How to Fix App Not Installed Error on Android

Android devices have gained much popularity since it was launched in 2008. Due to the availability of a plethora of features, Android devices are loved by all until and unless people face some issues with their devices. Yes, Android users face multiple issues with their device, and one such issue is the App not installed Android apk. This error is really frustrating, and finding effective solutions on the internet to fix this error can be pretty challenging too. Still, with us, you don't need to worry anymore as we are here with multiple solutions that will help you fix Android apps not installing error flawlessly.

So, let's start exploring the top methods to fix this issue, but before that, we will get a detailed insight into why this problem occurs!

app not installed error on Android

Part 1: Why Does it Say App Not Installed?

Do you wonder what the specific reasons are behind the Android app not installed error? If yes, then we have got an answer!

Here's a list of common reasons that cause App not installed apk error in your Android device!

1. Insufficient Storage

The photos, videos, music, messages, and many more things are stored in the internal memory of your device, and there is no space left for any other application to get installed, thus leading to App not installing Android error.

2. SD Card Not Mounted in the Device

Sometimes your Android device can be connected to the PC that can access the SD card of your device. In such a scenario, when you try installing the apps on your Android device and choose to save it to the SD card, you will encounter the error of apk won't install because the application cannot find the SD card as it is not mounted in your device.

3. Corrupted App File

When you download the application from any platform other than Play Store, then the app files might be corrupted, and hence they can pose the issue of the Android application not installed. So, you must always be doubly sure of the source from where you are downloading the application by checking the name of its extension.

4. Storage Location

As an Android user, you might be well aware that some applications work seamlessly when stored in the device's internal memory, whereas other applications need to be stored in the SD card. So, if you don't save the application in the correct location, then you may face the error of App not installing on Android.

5. Application Permission

Application permissions and software operations running in the background of your Android device are not the latest concepts. Such errors can cause the Unknown Error code while installing any application.

6. Corrupt Storage

Last but not least, the final cause behind the application not installed Android error is corrupt storage. Corrupted storage, especially the corrupted SD card, can cause Android application not installed error. Even the internal storage of your device can get clogged due to unwanted data, some of which may contain elements that ultimately disturb the storage location.

The applications not installing on Android error can be caused due to one or more reasons stated above. So, you must always understand the cause first and then choose a quick fix to solve your issue permanently!

Part 2: The Quick Fix for App Not Installed on Android Due to System Problems

No matter what the causes is, the very possible root cause is due to Android system malfunction. It might be because the system is corrupted or system file is out of date. To solve this completely, I will recommend you to use a professional Android system repair software.

UltFone Android System Repair aims to effectively solve more than 150 Android issues on Samsung devices without data loss. To know more about the Android System Repair tool, look at its features and how-to-use guide to solving apps not installing on Android!

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How to Repair Android System to Fix App Not Installed Error

  • Step 1 Free download, Install and launch the UltFone Android System Repair on your PC. Now, connect your Android device by using a USB cable and click on the Repair Android System function from the main interface of the software.

    repair android system

  • Step 2 Select the appropriate device information to procced. This is very important because any wrong information can get your device bricked.

    select device info for the connected device

  • Step 3 Upon providing the device information, you can click Next to start downloading a compatible firmware file for the device.

    download android firmware file

  • Step 4 Once the firmware package gets downloaded, hit the Repair Now to start repairing Android system.

    start repairing Android system to fix app not installed error

  • Step 5 The repairing process may take a few minutes. You don’t need to do extra operation but wait for the device to restart after the repairing.

    android system repair is completed

That's all! You have successfully repaired the system problem in your Android device, and now you can check if App not installed android issue is fixed or not!

Part 3: Common Fixes for App Not Installing on Android Error

In addition to a quick-fix above, there are some common tips you can try when you are encountering the error.

1. Download Apps Using Google Play Store Only

The first way to solve the error of the Android app not installed is to download apps by using Google Play Store only. Google Play Store is an excellent platform that is specifically designed for Android software. It contains only the trusted applications, and therefore it is always recommended to download the apps from Google Play Store only.

2. Delete Unnecessary Apps

If insufficient storage on your Android device is the reason behind the App not installing on Android, you can fix it by deleting the unnecessary apps. You simply need to make some storage space on your device by cleaning the unwanted apps, and you can do this easily by:

  1. Step 1. Visiting Settings and selecting Apps or Application Manager from the list of options.
  2. Step 2. Select the App you wish to remove and wait for the App info screen to open.
  3. Step 3. Now, hit the Uninstall button to uninstall the unnecessary App on your Android device.

    uninstall app on Android

3. Mount SD Card

Often the SD card might be appropriately installed in your Android device, but it can still be inaccessible. So, mounting the SD card again can make it accessible!

Here's how you need to mount the SD card!

  1. Step 1. Go to the Settings of your device and select the Storage option from the list.
  2. Step 2. Here, hit the Mount SD Card option on the Storage info screen.

    mount sd card option on Android

  3. Step 3. Simply restart your Android device now and try installing any app and see if the issue still persists or not!

4. Choose the Proper Location for the App

Sometimes the storage location of the App can create the error of apk won't install, and therefore you always need to choose the proper location for the App. It is always suggested for the Android users not to tamper with the location of the application and allow the App to decide where it needs to be stored. In fact, it is always best to store the application in the internal storage of the device.

5. Format SD Card (If Have)

Another way to fix applications not installing on android error is by formatting the SD card. When this issue occurs due to the corrupted SD card, formatting the SD card becomes necessary.

So, here's how to Format an SD card!

NOTE: Before following the steps stated below, make sure to create a backup of the data on an SD card so that you do not have to suffer data loss.

  1. Step 1. Go to the Settings of your Android device and click on Storage.
  2. Step 2. Here, choose the Format SD Card option and mount the SD card again to use it smoothly.

    format SD card on Android phone

6. Reset App References/Reset App Permissions

Last but not least, the final way to fix the "can't install apk app not installed" error on Android is by resetting the App permissions. For this, you simply need to:

  1. Step 1. Go to the Settings> Apps.
  2. Step 2. Now, you simply need to navigate to Reset App Preferences or Reset Application Permissions and click on it.

    reset app preferences on Android

This will allow the third-party applications to get installed on your Android device flawlessly!

The Bottom Line

That’s all on how you can solve Android app not installed error on your Android device! Though this error can be caused due to a variety of reasons but if system problem is the main cause then you can undoubtedly look forwards towards UltFone Android System Repair tool as this tool works magically to fix all Android related issues without any hassle!

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