[Ultimate Guide] How to Hard Reset iPhone 15: Reset and Free Download Now!

In the fast-paced world of technology, there may come a time when you need to perform a hard reset on your iPhone 15. Whether it's due to a forgotten passcode, a malfunctioning device, or other reasons, we've got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of hard reset iPhone 15. Plus, we'll introduce you to an exceptional tool to make this task a breeze.

Part 1: What is a Hard Reset for iPhone 15

A hard reset, often referred to as a factory reset, is a process that reinstates your iPhone 15 to its original, out-of-the-box state. This means that all data, settings, and personalization will be erased.

Hard resets serve various purposes: device performance, security, softwar troubleshooting, forgotten passcode, device cleanup.

It's crucial to approach a hard reset with caution, as it erases all data irreversibly. Therefore, it's advisable to back up your iPhone 15 before proceeding. In the following sections, we will explore various methods to perform a hard reset on your iPhone 15, each suited to different situations and preferences.

Part 2: Ultimate Tool for Hard Reset iPhone 15 Without PasscodeHOT

Now, let's introduce you to the ultimate tool that can make hard resetting your iPhone 15 a piece of cake – UltFone iPhone Unlock.

When considering a hard reset for your iPhone 15, it emerges as a standout solution, streamlining the process with its user-friendly interface and powerful features, all dedicated to your hard reset needs. It supports hard resetting iPhone 15/15 Plus/iPhone 15 Pro/15 Pro Max.

Key features of UltFone iPhone Unlock:

  • Effortless Reset: UltFone iPhone Unlock offers a user-friendly way to hard reset your iPhone 15, covering passcodes, Touch ID, Face ID, and Apple ID.
  • Quick Screen Time Passcode Removal: Forget your Screen Time passcode? UltFone iPhone Unlock removes it securely, ensuring a swift hard reset.
  • Instant MDM Bypass: Removing Mobile Device Management (MDM) controls is easy, with no special skills required.
  • Password Retrieval: UltFone iPhone Unlock helps you find and recover saved passwords, including Wi-Fi, websites, and apps, simplifying the hard reset process.
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Learn how to hard reset iPhone 15 without passcode easily:

  • Step 1Download and install UltFone iPhone Unlock on your computer, then click "Start" to hard reset iPhone 15.
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  • Step 2Connect your locked iPhone 15 to your computer and the software will detect it automatically. Click "Next" from the main interface.
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  • Step 3Choose a save path and click "Download" to download the lastest firmware package.
  • reset iphone without password
  • Step 4Click "Start Remove" to hard reset your iPhone 15.
  • start to factory reset iphone 15
  • Step 5Congratulations! You've successfully hard reset your iPhone 15 without password now.
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Choose UltFone iPhone Unlock for a streamlined iPhone 15 hard reset experience. Download free now!

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Part 3: More Solutions for Hard Resetting iPhone 15

1. Hard Reset iPhone 15 using iPhone Reset feature on iOS 17 [Apple ID Password Required]

With iOS 17, Apple has introduced a game-changing feature known as the "iPhone Reset." This feature simplifies the process of unlocking or resetting a locked iPhone directly from the locked screen. It offers a secure and user-friendly solution for users who may have forgotten their passcode.

Here's how to perform a hard reset on your iPhone 15:

Step 1: Start by entering an incorrect passcode multiple times until you see the "Forgot Passcode" option. This action will disable your iPhone 15, ensuring that your device remains secure.

Step 2: On the following screen, you'll find the "Start iPhone Reset" option. Simply tap on it to kick off the iPhone 15 hard reset process.

Step 3: To further enhance your device's security, you'll be asked to enter the password for the Apple ID linked to your new iPhone 15.

Step 4: Once you've entered the correct Apple ID password, your iPhone 15 will undergo a hard reset. Once this process is complete, your iPhone will be ready for use, as good as new.

hard reset iphone 15 with iphone reset feature on ios 17

2. Hard Reset iPhone 15 Using iTunes

iTunes remains a trusted method for performing a hard reset on your iPhone 15. It offers a familiar and dependable method for performing a hard reset, making it an good choice for those comfortable with this approach. Here's how:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone 15 to your computer: Begin by connecting your iPhone 15 to your computer using a USB cable. Ensure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed.

Step 2: Launch iTunes: Open the iTunes application on your computer. If you don't have iTunes installed, you can download it from the official Apple website.

Step 3: Select your device: Once your iPhone 15 is connected, you'll notice it appearing as an icon or device name in the upper-left corner of the iTunes window. Click on it to select your device.

Step 4: Navigate to the "Summary" tab: In iTunes, click on the "Summary" tab located in the left sidebar. Under the "Backups" section, you'll find various options.

Step 5: Choose "Restore iPhone": To initiate a hard reset, select the "Restore iPhone" option. iTunes will display a confirmation message, emphasizing that this action will erase all data and settings on your device.

Step 6: Confirm and proceed: Confirm your decision to proceed with the hard reset. iTunes will then download the necessary software and restore your iPhone 15 to its factory settings.

factory reset iphone 15 for free

3. Hard Reset iPhone 15 Using iCloud

If your iPhone 15 is linked to an iCloud account and "Find My iPhone" is enabled, you can initiate a remote hard reset through iCloud. This method is particularly useful if your device is lost or stolen:

Step 1: Visit iCloud.com: Open a web browser and go to iCloud.com. Sign in using your Apple ID and password.

Step 2: Access "Find iPhone": After logging in, select "Find iPhone" from the available options.

Step 3: Choose your device: In the "All Devices" dropdown menu at the top, choose your iPhone 15.

Step 4: Initiate the erase command: Once you've selected your device, click on the "Erase iPhone" option. iCloud will send a command to your iPhone 15 to perform a factory reset.

Step 5: Confirm and proceed: Your iPhone 15 will receive the erase command, and it will begin the process of hard resetting itself. This method can be particularly useful if your device is not in your possession.

how to factory reset locked iphone with icloud

4. Hard Reset iPhone 15 by Contacting Apple Support

If you encounter challenges performing a hard reset on your iPhone 15 or if you're unsure about any step in the process, you can also reach out to Apple Support for expert assistance. Apple's support team is well-equipped to guide you through the process or arrange for service if necessary.

However, it's essential to keep in mind that this may involve some waiting time, possibly spanning several days, depending on the volume of requests. For a faster solution, especially when you need to hard reset your iPhone 15 promptly, we recommend utilizing UltFone iPhone Unlock.


Performing a hard reset on your iPhone 15 is now within your grasp, thanks to the easy-to-follow steps outlined in this guide. And for those times when you need a more advanced solution, UltFone iPhone Unlock is your all-in-one iPhone lock removal tool. It's time to take control of your device and unlock a world of possibilities.

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