FLV Recovery: How to Recover Lost FLV Files

FLV (Flash Video) files are commonly-used files by online video-sharing websites like YouTube. Several media players support and playback this kind of video files. Your computer or MP4 players may store a large amount of FLV files for playback or sharing. The chances are one day you find those FLV files may not open or have poor audio or video quality. They may get corrupted. Or you just inadvertently delete FLV files on your computer or format the media device which contains your FLV videos, and you may lose your FLV files.

No matter what reasons you lost your files, you need to recover FLV files as quick as possible. The sooner you act, the higher chances you get the files back. You need to reply on a third-party program to do so.

FLV Recovery is a piece of safe, easy yet effective application that enables you to recover FLV files that you accidentally deleted by commanding "Shift + Delete"or emptying the Recycle Bin, or restore FLV files from the formatted, corrupted portable devices including USB, mobile phone, external hard drive, memory card, and etc. If you are Mac users, you can try FLV Recovery for Mac.

The instruction of how to use this FLV file recovery software is like below:

Part I: How to Recover FLV videos wiht FLV Recovery in Windows?

Step 1: Select the Recovery Mode

Install FLV Recovery to the partition which differs from the one your lost files stored. And then launch it, and you will enter the main interface. Select the types of files you are to restore and click on Next to proceed. Then select the target drive. You need to connect your device in advance if you need to recover FLV files from a portable device. Click "Scan".

Step 2: Preview andn Select FLV Files

It will take you from seconds to minutes to search for the scan results. After it completes, you will get a list of all the recoverable files. Select your lost FLV files and click "Recover".

Step 3: Choose a Path to Save Recovered FLV Videos

Here you need to pay a special attention: Don't save the recovered FLV files to the same partition where you lost your files to avoid data overwriting.

Part II: How to Recover FLV Files on Mac with Mac FLV Recovery?

If you are using Mac machine and need to recover FLV files on Mac, try Mac FLV Recovery. Go for the tutorial of how to recover FLV on Mac.