How to Change Location on BIGO Live with One Click?

BIGO Live is a one-stop shop for all of your streaming requirements. It is a popular streaming network where viewers can watch live videos on various themes such as dance, music, fashion, technology, and more. However, if you create content for the service, you will only be able to reach consumers in your area. So change location on BIGO Live is a must.

Just read this page to understand how to change location on BIGO Live. So, let's get started!

how to change location on bigo live

Part 1: How to Change Hometown on BIGO Live?

How to change my location on BIGO Live? BIGO Live teaches you how to change your Hometown. Here's how to navigate BIGO Live's information settings and update your Hometown.

For Android users:

  • Step 1: First, launch the BIGO Live app.
  • Step 2: Now, open your profile and select the Edit option.
  • Step 3: Navigate to the Hometown section.
  • Step 4: Choose the appropriate Country/Region.
  • Step 5: Simply press Confirm to confirm the changes.
  • Step 6: Congratulations! Your BIGO Live account's Hometown has been updated.

    how to change location on bigo android?

For iOS users:

How to change location on BIGO iPhone?

  • Step 1: To begin, launch the BIGO Live app.
  • Step 2: Then, open your profile and select the Edit option.
  • Step 3: Then go to the Hometown section.
  • Step 4: Select the required Country/Region and click Sure.
  • Step 5: The arrow points to the list of countries.
  • Step 6: Success! Your BIGO Live account's Hometown has been updated.

    how to change location on bigo iphone?

Part 2: How to Change Location on BIGO Live for iPhone with One Click?

How do you change your location on BIGO Live? Social applications like BIGO Live have improved to the point where they can identify phony locations from a mile away, particularly if users utilize low-quality platforms. However, it is not the case when the app in issue is UltFone iPhone Location Changer! This fantastic program can spoof your location to wherever you choose in seconds and without anybody noticing. With no difficulties, you may even change your location on the newest iOS 16(beta).

When you use the BIGO fake location software on your iPhone or iPad, you may not only browse intriguing material from other artists but also share your films with a wider audience worldwide. Aside from BIGO Live, this technology is useful for playing AR games like Pikmin Bloom or Pokemon Go. You may bypass Netflix and Disney+ streaming limitations to view your favorite movie or TV program.

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Features of UltFone iOS Location Changer:

  • One-click to change the GPS position to any place.
  • Utilize location-based applications such as Pokemon Go, WhatsApp, and Facebook.
  • Add GPX files to initiate the routes you wish.
  • Control your movement direction with ease with a joystick.
  • iOS 15.5 and the iPhone 13 Mini/13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max are supported.

Steps to Use UltFone iOS Location Changer:

This program is fantastic for hiding your actual location for security or privacy concerns. Let's see how a single click may alter the GPS position of the iPhone.

  • Step 1 Launch this software after installation. The GPS modification interface is the default interface. Check the box next to the disclaimer and press the Enter key to continue.

    change location on bigo live with ultfone

  • Step 2 Select an iDevice to connect on the subsequent screen.

    select an iphone to change location

  • Step 3 Use the mouse to choose a place on the map or put it into the search box in the top-left corner. Then, from the menu, choose "Begin Modification". You need to change the iPhone's location. Additionally, the location will be updated in all location-based iPhone applications.

    fake location on bigo live

Part 3: How to Change Location on BIGO Live for Android?

Relocate Reborn is a popular service for individuals looking for a false BIGO Live location. Unlike UltFone iOS Location Changer, Relocate Reborn needs users to jailbreak their phones. It might be an excellent choice for individuals who have jailbroken phones.

Here's how to use Relocate Reborn to obtain a BIGO Live fake location.

  • Step 1: You must first jailbreak your devices before installing Relocate Reborn from Cydia. The unc0ver 6.0 software may be used to download Cydia. To begin, launch the app and choose Jailbreak.
  • Step 2: You may utilize Cydia to discover the Relocate Reborn software now that your phone has been jailbroken. Enter Relocate Reborn into the search bar. You may then install and use the app by clicking on the link.
  • Step 3: Alternatively, launch Cydia and choose Sources to install Relocate Reborn. Tap Edit, and then Add. Enter into your browser.

    use relocate reborn to change bigo live location

Part 4: How to Hide Location on BIGO Live?

Within the BIGO Live app, you can mask your location from viewers and other content providers. Here's how to keep it private:

  • Step 1: BIGO Live is available on Android and iOS devices.
  • Step 2: Log in to your account and choose the Profile option.
  • Step 3: Tap Settings and then the Privacy tab from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 4: To complete the transaction, choose the Hide Location option.

Part 5: People Also Ask about Location on BIGO Live

1. Does A VPN Work on BIGO Live?

No, unfortunately! A VPN cannot change your location settings on BIGO Live since just changing your IP address does not function on the streaming platform.

2. Which Country Most Uses BIGO Live?

  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam


How to change location on BIGO iPhone? It finishes our guide on how to Change location on BIGO Live! You may effortlessly fake your locations while keeping the whole action confidential if you have a service like UltFone iPhone Location Changer at your disposal. So, what are you holding out for? With UltFone iOS Location Changer, you can easily spoof your location and begin broadcasting your fascinating content on BIGO Live to a new audience.

Change GPS Location on iPhone without Jailbreak
  • One click to spoof GPS on iPhone without jailbreak
  • Simulate GPS movement along the real path you draw
  • Hide iPhone location to protect privacy
  • Support iPhone 15 and iOS/iPadOS 17
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