Stuck in Android System Recovery? How to Fix it and Recover Lost Data

Your smartphone stuck on Android 6.0 System Recovery <3e> screen and refuses to power on? The guide in this article explains how to fix stuck in Android system recovery and how to recover Android data from HTC One X9, Samsung Galaxy S6, Sony Xperia X and etc. during this process.

Let's go through these three parts one by one.

Part 1. About Android System Recovery

Android system recovery is a feature on android devices that allows you to boot system, apply update from ADB, cache or external storage, wipe data, restore to factory settings, wipe cache partition.

It is especially useful when you want to hard reset your smart Android 6.0 phone but it can't be turned on properly or its touch screen has problems. Usually, you can boot into it by powering off your device, and then press and hold key combination (such as Volome Up key, Home key, and the Power key) on your Android device.

Part 2. Fix Phone Frozen on Android System Recovery <3e> Screen

Android stuck in system recovery and can't work for unknown reasons. The commonest reason is that the buttons on your Android device malfunction. Hence, you'd better check whether the button of it works normally, especially for those I mentioned above. Follow the steps below on how to fix stuck in android system recovery:

  • 1. Press these keys and release for several times to check whether they are stuck.
  • 2. Press the power button to boot it on and off to check whether it functions normally.
  • 3. Failed in above steps? Remove the battery and put it back again and power it on again.

Second, it may also happen because of hardware issue. Under this condition, you can tap on "wipe data/factory reset" option (see above pic) on the recovery screen to factory restore your device. But you have to note that this will remove all data on your device. Below part can help you if you lost data after fixing Android stuck in Android System Recovery <3e>.

Part 3. How to Recover Android Data Lost during the Process

As we said above, the data will be wiped if you use "wipe data/factory reset". But fortunately, you still have methods to recover lost Android data under this circumstance. UltFone Android Data Recovery Program can help you to find them back. It support the retrieval of contacts, messages, photos, call logs, videos, and other documents in Android internal memory and external SD card.

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