The Ultimate Guide about iOS 16 Lock Screen

One of iPhone users' most frequently asked questions is how to customize the iPhone Lock Screen. It is because iPhones are not as customizable as Android phones. However, since the release of the iOS 16 beta, the situation has completely changed. Apple announced major changes to the iOS 16 Lock Screen at WWDC 2022, allowing users to customize iPhone Lock Screen to their liking.

iPhone enthusiasts have been anticipating this moment and are eager to learn how to customize the iOS 16 Lock Screen and make it into the one that will have everything they require. If you are one of them, keep reading to find out more about the new features of the iPhone iOS 16 Lock Screen and how to customize the iPhone Lock Screen.

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Part 1: What Do You Think about the iOS 16 Lock Screen?

With iOS 16, the iPhone Lock Screen has been updated with new and exciting features such as: put different wallpaper on each screen iOS 16, wallpaper gallery, widgets, fonts, photos, a full-screen music player, and more. Below is everything you must know about the amazing new Lock Screen features in iPhone iOS 16.

  • Lock Screen Editing:
    The new wallpaper gallery provides various options for inspiration and includes a unique backdrop and a stylized view of the date and time.

  • iPhone Widgets on Lock Screen
    Apple widgets, such as Calendar events, weather, and Activity Ring progress, are accessible directly from the Lock Screen, giving quick access to important information.

  • Live Activities:
    The appearance of the date and time (including font style and color) is editable, as is the placement of elements on your Lock Screen.

  • Notification Updates
    iPhone Notifications on the Lock Screen are now stacked at the bottom and can be hidden to free up space on the rest of the screen.

  • Photo Shuffle:
    On iOS 16, Photo Shuffle allows you to create an automatic slideshow of wallpapers on your Lock Screen.

  • Link Focus:
    Focus mode is now linked to the Lock Screen, and you can switch between them directly from the Lock Screen.

  • Full-Screen Music Player:
    The full-screen music player has returned to the iOS 16 Lock Screen as part of a lock screen redesign, providing a new view with the album cover in the center and control buttons at the bottom.

Part 2: How Do I Customize the Lock Screen in iOS 16?

On iOS 16, Photo Shuffle allows you to change the lock screen on iOS 16 and create an automatic slideshow of wallpapers on your Lock Screen. Focus mode is now added to the Lock Screen, and you can switch between them directly from the Lock Screen.

The full-screen music player has returned to the iOS 16 Lock Screen as part of a lock screen redesign, providing a new view with the album cover in the center and control buttons at the bottom.

2.1 Emoji

  • With the Emoji wallpaper option, you can choose up to six of your favorite emoji to feature on a tiled background. Some emojis will be displayed larger than others to create an artistic wallpaper, but this can be changed.
  • Apple lets you select a small, medium, or large grid with varying emoji sizes. As a customization option, you can select rings or spirals. By tapping on the three dots, you can change the background color behind the emoji, either by selecting a pre-selected color or using a color wheel.
  • emoji ios 16

2.2 Weather

  • The Weather Lock Screen option displays the current weather in your area, similar to the Weather app. It displays real-time weather, so if it's cloudy, there will be clouds. The rain animation will appear if it is raining.
  • The Weather Lock Screen has no settings and may not be available on older devices that cannot support the animation.
  • weather ios 16

2.3 Astronomy Lock Screen

  • Like the Weather Lock Screen, the Astronomy Lock Screen changes throughout the day depending on the time and location. Several options, including Earth and Earth Detail, provide a closer look.
  • Moon, Moon Detail, and Solar System are also options. The Astronomy Lock Screen and the Watch Face in watchOS 9 are nearly identical. Like the Weather Lock Screen, the Wallpaper has no customization options.
  • ios 16 astronomy lock screen

2.4 Choose Your Widgets

  • Five widget slots are available to fill with real-time data from your favorite apps. Most of them display some basic information and launch the associated app when tapped. Apps with sensitive data will not populate their data until Face ID recognizes you, just as notification info is hidden until you are identified.
  • Although there are widgets for many of Apple's built-in apps, such as Calendar and Weather, in addition, iOS 16 comes with a framework for developers to add their own. It appears nearly identical to creating complications for Apple Watch (though not "corner complications"), so there's a good chance that Lock Screen widgets will appear in many Apps.
  • choose your widgets

Part 3: How Do I Add Focus Mode to the Lock Screen on iPhone with iOS 16?

iOS 16 includes Lock Screen linking, which allows you to associate a Lock Screen wallpaper and widgets with a specific Focus. Here's how to make a more personalized iOS 16 lock screen that includes a Link Focus menu.

  • Hold down the Lock Screen wallpaper you want to associate with the Focus.
  • Tap the Focus button located at the bottom of the Lock Screen thumbnail.
  • All of your custom Focus profiles will be displayed in a pop-up window.
  • Choose a focus mode from the available options for the Lock Screen wallpaper.
  • When you swipe to the parallel Lock Screen, the selected Focus Mode will be activated automatically.
  • add focus mode

Part 4: How Can You Set up Multiple Lock Screens if Your Device is Running iOS 16?

On an iPhone running iOS 16, you can change the lock screen on iOS 16 in ways that weren't previously possible, thanks to new options for applying unique fonts, colors, filters, and widgets for the first time.

The capability to shuffle your Lock Screen wallpaper is one new feature that is sure to be popular. You can choose multiple images from your photo library and use the Shuffle option to have the wallpaper shuffle between them on a set hourly or daily schedule or whenever you wake up or tap your iPhone screen. The steps down will show you how to do it.

  • Wake up your iPhone and unlock it with Face ID or Touch ID.
  • Hold down the Lock Screen button until the wallpaper gallery appears.
  • In the bottom-right corner of the screen, tap the blue + button.
  • From the wallpaper menu, choose Photo Shuffle.
  • Tap Add after selecting some photos from your photo library to include in the shuffle.
  • In the bottom-right corner of the screen, tap the ellipsis button (the three encircled dots).
  • Select Daily, Hourly, Wake, or On Tap from the Shuffle Frequency menu.
  • To finish, tap Done in the top-right corner, then select your new Photo Shuffle wallpaper from the gallery.
  • set up multiple lock screens ios 16

Part 5: What if You Forget iPhone Lock Screen Passcode (Easy and Effective)

When you forget your iOS 16 lock screen passcode, don't panic and keep entering the wrong passcode. The more incorrect guesses you make, the longer you will be locked out.

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Part 6: How Do I Put Different Wallpaper on Each Screen iOS 16?

When you use the new Lock Screen customization options, iOS 16 changes your Lock Screen and Home Screen to the Wallpaper you choose. Set up the Lock Screen, then proceed with the steps below to have different wallpapers for your Home Screen and Lock Screen:

  • Scroll to the bottom and select Wallpaper.
  • To change the Home Screen Wallpaper, tap on the Home Screen icon.
  • You can select a solid color or photo to give the Home Screen a different background than the Lock Screen.
  • put different wallpaper on each sreen ios 16


After a long wait, Apple has finally added options to customize the iOS 16 Lock Screen. This blog covers every aspect of customizing the iPhone Lock Screen. Begin now to make your iPhone iOS 16 Lock Screen stand out from the crowd! And if you happen to forget your Lock Screen passcode during this fun, you can use UltFone iOS System Repair to bypass your passcode and enjoy all of the benefits of iOS 16.

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