How to Stop My Parents from Tracking iPhone [Solved]

I've recently turned 21 years old. Although, I'm 21 I've no sense of privacy and my parents track every move of mine. Wherever I go, I'm being tracked. For instance, my father questioned me yesterday asking me about my whereabouts at 2 am last night. I'm 21 now, all the questions cannot be answered but little do my parents understand. I want to somehow stop being tracked by my parents but there is literally no way. I can't disobey them since I'm still not financially independent. Can anyone help with some solution to stop my parents from tracking my iPhone?

Are you also suffering from a similar situation and want to gain some privacy? Well then don't worry we're here to solve this problem for you!

Part 1: How Do I Know if My iPhone is Being Tracked by Someone Else?

iPhone being tracked by anyone is a huge threat to your safety and privacy. Your iPhone shouldn't be tracked by anyone including your parents. After a certain age, privacy stands of umpteen importance, and your private life should be kept away from the eyes of everyone. So how do you find out if your iPhone is being tracked by someone or not?

  • Check if your phone is jailbroken, for an iPhone to be tracked, it must be jailbroken. So firstly check it your iPhone has been jailbroken. If it has been jailbroken then there is a high probability that your iPhone is being tracked.
  • Keep track of your monthly phone bills, if they're higher than normal, your phone is most likely to be traced. The skyrocketing bills may be caused by the use of tracking apps.
  • Does your iPhone battery drain too quickly without even being used much? This is another sign of your phone being tracked by someone.

Part 2: Why Should You Stop Parents from Tracking Your iPhone?

"Why should I stop parents from tracking my iPhone?" Is this question bothering you? Well, private life is essential, you cannot be tracked by someone all life. Neither is it safe nor is it ethical, you must not accept the fact that someone has been tracking your location. Even parents tracking location could get nasty as doing so would give them timely track about your whereabouts. If your parents are also too interested in tracking your movement then you should surely consider finding a way to stop your parents from tracking your location.

Part 3: 4 Solutions on How to Stop My Parents from Tracking My iPhone?

"How to stop my parents from tracking my iPhone", if this question has been running at the back of your mind then you needn't worry anymore! As we bring to you the best software for keeping yourself untraceable and safe. Don't miss out on your personal life, don't let anyone know about your movements, use UltFone iOS location changer today!

Method 1: Fake iPhone Location and Use False Location to Stop Tracking

UltFone iOS location changer is just the tool you need if you want to keep yourself untraceable. The tool works perfectly fine and hides your actual location. It does so by changing your location into a fake location. UltFone iOS Location Changer will help you to keep your personal life a secret affair. Using this program will help you go incognito and sneak in a few tidbits of personal life. Let's get further insights into the flawless features of this cool program!

  • Fake location on social media: The app offers you a feature to fake your location and set it to elsewhere.
  • Bypass geolocation: Using the app can help you play games which help you play location-based games like Pokemon Go.
  • Change location on dating apps: Apps like tinder are restricted to location. However, using UltFone iOS location changer, you can reset your location and find matches anywhere!
  • Hide iPhone Location: The UltFone iOS location changer allows you to stay out of the GPS radar, using it you can hide your location from your family or anyone else!
  • Various Modes: It offers two-spot and multi-spot movement facility so that you can show your fake movements to the world.
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  • Step 1Launch UltFone iOS location changer on your PC

    Firstly, you need to download the iOS location changer. You can download it using the official website. Once done, install and launch it. Hit on “Enter” to proceed.

    run ultfone ios location changer

  • Step 2Connect your iPhone to a Computer using the Cable

    To do so, just take your Apple cable and connect it to your computer system. Once you've connected your computer to the iPhone, make sure your computer has detected it.

    connect device

  • Step 3Enter the Coordinates

    On this screen, you need to enter a location or geographical coordinates. Once you click on the "Start to modify" option, the location will be changed to the given location. By setting appropriate locations you can grab all the rare Pokemons in your bag! More importantly, you can do it all from the comfort of your home!

    change iphone location

Method 2: Turn off Location Service on iPhone

You can also dable the location services on your iPhone in order to prevent parents from tracking your iPhone. Here is how to do it.

Step 1: Head to the “Settings” of your iPhone, here you will find an option called “Privacy”, inside which there will be “Location Services”

Step 2: You will find 3 different options on the screen.

  • "Never": Selecting this will block access to the location permanently until you reset it again.
  • "Ask next time": Selecting this option will program the app to ask you permission before accessing the location.
  • "While using the app": choosing this alternative will give the app, access to your oy while you're using the app.

turn off location service on iphone

Step 3: On the top there's also an option to disable location services, doing so will restrict all apps from accessing your location.

iphone location service

Method 3: Use VPN Service to Change Location

VPN is another excellent way to hide your location from people. If your parents are tracking your location then, you can use a Nord VPN. This will encrypt internet traffic and set your location to an international location. Using it is very simple! Here is how to stop parents from tracking iPhone using VPN.

Step 1: You've to firstly download and launch the Nord VPN.

Step 2: Next, sign in to the app and make sure to use the credentials that you used on Nord VPN website.

Step 3: Then, you've to click on "Quick Connect". You will be offered several country choices.

Step 4: Click on any of them to set your location to that country! This will help make you untraceable.


Method 4: Install Anti-Spyware App for iPhone

Anti Spyware is another strategy you can implement to hide the location of your iPhone. You can use the iAmNotified app that you can download on your iPhone to prevent yourself from being tracked by parents. There's also an inbuilt history log in iAmNotified app where you can make note of the people who have earlier tried to access your location. Spyware apps will send a notification as soon as it detects any malicious activity. This will keep your phone spy proof and prevent your location from reaching the wrong hands.



Now that you've read the article completely, you must have learned various methodologies to prevent your location from being traced. The question how to stop my parents from tracking my iPhone shouldn't bother you anymore. Using any of the above-mentioned methods you can easily hide your location from anyone and keep yourself safe, no more worrying about parents tracking my iPhone. Use any of these methods and become spyproof!