How to Unsend iMessages in iOS 16

Have you ever sent an iMessage and then regretted it? Perhaps you meant to send it to a different contact, or you simply changed your mind about the message. Whatever the case may be, you'll be glad to know that there is now a way to unsend an iMessage on your iPhone in iOS 16. Apple has finally released iOS 16, and with it comes a number of new features. One of the most anticipated new features is the ability to unsend iMessages. This can be a lifesaver if you send an embarrassing message or if you realize that you sent the wrong message to someone. In this blog post, we will show you how to unsend iMessages in iOS 16!

imessages in ios 16

Part 1: Can You Unsend iMessages in iOS 16? Any Limitation?

Yes, you can unsend iMessages in iOS 16! However, there is a limitation. For one, it only works if you and the recipient use iOS 16 or later. Additionally, you can only unsend an iMessage within two minutes of sending it. So if you realize that you sent the wrong message after two minutes have passed, you're out of luck. But within that two-minute window, you can unsend an iMessage quite easily. If more than two minutes have passed, the message will say "delivered" below it, and you will not be able to unsend it. Still, this is a useful tool in your arsenal, so be sure to use it next time you accidentally send an embarrassing message!

unsend imessages in ios 16

Part 2: How Do I Unsend a Sent iMessage on iPhone in iOS 16

  • The process is quite simple if you want to unsend an iMessage in iOS 16. You'll see a small timer icon next to the message when you send an iMessage. This indicates that the message is in the process of being sent. If you tap on the timer icon, you'll see the option to "Cancel Send." Tapping this will stop the message from being sent and allow you to edit or delete it.
  • If the timer expires before you cancel the send, don't worry - you'll still have a few seconds to unsend the message. Once the message has been sent, a "delivered" indicator will appear next to it. At this point, you can tap and hold on to the message, then select the "Unsend" option from the menu that appears.
  • So there you have it - now you know how to unsend an iMessage on your iPhone in iOS 16. The next time you accidentally send a message, you can rest assured knowing that you can unsend it. Just be sure to do so within the two-minute window!
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Part 3: What about Editing a Sent iMessage?

If you want to unsend an iMessage in iOS 16, simply follow these steps

  • Open the Messages app and find the conversation containing the message you wish to unsend.
  • Tap and hold on to the message you wish to unsend. A menu will pop up.
  • Tap "Unsend." A confirmation popup will appear. Tap "Unsend" again to confirm.
  • The message will be deleted, and the other person will not see it.
  • Note: If you have an iPhone with Touch ID or Face ID, you may need to enter your passcode before you can delete the message.
  • editing a sent imessage

Part 4: What if You Accidentally Delete a Message and Want to Recover It?

It can be frustrating when you accidentally delete a message, especially if it's important. While it may seem like the information is gone forever, there are actually a few ways to recover deleted messages. One option is to use a data recovery program like UltFone iOS Data Recovery. This software can help you recover deleted messages from your iPhone and other types of data, such as contacts, photos, and videos. The process is simple and takes only a few minutes without losing data.

It is compatible with all major versions of iOS, including iOS 16. Ultfone iOS Data Recovery supports both Windows and Mac OS. The software has a user-friendly interface and is very easy to use. Simply connect your device to the computer, select the type of data you want to recover, and then follow the instructions on the screen. Ultfone iOS Data Recovery is a reliable and efficient way to recover deleted data. So if you accidentally delete a message, don't worry - you can use this software to get it back.

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  • Step 1Download the software from your computer. Install and run it. Launch the software on your computer and select "Recover Data from iOS Devices". Connect your device and computer with a USB cable and trust the computer on your device.

    main interface

  • Step 2When your device is detected, choose the file types you want to scan and click on the "Scan" button to proceed.

    choose data type

  • Step 3After the scan, choose the data you want to recover and click on the "Recover to PC" button to finish. The save location is selectable.

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Part 5: What to Do if You Disable iMessage in iOS 16?

In iOS 16, a new setting will let you disable iMessage. This can be useful if you want to save space on your device or if you no longer want to use the service. However, if you do disable iMessage, there are a few things you need to be aware of. First, any messages you send to others using iMessage will be sent as regular text messages. This means that they may not be received in a timely manner or at all. Second, you will no longer be able to see when someone is typing a message to you or when they have read your message. Finally, you will no longer have access to any of the features that are exclusive to iMessage, such as group messaging and Apple Pay. So if you decide to disable iMessage, keep these things in mind

Part 6: People Also Ask about iMessages in iOS 16

  • Q1: How Can I Automate Messages Sent With Siri in iOS 16?
    A: You can use the Shortcuts app to create a shortcut that will send a message for you. To do this, open the settings, click on Siri & Search by scrolling. Go to the "Ask Siri" section and select automatically send messages. Toggle the switch to the green "on" position.

  • Q2: How to Create Polls in iMessage Group Chats on iOS 16?
    A: To create a poll in a group chat, click on the app store icon, type "poll" in the search box, download it, and close the app. Open the iMessage group chat, tap the polls for the message icon and create your poll.
  • Q3: How to Mark an iOS 16 Message as Unread?
    To mark an iOS 16 message as unread, simply follow these steps: Select the message you want to mark as unread. Tap the flag icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen. A pop-up menu will appear. Tap the "Mark as Unread" option. The message will now be marked as unread and will appear with a blue dot next to it.


If you've upgraded to iOS 16 and regret sending an iMessage, don't worry – there is a way to unsend it. Just download UltFone iOS Data Recovery and follow the simple steps. We hope you never have to use this feature, but if you do, we want to make sure you have the tools you need to fix your mistake. Have you ever sent an iMessage that you regretted? Let us know in the comments below.

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