How to Fix iOS 16 No More Dark Mode for the Wallpapers

I think it's a a bug. Cause the default iOS 16 wallpaper has a dark version, but it's not triggered when turning on dark mode. Yeah I was confused too, it has dark mode version but it does not get triggered. Also live wallpapers are completely gone, I actually liked live wallpapers and I had created some custom live wallpapers. So I am guessing new iPhone 14 series will not feature an exclusive live wallpaper like the previous models did.

- An Apple User from the platform.

Apple released the iOS 16 on September 12, which is available for iPhone 8 and later models. It’s a big step forward to the betterment of an intuitive user interface with an overall improving user experience.

Apple made plenty of improvements to iOS 16 and added some of its most awaited features. Some major features include iMessage capability to unsend and edit, new wallpaper collections, and lock screen customization.

Where the iPhones have acquired a modern look in iOS 16 and become so feature-rich, you might be disappointed to know that Apple has cut essential features like no dark mode for the wallpapers. It is no longer a surprise to many iPhone lovers.

However, if you really loved the elegant dark mode visuals on your iPhone screen, there are still some tweaks available using you can have them back on your iPhone. Read on to discover iOS 16 no more dark mode for the wallpaper.

ios 16 no more dark mode wallpapers

Part 1: Why iOS 16 Has No More Dark Mode for the Wallpaper

  • The dark mode wallpapers don’t only look appealing and elegant on the vibrant and high-quality OLED screens of iPhones but also prevent your eyes from straining. It decreases the sharpness of the blue light and keeps everything dim on the screen to keep your eyes comfortable.
  • So, it’s an essential feature on the iPhone if you frequently use it during bedtime. Keep on reading if you are wondering how to fix iOS 16 no more dark more for the wallpapers.
  • Apple added flawless lock screen customization options to iOS 16. There are plenty of new features in the lock screen customization that you can play with to make your lock screen look appealing and gorgeous. You can also add different colors to the fonts and widgets.
  • Although new lock screen customization features in iOS 16 made rounds on the internet, they have come at the expense of other great features that iPhone users loved. Apple hasn’t provided any solid explanation for removing the dark mode for the wallpapers.
  • However, we anticipate the reason can be lock screen font customization. If you have set the dark fonts for the lock screen and your iPhone switches the wallpaper to dark mode, it wouldn’t be possible to see the texts on the lock screen.

ios 16 no more dark mode

Part 2: How to Enable Dark Mode on a iOS 16 Lock Screen Wallpaper?

  • Although dark mode for wallpapers has been removed from the iOS 16 beta versions, if you still wish to have it back on your iPhone, there's still a way you can have the dark mode enabled on iOS 16 for lock screen wallpapers.
  • In iOS 16, Apple replaced the wallpapers with new ones, and If you go into the wallpaper section, collections, and slide to the left side, you can find the wallpaper that uses the dark mode feature and changes the visuals according to day and night.
  • You can use this wallpaper as your lock screen if you love dark made-for wallpapers. It’s the only wallpaper that supports dark mode available in iOS 16.
  • enable ios 16 no more dark mode

Part 3: How to Set Wallpaper for the First Time after Upgrading to iOS 16?

In iOS 16, Apple has made it super easy to customize the lock screen- as easily as your grandmother can change/set the wallpaper. If you have just upgraded your iPhone to iOS 16, here’s how to set the wallpaper for the first on your iPhone. The steps to set the wallpaper are as follows:

  • Unlock your iPhone with Face/Touch ID, tap on any area of the lock screen, and hold it until you see the blue + icon on the bottom. You can also open the wallpapers by navigating to Setting >> Wallpapers and tapping Add a new Wallpaper.
  • Tap the Photos on the top of the screen and select the wallpaper you want to set it for. Next, tap on Add on the Top right corner of the screen, and when the prompt appears, select customize Homescreen.
  • You can further customize the lock screen and home screen in this section. Once you are done with them, tap on the Done option on the top right side of the screen. And that’s how you set up the wallpaper on iOS 16.
  • set ios 16 wallpaper

Part 4: How Do I Fix No Dark Mode Versions of Wallpapers in iOS 16?

As mentioned above, Apple has removed the dark mode versions for the wallpapers in iOS 16. However, you can wait for Apple to add this feature in the upcoming updates when the iOS 16 full version is rolled out.

Moreover, if you can't use your iPhone without a dark mode available for the wallpapers, you can downgrade to iOS 15 and later upgrade to iOS 16 if Apple adds this feature to iOS 16 in future updates.

Part 5: Fix All iOS 16 issues via UltFone iOS System Repair

One of the most reliable ways to get the dark mode for the wallpapers on your iPhone is downgrading it to iOS 15. You’ll need a powerful tool like UltFone iOS System Repair that lets you downgrade your iPhone easily within no time.

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Part 6: How to Set up Automatic Wallpapers in iOS 16?

In the previous iOS versions, if you wanted to set up automatic wallpapers on your iPhone, you would have to use the shortcut app. However, in iOS 16, you can set it up within a few clicks without using any shortcut app.

  • Step 1. Tap on any area of your lock screen and hold it until you see the customization options appear on the screen. Slide to the right side of the screen until you see the Add new option.
  • Step 2. Tap on Add new to create personal customization for your lock screen, and tap on the purple Photo Shuffle on the top bar. A prompt will appear on the Select Photos Manually.
  • Step 3. Select the wallpapers from your photos app you want to use as automatic wallpapers. You can select 50 wallpaper that’ll shuffle automatically. Once you’ve selected the wallpapers, tap on Add on the right corner of the screen.
  • Step 4. By tapping on the bottom right side option, you can select the frequency of the wallpapers to change. Select as it suits and tap on the Done on the screen's upper right corner to save the customizations.
  • ios 16 automatic wallpapers

Part 7: How to Set the Built-in Light and Dark iOS 16 Wallpaper?

Apple has removed the dark mode for wallpapers, but a wallpaper in the collection supports it. It’ll change accordingly, day or night. Here’s how to set the built-in light and dark iOS 16 wallpaper. The steps to enable Dark Mode on iOS 16 lock screen wallpapers are as follows:

  • Unlock your iPhone using Face/Touch ID, and stay on the lock screen.
  • Tap anywhere on the screen and hold it until a customization option appears.
  • Tap on the blue + icon on the bottom of the screen to option up the customization menu.
  • Scroll down and find the Collection section on the screen, and slide to the left side until you see the wallpaper as shown below. Tap it to select it as the lock screen wallpaper.
  • Once you’ve selected it, tap on the Done on the upper right corner side of the screen, and it’ll set up the wallpaper that supports dark mode.


Apple has introduced plenty of new features in iOS 16, but the dark mode for the wallpapers has been removed. This blog was all about a workaround for iOS 16 no more dark mode for the wallpapers. The best way to get the dark mode for the wallpaper is to downgrade your iPhone to iOS 15 with UltFone iOS system repair.

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