[Solved] How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos

YouTube is a popular online video sharing platform. Every day, a large number of videos are posted and shared on its website. In all of these YouTube videos, a considerable number of videos are deleted every day. You may have encountered this problem, and there are options available to help you restore deleted YouTube videos.

Part 1. Can I Get My Deleted YouTube Videos Back?

But what happens when the YouTube video deleted after upload. you may ask where to find deleted YouTube videos. First, don't panic. There are a few ways that could help you get back deleted videos on YouTube.

Part 2. How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos?

How to watch deleted YouTube videos? On this page, we will show you the simplest way to restore deleted YouTube videos.

Way 1. Restore Deleted YouTube Video Files from Backup

It will be quite easy to find deleted YouTube videos if you have backup of the videos on your computer or other storage tool. Just upload the video from your backup to YouTube again. But if the video you backed up is a raw video, you will have to edit it again.


If you didn't back up the video and deleted it from your computer, you can also get deleted YouTube video back with the help of data recovery software. Refer to the following method 2, it will show you how to use Windows Data Recovery to retrieve deleted YouTube videos.

Way 2. The Ultimate Way to Restore Deleted YouTube Videos from Your PC or Mac

You can try to find removed YouTube videos from your computer hard drive, external hard drive or camera SD card. What if you have already deleted those original videos? Don't worry, you can use Windows Data Recovery to recover lost YouTube videos from Window PC or Mac in just 3 steps.

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  • Step 1 Launch the program and select a location where you lost the original videos. After that, click "Scan" button to start.

    select location to scan lost files
  • Step 2 After the scan is completed, check if your deleted videos are in the file view. Select the video you need, and you can preview it by clicking "Preview" button on the right pane.

    preview deleted videos
  • Step 3 Choose the videos that you want to recover. Click on the "Recover" button and then choose a location on your computer or other external storage device.

    choose and recover youtube videos

After you retrieve deleted YouTube videos, you can upload to your YouTube channel again.

Way 3. How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos with URL

1. Sign in your email which is used to register YouTube, find the email you have received that may contain uploaded video's URL.

2. Copy the video URL then go to archive.org , paste the URL you just copied in the WayBack Machine search box and click on the search button.

paste video link

2. Click the date when it was uploaded to the YouTube and you can view deleted YouTube video.

select the date

1. This method won't work if you couldn't find the link of your deleted video.

2. The WayBack Machine may fail to access deleted YouTube videos.

Way 4. Contact YouTube Help Support to Find Deleted YouTube Videos

You can also send an email to the YouTube support team to recover lost YouTube videos from your channel. But this method only suit for those who have joined in the YouTube Partner Program. Also, their channel ought to have over 10,000 views. Follow the steps below to contact with YouTube support team.

1. Sign into your YouTube account and scroll down the left column, click "Help".

contact youtube help

2. Next, select Need more help and then Get Creator Help

click need more help

3. Select the category that your problem is about.

4. Choose Email Support. Only if you're eligible can you see this option.

5. Follow the on-screen prompts to send an email to our Creator Support team.


If you don't find the email option, make sure you have been signed in to the channel that's in the YouTube Partner Program.

Part 3. Why was My YouTube Video Removed?

According to the YouTube Terms of Usage, any video may be removed if it violates certain rules and regulations of the website. Here are three common reasons for video removal:

  • Copyright Violations. Copyright issues on YouTube are awkward, especially if you use music or videos that were previously owned by a third party. They can claim ownership and treat your video as copyright infringement. This is a legally based violation and should be carefully considered before uploading a video that may contain copyrighted material.
  • Violation of Privacy: If your video reveals someone's address or other personal information without the consent of the other party, he has the right to ask management to delete your video.
  • Content Issues. If the content of the video is deemed unfriendly or promotes abuse, management has the right to delete the video without warning.


The YouTube videos may be removed due to the violation of relevant terms or mistaken deletion by yourself. When the YouTube get lost, how to recover deleted YouTube videos with ease? You can try to find lost YouTube videos from WayBack Machine, backup files, or using Windows Data Recovery recommended here. This powerful data recovery tool enables you retrieve deleted YouTube videos from computer hard drive or external hard drive so that you can upload it to YouTube again.

Free Download For Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP Secure Download Free Download For macOS 10.15 and below Secure Download