5 Ways to Fix Download and Install Greyed Out When Updating to iOS 17/16

I was trying to update my iPhone 7 plus to latest iOS version but the download and install option in software update was greyed out. The error that kept popping up was "Try after connecting to WLAN", despite being connected to WLAN successfully. I tried restating device, reconnecting to Wi-Fi, switching off "WLAN assist" but none of them worked.

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download and install greyed out when update ios 15

If your Apple device does not meet certain iOS update requirements, download and install greyed out when you update to iOS 17/16. Your device update will not install if the device is not charged, your device storage is not enough or a poor internet connection exist. If you are a victim of this error, don’t panic! This article provides useful and easy tips to enable you to fix download and install greyed out when updating to iOS 17/16.

Way 1. Check if Your Apple device Battery Percentage is at least 50%

Generally, the battery power of your Apple device is a key requirement for the latest iOS update. The processes involved for a successful iOS update consume more battery power compared to other processes and apps in your device. Apple will only permit users to perform iOS 17/16 update if the device battery percentage is at least 50%. Ensure your battery has enough electricity before starting the iOS update otherwise Download and Install greyed out when updating iOS 17/16 may occur. To increase the battery percentage, you can plug your Apple device directly into an electricity source using the device’s USB cable and power adapter.

Way 2. Check the Available Storage Space of Your Apple device

Why is Resume Download greyed out as I attempt to perform an iOS 17/16 update? This might require you to clear device storage to create room for an iOS installation file. It is recommended that you confirm if enough storage space is available before starting the iOS update.

To check your device storage: Proceed to “Settings”, tap on “General”, and select “iPhone/iPad/iPod Storage” to see the unused storage space on your Apple device. The recommended unused storage space for your device before starting an iOS 17/16 update is a minimum of 1GB of storage.

check iphone storage space to update ios 15

Way 3. Check Your Internet Connection

Connecting your iPhone to a bad Wi-Fi connection or cellular data might cause Download and Install greyed out when updating to iOS 17/16. Before you start updating your iPhone to iOS 16/15, it is recommended you check the internet connection of your iPhone and ensure it is connected to a strong and reliable Wi-Fi network. Follow these tips below to resolve a poor internet connection:

3.1 Use Wi-Fi in Place of Cellular Data

Supposing you connect your iPhone to a cellular network when updating your iPhone software to iOS 17/16, you will get this notification, “This Update requires a Wi-Fi connection to download”.

To connect to a Wi-Fi connection: Go to Settings, Tap on Wi-Fi and toggle the Wi-Fi on-off switch to On. Immediately you establish a Wi-Fi connection, go to “Software Update”. The Download and Install control should be all right now.

3.2 Switch Off Wi-Fi and Switch It On again

“Why is ‘Install Now’ greyed out on my iPad?” You could have asked rhetorically despite your device being connected to a Wi-Fi network? The Wi-Fi connection could be poor. Open Safari Browser and input http://www.apple.com on the browser to verify the Wi-Fi connection. If the websites are not properly running, please switch off Wi-Fi and switch it on again.

3.3 Turn off Wi-Fi Assist

Your iPhone switches automatically to a cellular network as long as Wi-Fi Assist is enabled when there is poor Wi-Fi connection. Go to Settings. Click on Cellular or Mobile Data. Scroll down to Wi-Fi Assist and doable it.

turn off wifi assist

3.4 Restart Network Settings

Restarting or resetting your iPhone network settings when the “Download and Install” option is still grayed out is another temporary solution. This measure resets all iPhone network settings to factory settings.

To reset network settings on your iPhone: Go to Settings, select General, and then select Reset. Choose Reset Network Settings. Input the passcode for your iPhone and confirm it.

restart network settings to update ios 15

Way 4. Use iTunes for iOS 17/16 Download and Installation

For the most part, iTunes is an important alternative to updating your iPhone iOS.


  • A Personal Computer (PC) with Mac OS or Windows OS.
  • iTunes latest version.
  • A USB cable.

Before you proceed with the update, disconnect your PC from any available Wi-Fi connection and connect your Apple device to it using a USB cable.

  1. 1. Go to Settings on your Apple device. Select Personal Hotspot. Turn on Personal Hotspot using the toggle switch.

    turn on personal hotspot

  2. 2. Choose “Bluetooth and USB only” on the dialog box that pops up.
  3. 3. Your PC internet connection should now be enabled as a result of your Apple’s device cellular network.
  4. 4. Launch iTunes and select your Apple device. Click on Summary.
  5. 5. To start updating your Apple device, Click Update. iTunes will use your device cellular network to download iOS new version of operating system for your device.

You have downloaded iOS 17/16 update successfully. Follow all the prompts on your device screen to complete the installation of the update.

Way 5. Use A Reliable Software tool for iOS 17/16 Update

UltFone iOS System Repair is a reliable and professional third-party iOS recovery tool that is capable of updating your Apple device iOS. It is referred to as “A Master of iOS”. It makes use of new technology for solving majority of problems associated with iOS without loss of data (unlike iTunes) via the default regular repair mode.

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Key features of UltFone iOS System Repair:

  • Launch and Exit Recovery Mode on your iPhone/iPad/iPod [100% Free]
  • Fix 150+ iOS problems without data loss.
  • Reset iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch without password/iTunes.
  • Support all iOS version and iPhone models, including iOS 17 and iPhone 14.

How to Repair iOS System without Data Loss

This UltFone iOS System Repair module helps you efficiently and without stress fix any issue related to Apple device iOS firmware like iPhone screen not responding following an update, iPhone won’t charge or turn on, and iPhone getting stuck in DFU mode or recovery mode during a jailbreak or iOS update. With iTunes, there could be data loss and the steps can be difficult for beginners. Use the steps below to repair your device iOS without data loss:

  • Step 1 Download UltFone iOS System Repair on your computer. Launch it. Connect your Apple Device to your PC via Apple USB lightning cable. Click on “Start” to access the repair module.

    repair ios system to update ios 15

  • Step 2 Click “Standard Repair” on the next screen to continue. If your Apple device is not detected, manually put your Apple device in DFU or Recovery Mode so it can be detected.

    standard repair ios 15

  • Step 3 Click on “Download” to automatically download the correct firmware for your iOS device. Click “Browse” to save the firmware file (about 2.5GB) in any folder of your choice. Keep your internet connection working and be patient for the file to completely download.

    download firmware package to fix ios 15

  • Step 4 Click on “Start Standard Repair” after a successful firmware download to resolve your device iOS problems. Wait for few moments for your device iOS repair to be done.

    firmware is downloaded

  • Step 5 Your Apple device reboots automatically when the iOS recovery is complete. Your device becomes normal.

    ios 15 update issue is repaired

Friendly Reminder: Backup iPhone before Updating to iOS 17/16 [Free!]

There is often time risk of loss of data when updating your device OS. Hence, it is recommended you freely backup your iOS device data before updating your iPhone to iOS 17/16.

UltFone iOS Data Manager, a complete file manager for iOS devices is capable of transferring, managing, backing up and restoring all the data on your iOS devices.

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Key Features of UltFone iOS Data Manager:

  • Export photos to your PC from an iOS device
  • Manage (edit, delete, import and export) data easily on iOS devices compared to iTunes
  • Backup and also restore iOS data with ease.
  • Transfer data (without iTunes synchronizing) between your Computer and Apple device
  • Compatible with latest iPhone 14 series and iPadOS and iOS 17

Here is the steps to backup iPhone before updating to iOS 17/16.

  • Step 1 Launch UltFone iOS Data Manager in your computer and then connect your iPhone to computer with a cable wire. Click “Backup & Restore”. Here you can choose what files you want to backup.

    backup iphone before updating to ios 15

  • Step 2 Tap “Backup” button and then the software will back up your data.

    backing up iphone data

  • Step 3 Backup is completed and now you can view your backup data on the computer.

    iphone backup is completed


This article offers 5 ways to fix Download and Install greyed out when updating to iOS 17/16. It is highly recommended to choose the last way, UltFone iOS System Repair as it can not only fix download and install greyed out when updating to iOS 17/16 but also other 150+ iOS system issues. It can be your long-term iOS partner. Moreover, the article provides you with a free tool to backup iPhone data for your convenience.

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