How to Recover Data from Unbootable Hard Disk

Hard disk may be unbootable or "dead" for number of reasons. If most of your pren cious memories are stored in it, you must be anxious to recover them. What's worse, you even have no access to your operating system because of the unbootable hard drive. In this case, you have to get data recovery from unbootable disk.

What is Unbootable Hard Disk?

When you find your hard disk's not responding anymore, you probably hear a few pathetic buzzing noises when you're trying to boot and then it stops and is inaccessible. In such condition, your hard disk drive might become unbootable and dead.

What You Need to Recover Data from Unbootable Disk?

  • 1. One bootable CD/DVD or USB Drive or the second bootable hard drive;
  • 2. A workable computer.
  • 3. A hard drive data recovery tool--- UltFone Windows Data Recovery.

How to Recover Data from Unbootable Disk?

How can we get back the files, movies, music, photos, or even the system operation that saved on the unbootable hard drive? Applying on a third-party program is a smart choice to recover data from unbootable computer. There is a way working well to perform data recovery from unbootable hard drive. Data Recovery WinPE enables you to access to the inaccessible Windows system by booting from CD/USB with a boot CD/USB and then perform data recovery.

Step 1. Burn ISO Files to CD/DVD/USB Drive.

Install Data Recovery WinPE in anther workable computer. Then choose ISO image file and CD/DVD or USB flash drive and start to burn ISO Files to CD/DVD/USB Drive.

Step 2. Boot up Disk with a Bootable Disk

Insert the burned CD/DVD/USB drive to the unbootable computer. Run it and press "F2", "F10" or "Delete" to enter BIOS setup.

Step 3. Recover Data with Data Recovery WinPE.

After restarting your computer, you will see the interface of Data Recovery WinPE. Then you can start to retrieve data from unbootable drive.

Actually it is used to retrieve data from unbootable hard drive. If you still have access to your Windows system but only want to recover your deleted or other missing files like music, photos, videos and documents, try Data Recovery Professional directly.

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