How to Solve SIM Not Provisioned MM2

Buying a brand new phone, porting your SIM card in it, and seeing a message “sim not provisioned mm 2” can be really frustrating and can ruin your excitement for the new phone. However, there isn’t any rocket science involved to fix this issue, it will become a piece of cake for you once you come to know about it by reading our in-depth guide on sim not provisioned mm 2. Don’t freak out at your phone, as we have got your back to let you know why the “sim not provisioned mm#2” error is popping up on your phone and how can you fix it with 5 easy and quick ways.

sim not provisioned mm2

Part 1: Why Is My SIM Not Provisioned mm 2?

Before getting into the reasons behind it, let’s explore what “sim not provisioned mm#2” means. Commonly, this type of message appears on your phone to indicate that your phone isn’t connected to the network carrier. Basically, this notification doesn't explain the reason behind it but its literal meaning is that your SIM card isn’t available or connected with the phone to perform communication between the network carrier.

When you buy a new phone and port in a new sim, you are likely to see this message appearing on the screen again and again. However, sometimes it can also happen with old SIM cards and old phones too. Here are some of the possible reasons why you getting to see the Notification “ sim not provisioned mm#2”.

  • Your SIM card isn’t activated or might be suspended by the company.
  • Wrong SIM placement in the SIM slot of the phone.
  • Using a SIM card of a company whose service isn’t available in your area.

Part 2: How Do I Solve My SIM Not Provisioned mm 2 in Basic Ways?

There are possibilities you might haven’t discovered the possible reasons behind the sim not being provisioned mm2. But, trying these 2 basic ways to troubleshoot the issue might give you a big relief. It’s better to start with the basic ways to resolve the issues to understand the intensity of the issue.

Way 1: Turn Airplane Mode off and on

The first time you get to see the “SIM not provisioned” error try fixing it by enabling the airplane mode. Whether you are facing the issue on the iPhone or Android, in the notification panel of the android and control center of the iPhone you can find the Airplane icon - enable it for a few seconds and then disable it.

Way 2: Check if the SIM Card Is Clean and Inserted Properly

Sometimes the phone fails to detect the SIM card when there’s dust or dirt accumulated either on the SIM card or a SIM slot. Eject the SIM tray and try fixing up the issue by cleaning up the SIM card and SIM slot. Make sure you are being gentle while cleaning them, as even a minor pressure can tear them apart. Use a soft cloth to remove the dust or any dirt from the shiny gold spot (chip) of a SIM card. Insert the sim properly in the slot and make sure the sim placement, especially the gold chip is precisely placed in the slot.

insert the sim properly in the slot

Way 3: Restart the Phone and Check the SIM in Another Phone

If the above-mentioned methods didn’t work for you, don’t fret about it and follow the other methods. Sometimes, there could be an issue with the phone’s OS, there could be any bug or error in the system causing the problem.

Restart your phone and see if it resolves the issue, or else insert the SIM card in another phone to find out if your phone’s hardware is working proficiently. If the other phone doesn't show any error like “ SIM Not Provisioned mm 2”, it means your phone’s antenna or sim slot isn’t working.

Schedule your appointment with the authorized service center to get your phone inspected for hardware-related issues. Moreover, if the other phone shows the same error, it means your SIM card isn’t activated or suspended by the service provider. Reach your cellular carrier to get your SIM card related issues resolved. Seek their assistance either by calling them or by visiting their customer service center.

sim card isnt activated by service provider

Part 3: How Do I Solve My SIM Not Provisioned mm 2 in Advanced Ways?

If the common methods didn’t provide the solution to the “sim not provisioned mm 2” error, it’s time to use the advanced methods to solve the problem. There are possibilities your SIM card isn’t activated by the service provider.

After inserting the SIM card into the phone, it takes 24 hours to get automatically activated. Sometimes, it’s not activated automatically, head over to the advanced methods to resolve this issue.

Way 1: Check and Restart SIM Activation

There are different ways to activate your SIM card if it’s not activated automatically by the cellular service provider. There are three easiest methods to activate the SIM card without even leaving the home. Here are some of the effective ways to get your SIM card activated.

1. Call the helpline of your cellular service provider in order to get your SIM activated.

2. Send an SMS to a specific cellular number of the company to activate the SIM card.

3. However, if all the above aren’t efficient working for you, then try to manually activate it from the cellular network website.

manually activate it from the cellular network website

Once you have applied for the SIM card activation, it will take your cellular service provider 24 hours to accept the request. So, be patient with the procedure and wait for at least one day to get the “sim not provisioned for voice or internet” issue resolved.

Also, reboot your phone once the activation has been done, many cellular service providers recommend restarting the phone to resolve the SIM-related issue.

restarting the phone to resolve the sim related issue

Way 2: Solve SIM Not Provisioned MM2 Error with UltFone Android System Repair

If all the above methods don’t prove to be effective for you to eliminate the “ sim not provisioned mm2” error, then before taking your SIM card or phone for professional assistance use the powerful UltFone Android System Repair to resolve it by yourself.

Sometimes, there are software bugs involved in coming up with the software updates of the system that prevent the OS from properly communicating with the phone’s hardware, and hence, you get to see such errors coming out of the blue.

So, to resolve such errors, “UltFone Android System Repair” is a powerful tool that anyone can use without seeking any professional assistance or acquiring any skills. Apart from the “sim not provisioned mm#2” error, it can resolve up to 150 system-related issues for you like Black screen, boot loop, android phone bricked and many others with only a few clicks.

Some of the key features of UltFone Android System Repair include:

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Here’s how you can resolve your phone’s software-related issues including the SIM card Provisioned with just only a few clicks.

  • Step 1Connect your device to computer with a USB cable, and choose "Repair Android System" function from the main interface.In the next screen, please click the "Repair Now" button to continue.

    repair android system

  • Step 2Select the correct device information in turn on the screen.This is important as any wrong info may cause your device to be bricked.

    select correct device info

  • Step 3After selecting the correct device info, this program will start downloading the corresponding firmware package. The firwmare package downloading takes a few minutes. You can click Repair Now button after the firmware is downloaded successfully.

    firmware package has downloaded

  • Step 4Put your device in download mode successfully, then the repairing process starts automatically. After that Android System Repair Completed

    repairing android system


All the possible ways were explained in this article to help you resolve the “sim not provisioned mm#2” error. However, if the error still persists after applying all the above-mentioned methods, then take the help from your cellular carrier or get your SIM card replaced.

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