How to Recover Deleted/Lost Data for Nokia Including Nokia Lumia

"I need Nokia C7 memory card recovery. My Nokia phone got reset to default. Please help me to recover the photos and videos! These are photos and videos of my graduation ceremony, which I will only have once a lifetime. They are really important to me. Is there a way that may help me with Nokia phone recovery without causing damage to my photos?"

Maybe you've lost your patience after you tried one way after another, which all failed. However, have you considered using Tenorshare Photo Recovery to help you do the Nokia recovery and recover deleted photos from Nokia or from Nokia SD card?

Part 1. How to Do Nokia Data Recovery with Nokia Recovery Software

  • Step 1. Select the device and file type you want to get back or recover.
  • Step 2. Preview and select files you want to recover. Nokia Photo Recovery lets you preview and select the needed photos, music, videos and other data that you want before you do Nokia photo recovery or other Nokia data recovery.
  • Step 3. Click "Recover" to save the recovered data or files to the destination folder. Remember that you must save the data to a file different from the file where it original stored to make sure the data not be overwritten. In this way you could even accomplish Nokia SMS recovery.

Part 2. How to Recover Files from Nokia Phone with Nokia Recovery on Mac?

Another merit of Nokia Photo Recovery is that it has Mac version that allows us to recover Nokia data on Mac. The steps are the same as you that for Windows - Scan, Preview and Recover. You could try by yourself how it works on your Mac OS.

Part 3. Supported Nokia Phones Includes

Nokia Lumia 920 Nokia Touch Nokia N8 Nokia 803 Nokia Asha
Nokia Lumia 900 Nokia C1-03 Nokia N9 Nokia 700 Nokia 3020
Nokia Lumia 800 Nokia Oro Nokia E10 Nokia 900 Nokia 3050
Nokia Lumia 90 Nokia N95 Nokia C9 Nokia 808 Pure Nokia 112

Here are some of the Nokia phones that Nokia Photo Recovery supports; in fact as long as your computer can read your Nokia phone data, you can do the Nokia recovery with this amazing tool which allows you to do data recovery for phones with Windows 8, Symbian as well as Android OS.