Best Free Seagate Data Recovery Software

"Mine is a 500GB, Seagate Expansion Hard disk and to recover data one technician said it will cost me INR 5000. I still have it under warranty and the Seagate support people said I can get it replaced. But I still want my data from it. The data includes videos, pictures, and Microsoft office files."

Have you ever accidently deleted your files from your Seagate hard drive or formatted it? Seagate disk crashed and lose import data unexpectedly? Don't panic. This is a tutorial about the best free Seagate data recovery software, with which you can recover lost data from Seagate hard drive freely.

Free Seagate Data Recovery Software

Free Any Data Recovery is powerful, fast, and free data recovery software to solve all data loss problem with Seagate drive. It enables to recover deleted files even if emptied from Recycle Bin, lost due to software crash, formatted or damaged hard drive, virus infection, partition deletion or partition loss and other unknown reasons.

Detailed Steps: Recover Files from Seagate Hard Drive Free

Step 1: free download and install Any Data Recovery on your computer. Launch the software and select the types of files you are to restore and click on Next to proceed.

recover deleted files from hard drive

Step 2: Select file types that you want to recover and click "Next" to choose Seagate hard drive where the lost data once located.

recover lost files from usb drive

Step 3: click "Scan" to start the Seagate hard drive scanning. After a while, it will list all lost and existing photos, videos, music, documents, and etc. on Seagate by category. Then you can choose those you want to recover and click "Recover" to proceed.

recover deleted data

Note: If you still can't find the files you want to recover, you can enable Deep Scan, which will scan out more files and consequently requires more time.

Why Files Can be Recovered after Deleting or Formatting

When you delete files from a Seagate external hard disk or format the external hard disk, the files will disappear from original location. However, it doesn't mean that the files have been removed completely from the Seagate external hard disk. The truth is that all the lost files due to deleting or formatting are still stored on the Seagate external hard disk, but they become invisible since the entries to the files have been deleted. Therefore, as long as the space where stored the lost files is not occupied by new data, data recovery software is helpful with the data recovery.