a look at what benefits it brings, how it compares to implementations on competing Android phones, and what limitations it may have. Let’s dive in.

Part 1. Does iPhone 15 Have Power Sharing?

Do you wonder, can iPhones charge each other or can iPhone 15 pro charge other devices? Apple has enabled bilateral wireless charging on the iPhone 15 models, meaning you can place another iPhone or AirPods on the back of the iPhone 15 to charge it. This "reverse charging" feature allows the iPhone 15 to share its battery with other devices.

According to testing by MacRumors, when you connect two iPhone 15 models together, they communicate to determine which phone has a lower battery and then begin transferring power from the phone with more charge to the phone with less charge.

can the iphone 15 charge other phones

Part 2. Can iPhone 15 Wirelessly Charge Other Devices?

Yes, the iPhone 15 can wirelessly charge compatible devices like AirPods and Apple Watches when placed on the back of the iPhone.

The iPhone 15 models support bilateral wireless charging through the new charging coil on the back of the phones. Powershare iPhone allows AirPods or an Apple Watch to charge when placed on the back of the iPhone 15.

Part 3. How to Charge Other Phones with iPhone 15?

Can you charge other phones with iPhone 15? Yes, here is how to wireless powershare iPhone 15 and charge iPhone with iPhone:

  • 1. Connect a USB-C device to your iPhone using a USB-C cable. Your iPhone can deliver up to 4.5 watts to charge USB Power Delivery compatible devices like AirPods or other small devices.
  • 2. To charge a Lightning device, connect it to your iPhone using an Apple USB-C to Lightning cable. This allows you to charge devices like EarPods that have a Lightning connector.
  • 3. You can charge your Apple Watch directly by connecting an Apple Watch Magnetic Fast Charger to the iPhone using a USB-C cable. Alternatively, connect your Apple Watch's Magnetic Charging Cable to your iPhone using the Apple USB-C to USB adapter.
  • how to share battery on iphone

Vital Tips. How to Fix iPhone 15 Won't Charge Other Phones

UltFone iOS System Repair is a powerful tool that can help fix various iOS system issues, including if your iPhone 15 is unable to wirelessly charge other iPhones. Here is a brief introduction to UltFone iOS System Repair and how it can resolve iphone 15 powershare problems:

UltFone iOS System Repair is a trusted software that provides an all-in-one solution for repairing common iOS system problems. It can fix over 150 different issues like iPhone stuck on the Apple logo, endless reboot loops, black screens, recovery mode loops, and more.

Here are some of the key features of UltFone iOS System Repair:

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Here is how to fix powershare iPhone not working:

  • Step 1Install the UltFone iOS System Repair app on your computer and open it. When prompted, use a USB-C cable to connect the iPhone 15 that needs to be repaired. powershare iphone
  • Step 2In UltFone, select the "Start" button and choose "Standard Repair" from the options. This will initiate the troubleshooting process for your iPhone. how to share battery on iphone
  • Step 3UltFone will automatically detect the connected iPhone 15 and retrieve the correct iOS firmware file required for the repair process to work. charge iphone with iphone
  • Step 4Once UltFone signals it is ready, click "Start Standard Repair". This will make UltFone analyze your iPhone's software and fix the specific issues that are causing the wireless charging problem. It is important not to disconnect the iPhone during this step. iphone shared charging
  • Step 5After a few minutes, UltFone will complete the repairs needed to restore the wireless charging function on your iPhone 15. When finished, your iPhone will reboot itself with bilateral charging fixed. can the iphone 15 charge other phones

Part 4. More You Want to Know about iPhone 15 Charge Issues

Q1. Can the iPhone 15 charge Apple Watch?

Yes, the iPhone 15 can charge an Apple Watch when directly connected with the proper cable. You can use either a USB-C to USB-C cable or a USB-C to magnetic charger cable to charge an Apple Watch from iPhone 15.

Q2. Why did iPhone 15 switch to USB-C?

Apple switched the iPhone 15 to USB-C charging mainly to comply with upcoming EU regulations requiring a common charging standard. USB-C allows for faster-wired data transfer and charging speeds compared to Lightning. The move also provides cross-compatibility with more accessories and devices like MacBooks.

Final Word

If you do run into issues where your iPhone 15 is unable to wirelessly charge other phones, UltFone iOS System Repair provides an excellent solution to quickly diagnose and resolve iPhone 15 wireless powershare problem without hassles or data loss. With wireless charging and the switch to USB-C, Apple has made smart improvements to charging and connectivity with the iPhone 15. Overall, the new models deliver an even more refined charging experience for users.

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