How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked without SIM Card

Before buying a second-hand iPhone, it’s very important to check if iPhone is unlocked without a SIM before buying it. Such iPhones are confined to their individual network for a particular period. It's after when this agreement is fulfilled that the phone can be unlocked. Now and again, notwithstanding, a contractually allowable charge on your agreement can be paid to make the iPhone qualified for unlocking.

A great many people like to go for unlocked iPhones, particularly when they frequently change their networks. Fortunately, after experimentation, here are 4 different ways to figure out how to check if iPhone is unlocked without SIM card. Besides, you can also know how to recover concacts, call historey, messages, photos from your SIM card.

Way 1. How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked without Sim Card using IMEI Number

check if iphone is unlocked without sim card using imei number

Many people google “how to check if iphone 5 is unlocked without sim card”. There are online data sets and administrations that can help you get the lock status of your Apple devices. While large numbers of these administrations charge you a little expense to check your iPhone's lock status, there are some free administrations also that you can use without paying a cent. Coming up next is one of these online administrations to check your iPhone's status.

If you are ready for paying a little expense, find how to tell if your iPhone is unlocked by utilizing an online assistance. These administrations just require a couple of conventional details regarding your iPhone and in spite of the fact that they charge an expense, it saves you experiencing the issue of seeing whether there's a lock without anyone else.

Quite possibly one the most famous online checkers is WipeLock iPhone Carrier Checker, follow below steps on how to check if my iphone is unlocked without a sim card.

  1. Step 1. Go to WipeLock iPhone Carrier Checker website.
  2. Step 2. Select IMEI and enter your IMEI number.
  3. check if iphone is unlocked without sim card using imei number

  4. Step 3. Pay with the small fee via Paypal.
  5. Step 4. After this, it will share the iPhone’s lock status to your email.

Way 2. How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked without Sim Card via Settings App

Your iPhone really has an alternative in the Settings menu that demonstrates the lock or unlock status of your device. This choice doesn't straightforwardly enlighten you regarding the current lock status of your iPhone, however it gives you a clue which works by and large.

With this technique, remember that the outcomes won't generally be exact. You may find that your iPhone is unlocked, however it may not be the situation actually. On the off chance that you need a secure strategy, you should look at one of our different strategies beneath.

  1. Step 1. Open Setting app in your iPhone.
  2. Step 2. Look for Mobile Data/Cellular Data > Mobile Data Options/ Cellular Data Options.
  3. check if iphone is unlocked without sim card via settings app

  4. Step 3. If you have option of Mobile data Network/ Cellular data Network, then your iPhone is unlocked. If you don’t see this option, then it is locked.

Note: As mentioned above, this may or may not be exact. In not many cases, the Sim given by the specialist organization permits you to change the APN and because of this you won't get the guarantee about the situation with your iPhone. If so, have a go at utilizing substitute strategies given beneath and sort out precisely if your iPhone is locked or unlocked.

Way 3. How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked without Sim Card via SIM Cards

check if iphone is unlocked without sim card via sim cards

Using SIM cards of different carriers, you can confirm the Unlock status of the iPhone. This is the simplest way.

  1. Step 1. Switch off the device.
  2. Step 2. Insert a SIM card in the device.
  3. Step 3. Turn on the device.
  4. Step 4. Check the network connection of the carrier and try to make a call from the iPhone.
  5. Step 5. If it works fine then try another Operator’s SIM card and follow the same process.
  6. Step 6. Use 2 to 3 different operator’s SIM cards and if your device works for all of them, then the device is unlocked.

Now, if somebody asks, you don’t have to think “how to tell if iphone is unlocked without sim”.

Way 4. How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked without SIM Card by contacting Support Team

On the off chance that your concern is as yet unsolved, maybe you can attempt to contact carrier's help. You can discover their contact information on the carrier's site or in the marked agreement. At that point, call them and they will respond to your inquiries.

It's not a particularly fast arrangement - it might take some time for the carrier to hit you up - yet on the off chance that you need to know without a doubt, it could merit connecting with the network provider you've joined to and checking whether they can help.

This is also the simplest way for checking if iPhone is locked for your carrier.

  1. Step 1. Just call your operator’s customer service.
  2. Step 2. Ask them to check if your iPhone is locked.
  3. Step 3. They will ask basic details and security questions about iPhone but will tell you the exact status of the device.

Extra Tip: How to Unlock iPhone without SIM Card

After learning how to check if iPhone is unlocked without SIM card, are you curious about how to unlock iPhone without SIM card? Well, there're quite a lot software available online to help you unlock iPhone without SIM card, one of which is UltFone Activation Unlocker. It's totally safe and very easy to operate. Some of its main features include:

  • Unlock activation lock when you forgot passcode.
  • Bypass activation lock when you can’t activate the second-hand purchased device.
  • Allow you to sign in with a new Apple ID on your device.
  • Protect your device from being tracked or locked by the previous owner.
  • Support iOS 12 to iOS 14 from iPhone 6 to iPhone X.
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Hope you liked this guide on how to check if iPhone is unlocked without SIM card. And if you have any questions regarding to this article, feel free to comment below, we'll thrilled to help you.