iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo After Jailbreak iOS 16, How To Fix It

I tried jailbreaking my iPhone using PanGu, and the status says that the process finished in the tool. But my iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo after PanGu jailbreak. I don’t know what to do now, can somebody help me?

Many iPhone users have reported recently that during jailbreak iPhone got stuck on the Apple logo. And they have no idea why it happened or how to resolve the problem. So, we thought, we’ll formulate this guide so that users can find out what to do to fix the iPhone stuck on Apple logo after hard reset jailbreak using PanGu or any other tool.

Go through this guide and hope that the reason behind this problem is only a temporary glitch. As long as the problem is software related, we can resolve it quickly.

The 100% Working Method to Fix Jailbroken iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo on iOS 16

If you want a quick fix for iPhone stuck on Apple logo after jailbreak, then UltFone is the best tool. It is iOS System Repair software that is perfectly capable of getting rid of software-related problems in iOS devices. Whether your device is stuck on the Apple logo, iTunes logo, black screen, white screen, recovery mode, or having issues during or after jailbreak, UltFone is the ultimate tool.

The features of this iOS System Repair Tool will convince you that it is formidable software to get your hands on.


Get your hands on the software from the official site and follow the guide to fix the iPhone stuck on Apple logo screen after jailbreak.

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  • Step 1 Launch this iOS recovery tool and connect your iPhone with the system. From the home interface, choose the Repair Operating System mode to fix all iOS-related issues. To proceed further with the repair, you need to click on the Fix Now button.

    choose the repair function to fix iphone stuck on apple logo after jailbreak
  • Step 2 To prepare for repair, the software will automatically detect the firmware version of your device and provide a package file to download. You can download the file right away or import the firmware package if you already have it.

    this program will download the latest ios firmware to fix jailbreak iphone stuck on apple logo
  • Step 3 After verification of the firmware package, click on the Repair Now button to initiate the repair sequence. Keep your device connected while the process is ongoing.

    fixing iphone x stuck on apple logo after jailbreak

Once the repair is done, you will receive a notification, and your iPhone will reboot. Now, you have a device that functions optimally, and all the data is intact as well.

Here is a video guide to demostrate how to fix iPhone jailbreak stuck on Apple logo.


Other Solutions that May Help to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Screen after Jailbreak

When iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo after jailbreak and iTunes does not recognize it, the situation seems way more complicated. But don’t worry, try the methods below first.

Solution 1. Reboot your iPhone

The ideal solution for iPhone stuck on Apple logo after PanGu jailbreak is rebooting it as soon as possible. And we are not talking about a soft restart; we mean a hard reset. As most of you know that there are different methods of force restart, here are the steps.

For iPhone 6 and earlier – Press Power button + Home button until Apple logo appears.

For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus – Press Volume Down + Power button and release when Apple logo pops up.

For iPhone 8, later models, and 2nd Generation SE - Press Volume Up & Release > Press Volume Down & Release > Press Power button and release when Apple logo appears.

If the iPhone stuck at the Apple logo after jailbreak is a random error, it’d be fixed right away. If not, then try the next method as it is the most effective when the device gets stuck.

Solution 2. DFU Restore Jailbroken iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo

Most users try the first method right away. But if it’s not working and the jailbroken iPhone is still stuck on Apple logo, then perform a DFU restore. Depending on the model, the process will differ, so make sure that you follow the right steps to avoid further issues.

  1. 1. Connect your iPhone with a system that has iTunes installed on it. Also, make sure that the latest version of iTunes is available.
  2. 2. To put the iPhone in DFU mode, follow the respective steps. You can also learn more about iPhone DFU Mode here.

    • iPhone 6 and earlier- Press Home + Power button for 8 seconds > Release Power button only and wait until iTunes recognize your device
    • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus – Press Power + Volume Down button for 8 seconds > Let only the Power button go > Release Volume down button when iTunes detects the device
    • iPhone 8 and later – Press Volume Up & Release > Press Volume Down & Release > Press Power button > Wait for the screen to turn black > Hold Power + Volume Down button again > Release the Power button after 5 seconds
  3. 3. Shortly after the screen goes black, iTunes will notify that a device in recovery mode has been detected, and you need to restore it. Confirm the restore and wait for the process to finish patiently.

    dfu mode restore iphone to fix iphone stuck on apple logo after jailbreak itunes does not recognize

Remember that DFU restore will erase your device data. But at least, you’ll have access to your device again.

FAQs About Jailbreak iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

Q1. Will jailbreak be removed after repairing system using UltFone iOS System repair?

Yes, as you carry out the repair process when the iPhone is stuck on Apple logo after jailbreak in iOS 16, the jailbreak will be removed. UltFone works by downloading and installing a new verified firmware package on your device. Hence, your firmware version will be replaced, and your iOS version also gets updated automatically.

Q2: Will my data get lost in order to solve iPhone stuck on the Apple logo after jailbreak?

When you are using force restart or UltFone iOS System Repair, we can guarantee that no data will be lost. However, if you choose to use DFU mode to fix the Jailbroken iPhone stuck on Apple logo, all data and settings will be erased.

A Last Word

What if your iPhone gets stuck on Apple logo after jailbreak with broken power button? It makes your options limited, and that’s why UltFone has become the topmost iOS system repair tool in the market. It is reliable and capable of fixing other software related issues as well. So, the next time when you suffer from such problems, you’ll know what to do.

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