How to Fix iPhone 15 Problems and Bugs [Pro, Plus, Pro Max Included]

iphone 15 known bugs

The iPhone 15, pro, plus, pro max was just released this month to great fanfare. As with any new device release, some users are experiencing bugs and issues as they get acquainted with the latest iPhone model. While the iPhone 15 lineup has received positive reviews overall, no piece of complex tech is without its flaws.

The good news is that many common iPhone 15 problems have quick and easy solutions. With a few simple troubleshooting steps, you can get your shiny new iPhone working like a charm again. Read on for the inside scoop on the most common iPhone 15 problems and the best ways to fix them.

Part 1. The Most Comprehensive List of iPhone 15 Problems

1. Battery Drain

One of the most common issues reported by iPhone 15 users is faster than expected battery drain. There are a few factors that could be contributing to your iPhone battery emptying faster than normal. Prolonged use of 5G connectivity, keeping your screen brightness very high, and allowing many apps to run background refresh can put a heavy toll on battery life.

To fix the rapid battery drain on your iPhone 15, try these solutions:

  • Toggle off the background app refresh in Settings for apps that don't need it
  • Lower your screen brightness when you don't need it at max
  • Disable the 5G auto-switch and use LTE instead for connectivity
  • Turn off Location Services for any apps that don't require your location access
  • Avoid leaving your iPhone 15 in very hot or very cold environments

2. Touchscreen Not Working

Some iPhone 15 owners have experienced touchscreen issues like unresponsiveness, tapping not registering, or gestures not working properly. In most cases, this points to a software problem rather than a hardware issue.

To get your iPhone 15's touchscreen working again, follow these troubleshooting steps:

  • Perform a regular reboot by holding the side button and volume down button
  • Update your iPhone to the latest iOS version
  • Use a soft, dry microfiber cloth to clean your iPhone screen
  • As a last resort, back up your iPhone and restore to factory settings

3. Wifi & Network Connectivity

Weak WiFi signal, frequent loss of connectivity, and slow internet plague some iPhone 15 devices. This can result from network outages, software bugs, signal interference, and incorrect network settings configurations.

Try these solutions to restore good WiFi and overall network performance on your iPhone:

  • Move closer to your WiFi router or access point for stronger signal
  • Toggle Airplane mode on/off to reestablish connectivity
  • Reset all network settings back to default
  • Contact your carrier to update latest network/APN settings
  • Disable or disconnect any active VPN configurations
  • Disable WiFi or Bluetooth to remove conflicting configurations

4. iPhone 15 Overheating

While it's normal for new iPhones to run slightly warm at first, consistent overheating is not expected. Heavy usage of graphically intensive apps, direct sun exposure, and buggy software can all cause iPhone 15 models to get dangerously hot.

To cool down an overheating iPhone 15, take these steps:

  • Check Settings to identify any power-hungry apps to delete or reduce usage of
  • Avoid prolonged direct sun exposure whenever possible
  • Add a thin phone case to help insulate and dissipate heat
  • Install all available iOS updates which may fix overheating bugs
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5. iPhone 15 Slow Performance

Laggy operation, stuttering animations, and slower app loading times point to performance issues with your new iPhone. This can be due to a processor-intensive app or OS bug, storage almost full, too many widgets on the home screen, or the device overheating.

To return your iPhone 15 to fast and fluid performance, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Close recently opened apps that may be running in the background
  • Check storage usage and delete unnecessary apps/media
  • Reduce the number of home screen widgets
  • Disable background app refresh and Location Services

6. iPhone 15 Pro ‘freezes up’ during Data Transfer

Some new iPhone 15 Pro users report the device freezing when trying to transfer data from an old iPhone model using Quick Start. This appears to be a bug when migrating certain data types like passwords.

To fix the freezing issue, do the following:

  • Cancel the Quick Start transfer
  • Instead, selectively sync using iCloud and Apple ID for contacts, calendars, etc.
  • Avoid large media file transfers
  • Try manually syncing one app at a time

7. iPhone 15 Pro camera ‘rattling and shaking’ on some apps

A small number of iPhone 15 Pro owners notice the camera module physically shaking when using certain third-party apps. Apple is investigating, but it's likely vibration from the lens stabilization mechanics.

Solutions include:

  • Avoid the affected apps causing camera shaking for now
  • Restrict app permissions for camera access under Settings
  • Update iOS when available as Apple works on a permanent fix

8. iPhone 15 iMessage and FaceTime issues

Some users report problems sending/receiving iMessages and making FaceTime calls with iPhone 15 models. The cause is often outdated carrier settings.

To resolve these iPhone 15 glitches:

  • 1. Go to Settings > General > About and install any Carrier Updates
  • 2. Also, toggle Airplane mode on/off to re-register cellular

9. iPhone 15 SIM Not Supported

The "SIM Not Supported" error on new iPhone 15 units is likely due to an older SIM card rather than the new eSIM support.

To fix problems with iPhone 15 Sim:

  • Contact your cell provider to replace it with a new eSIM
  • Most carriers will swap for free for iPhone 15 owners

10. iPhone 15 Storage Full Issue

Large cached data can quickly fill up storage on new iPhone 15 models. Like other iPhone 15 bug fixes, there is a fix for this issue as well.

To free up space:

  • Review and clear cached app data under Settings > General > iPhone Storage
  • Delete unused apps, messages, photos/videos

Part 2. Ultimate Solution for Fixing iPhone 15 Problems

As we've covered, the iPhone 15 has some expected bugs and issues, as with any new device launch. While many can be resolved with basic troubleshooting, some system-level problems require more advanced solutions.

For severe issues like being stuck on the Apple logo, endless reboot loops, or unresponsive black screens, the powerful UltFone iOS System Repair tool offers a foolproof way to get your iPhone 15 working properly again.

Key features of UltFone iOS System Repair include:

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Here is how to fix iPhone 15 issues using UltFone iOS System Repair:

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Part 3. People Also Ask about iPhone 15 Problems and Bugs

Q1. What's new about iPhone 15

The biggest change is that iPhone 15 models will have a USB-C port instead of Lightning. This will provide faster 10Gbps data transfer speeds with a USB 3.0 cable and allow charging with standard USB-C cables. Additionally, AirPods Pro 2 and EarPods will also switch to USB-C.

Q2. Is iPhone 15 easily broken?

Early drop tests show the iPhone 15 is slightly more durable than the iPhone 14, but the glass back still cracks easily without a case.

Q3. Which is Better iPhone 14 or 15?

Now that both phones have been released, reviews show the iPhone 15 provides noticeable improvements over the iPhone 14. The A17 Bionic chip makes the iPhone 15 faster, and the new 48MP main camera captures sharper, more detailed photos.

Final Word

The iPhone 15 brings exciting new features like the A17 Bionic chip, an upgraded 48MP camera, an Always-On display, and the long-awaited switch to USB-C. However, as with any new technology, some bugs and issues are to be expected after launch.

Fortunately, many common problems like app crashes, battery drain, and overheating can be fixed by troubleshooting steps like updating software, removing apps, or resetting settings.

For more stubborn bug iPhone 15 that persist even after trying basic fixes, a powerful repair tool like UltFone iOS System Repair can help.

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