How to Use iOS 17 Beta/16 Separate Lock Screen and Home Screen Wallpapers on iPhone

When you install the new iOS 17 Beta/16 on your iPhone, the wallpaper on the lock screen and home screen will not change, and it’ll remain as it was on the iOS 15. You’ll have to set the separate home screen and lock screen wallpapers manually.

While setting up your iPhone after upgrading to iOS 17 Beta/16, it’ll ask you to use the same wallpaper for the home screen and lock screen. The reason is iOS 17 Beta/16 uses the dynamic transition when the wallpaper is the same.

You’ll have to manually set your iPhone's different lock screen and home screen wallpaper.

separate home screen and lock screen

Part 1: Can You Change Wallpaper for the First Time after Upgrading to iOS 17 Beta/16

Yes, iOS 17 Beta/16 allows you to change the wallpaper at the convenience of a few clicks. Apple has made lock screen customization more effortless and more seamless. There are plenty of new customization options added to iOS 17 Beta/16. The home screen and lock screen options include Photo Shuffle, Blur, color, gradient, and many new featured wallpaper collections.

Part 2: How Do You Set a Different Photo for Your Lock Screen and Home Screen?

Though the iOS 17 Beta/16 is the most buggy update for the iPhones, the customization is super easy. Whether you want to change the wallpaper, clock style, widget, and color of the clock fonts, it can all be done with a few taps.

When setting a different wallpaper for your lock screen and home screen, you change it with a few clicks. The steps below are to set a different wallpaper for the lock screen and home screen.

  • Open up the Settings app on your iPhone, running iOS 17 Beta/16.
  • Scroll down to find the wallpaper option, and tap to open the customization options.
  • The following window will show the preview of your lock screen and home screen that you can customize by tapping on the customization option below.
  • Tap on the blue customization button, and it’ll open up the customization menu for the lock screen and home screen.
  • If you want to set a custom wallpaper for your lock screen, tap on the photos, pick the desired photo and set it as the lock screen or home screen of your iPhone. You can use the blur option to add a depth effect to your home screen and lock screen wallpaper. It’s a new feature only available in iOS 17 Beta/16.
  • That's how you can set a different wallpaper for your lock screen and home screen on your iPhone running iOS 17 Beta/16.
  • If you have set a different wallpaper for the lock screen, following the same steps, you can set a different one for your home screen.
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Part 3: How to Change Your Home screen Photo Later

If you have changed your mind and want to change the home screen photo on your iPhone running iOS 17 Beta/16, you can do it simply with a few clicks. Here are the steps to change your home screen on your iPhone running iOS 17 Beta/16.

  • Unlock your iPhone with the Passcode or the Face ID, and tap & hold on the lock screen; that’ll open up the customization option for you on the lock screen. Tap on the customization button.
  • Swipe to the previously customized home screen, and select it to customize it.
  • In the home screen customization, you can change the color of the wallpaper and clock fonts by clicking on the color and gradient. Click on the photos to change the wallpaper for the home screen.
  • You can add the depth effect to the home screen wallpaper by clicking on the “drop” icon.
  • Once you have done your desired customization and set the home screen wallpaper, tap on done and again tap on the done option to save the customization edits for the home screen.
  • change your home screen photo

Part 4: What if My iOS 17 Beta/16 Lock Screen Not Working?

Apple has added plenty of customization options to the iOS 17 Beta/16, but unfortunately, it's also called the buggiest update for the iPhone. Bugs and errors are common in the new updates, but iOS 16 has disappointed the users.

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Part 5: How to Set a Different Wallpaper from the Lock Screen

You can simply change your lock screen wallpaper for the first time after upgrading to iOS 17 Beta/16 by tapping and holding on the lock screen.

The Customization option will appear on the screen; tap on it to open up the customization options for the lock screen. Next, on the bottom right side of the lock screen, tap on “+” and it’ll open up the wallpaper gallery, where you can pick the wallpaper for the lock screen.

After changing the new wallpaper to your lock screen or home screen, you can apply different customization to make it look appealing. You can add additional filters to the wallpaper, use the plain color wallpaper, or change the font style and color.

set a different wallpaper

Part 6: Can You Set Multiple Wallpapers on iPhone?

Yes, you can set the multiple wallpapers on the iPhone by setting the loop; that’ll change depending on the predetermined conditions. Apple has added a Photo Shuffle feature to the iOS 17 Beta/16 that allows you to select multiple wallpapers that’ll be changed automatically.

  • Navigate to Settings > Click on the Wallpaper >> Add New Wallpapers.
  • Tap on the Photo Shuffle icon from the Top row in the customization window.
  • Choosing the Wallpepar frequency based on your wallpaper will be automatically changed.
  • Select “Select Photos Manually”.
  • Open up the “All tab” to and select the multiple photos you want to rotate. Next, tap on the Add option on the top right corner of the screen to save the edits.
  • If you want to change the wallpaper settings for the both lockscreen and homescreen, select “Set as Wallpaper Pair”. That’s it, how you can set the multiple wallpapers on the iPhone running iOS 17 Beta/16.
  • shuffle frequency

Part 7: How Can I Put Different Backgroud on Different Home Screen?

If you add multiple home screens on your iPhone, the latest iOS 17 Beta/16 allows you to do so. All you have to do is to tap and hold on the lockscreen, that’ll open up the customization option for you. Swipe to the right side of the screen, it’ll show you another home screen, by tapping on the blue “+” icon.

It’ll open up plenty of new customization options, such as wallpaper collections, photo shuffle and a lot more.


The new iOS 17 Beta/16 brings plenty of customization options that’ll allow you to make your iPhone lockscreen and homescreen look appealing. In this blog, we discussed how you can set a separate home screen and lock screen wallpapers on iPhone running iOS 17 Beta/16. If you’re facing any iOS related issues on your iPhone, UltFone iOS system repair is the ultimate tool to resolve them with a one-click process.

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