How to See Wifi Password in iOS 16 on iPhone

On Android phones, there's always a way to see your saved Wifi password quickly, but iOS has limitations.

It gets frustrating when your iPhone is connected to the Wi-Fi, but you can't see the saved passwords or share them without limitations. On Android phones, there's always a way to see your saved Wifi password quickly, but iOS has limitations.

If you have forgotten your WiFi passwords and want to connect your android phone, there’s no way you can share the wifi Password from an iOS device off hand. Finally, the latest iOS 16 makes it relatively easy to see saved Wi-fi passwords on iPhones and iPads.Here’s How to See Wi-Fi Password in iOS 16 on iPhone, iPad, and copy-paste it.

With the latest release of iOS 16, Apple is doing a great job – adding more and more features and making adjustments and changes with iOS 16 betas. Until now, iOS users can only share their Wi-Fi passwords with iOS devices.

Before the latest update, iOS users could only share their Wi-Fi passwords with iOS devices. However, with iOS 16: You Can Finally See Your Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on an iPhone and iPad with the ability to copy-paste it anywhere.

see wifi password in ios 16

Part 1: Can You See My Wifi Password on My iPhone/iPad iOS 16?

The last iOS version offered no solution to the question “Where Is the Password on My iPhone, Anyway?” The problem with the previous iOS releases was the limitation of not being able to see the saved wifi passwords. The latest iOS 16 beta releases make it relatively easy and possible for iPhone and iPad users to share their saved Wi-Fi passwords.

If you have forgotten your Wi-Fi password and want to connect the Wifi on your android device or a smart TV, you can simply see it in the saved Wifi password list.

see my wifi password

Part 2: Can You View the Password of All Available Networks in iOS 16 on iPhone?

The latest iOS 16 allows you to view only the saved wifi password you entered on your iOS device. For instance, if one of your friends shared the Wifi password with your iPhone to connect to the Wifi, you won’t be able to see the wifi passwords on your iPhone.

Apple has put this limitation with the feature, so you can only see the wi-fi password in settings ios 16 that you entered on your iOS devices. Otherwise, the list will only show the WiFi properties.

view wifi password

Part 3: How to View and Share Wifi Password on iPhone in iOS 16?

To share the wifi password when you and your friend are nearby, open the control center to check that both iPhones have Wifi and Bluetooth turned on. You must also have each other’s saved contacts, including your Apple ID email addresses.

view and share wifi password

Next, ask your friend to connect to your Wifi on their iPhone and then you’ll receive the notification on your iPhone to allow sharing a password. Tap “Share Password” to enable sharing the wifi password directly and securely.

Here are the guide and steps on How to See Wi-Fi Password in iOS 16 on iPhones and iPad.

  • Go to the Settings app and then Tap Wifi.
  • Turn on the Wifi; if it’s turned off and open Wifi settings.
  • Click on Edit in Wifi settings and the list of known wifi passwords will open up.

    click on edit

  • Click the blue information button to see the wifi passwords. Click on “Password” and enter your Passcode or use Face ID and Touch ID to view the password. You can click on the copy option to copy the wifi password and send it to whoever needs it.

    copy and send the password

  • Remember, you’ll only be able to see the Wi-Fi passwords you have entered on your iPhone. The wifi networks connected via password sharing won’t show the wifi password.

Part 4: How to Find the Wifi Password for Your Personal Hotspot on iPhone in iOS 16?

It has a different setting if you want to change or view your personal hotspot on an iPhone. To change your personal hotspot on iPhone iOS 16, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Click on the “Personal Hotspot” and tap “Wifi Password”.
  • You can change and copy your personal hotspot password on your iPhone.

    find wifi password for your personal hotspot

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    firmware is downloaded to computer

Part 6: How to Look Up Your Wifi Password in Router Settings?

  • If your iPhone isn’t connected to the wifi already, you can’t see the wi-fi password in settings iOS16. Instead, you’ll have to get into the router settings.
  • You can check your wifi password in the settings app on an iPhone if you have previously connected it. Go to the settings app, tap Wifi, and click on the blue information icon of the connected wifi network.
  • Afterward, scroll down, tap the “Router,” and copy the IP address. Open up the Safari browser, paste the copied router IP address, and the sign-in page should appear. Enter all the credentials to sign in. If you reset your router, you can check its password on its bottom.
  • In the router settings menu, go to “Wireless” and click “Wireless security”. Here you can change your view and change your wifi password.


The latest iOS 16 by Apple for the iPhone and iPads have brought life improvements. Finally, iOS 16 will let you see your WiFi network's password on your iPhone and iPad. This article mainly focused on providing the best guide on how to view wifi passwords in iOS 16 and the limitations.

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