How Do I Fix Apps Keep Crashing on Android?

People love Android for its compatibility, customizability, and ease of usage. But, oddly enough, Android faces issues all the time. One of the most recent ones is - Apps keep closing Android. So, if you are someone looking for an answer to “why do my apps keep stopping,” you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to talk about the reasons behind your apps keep crashing on your Android device and how to quickly fix it. Before getting into the article, what is this issue?

Imagine you are using a mobile app on your Android device. You are enjoying the app when it suddenly closes without you doing so. This is the app crashing and apparently many users are facing the same problem with many different apps - even apps that are not inter-connected whatsoever.

So, until Google rolls out an update to fix the Google apps crashing Android problem, we will give you a couple of solutions that can fix this problem. But before we get to that, what’s the reason behind this Android issue?

apps keep crashing on Android

Why Do My Apps Keep Crashing Android?

The reality of the app keeps crashing problem is that there is not just one reason behind it. It could be anything from poor WiFi connection to buggy apps. We have narrowed down the list of reasons to just three and if you are facing the apps keep closing Android, it’s because of one of the following reasons.

Reason #1. The Android app that just crashed was not updated properly. If you just installed the app, some apps also crash because the installation process wasn’t completed or abruptly stopped.

Reason #2. Some apps function properly with a smooth WiFi connection. If you are using such an Android app via a weak internet connection, it could crash because of this reason as well.

Reason #3. If your Android app started crashing after the latest Android update, this might probably be the reason behind your apps automatically close on Android problem. Android rolled out an update recently to their Android System WebView app and the update was buggy & is causing even unrelated apps to crash.

Now that we know potential reasons for Android apps crashing problem, let’s get down to fixing it. If your app is crashing because of Reason #3, the below section will help you fix it.

The Recent Solution: Uninstall Android System WebView to Fix Android Apps Keep Crashing

As we mentioned earlier, one of the recent reasons why Android apps are crashing is that Android rolled out a buggy update to their Android System WebView app. So, all you have to do to fix this problem is to uninstall the WebView app update.

Here’s how you can uninstall the Android System WebView app update to fix the apps crashing on Android/Samsung problem.

  1. Step 1. Open Google Play Store on your phone and go to apps&games.
  2. Step 2. Open the installed tab and select Android System Webview. You can also search the app.
  3. Now, run the app, wait for detection and then click on the "Recover from iCloud Backup file" option on the main window.
  4. Step 3. Tap on Uninstall and confirm Uninstall to uninstall the Android System WebView.

uninstall android system webview to fix Android apps keep crashing

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If this does not work, you can also uninstall from the Settings panel.

  1. Step 1: Open the “Settings” app on your Android device and go to “Apps”. Find “Android System WebView” from the list of options.
  2. Step 2: Click on the three dots on the right side of your screen and click on the “Uninstall updates” option.

And that should solve the apps keep closing on Android if the buggy Google update was the reason behind your apps crashing. If your problem is still not fixed, don’t worry! In the next section, we provide plenty of other solutions to fix the Android apps crashing problem.

Other Solutions to Fix Apps Crashing on Android Phone

In this section, we will talk about a few other solutions that can help you fix apps crashing on Android phone.

Method 1. Force Stop the Crashed App

  1. Step 1: Open the “Settings” app on your Android device. Go to the “Apps” options and find the app that keeps crashing.
  2. Step 2: Click on the “Force Stop” option and wait for a few minutes.

    force stop the crashing app

Method 2. Restart Your Phone

And they say in the tech industry if nothing seems to fix your problem, restart your device. Press the power button on your device for a few seconds to launch the onscreen power menu. Tap on Restart/Reboot option to wait for your device to restart.

restart android phone

Method 3. Clear App Data and Cache

This is another way of fixing your “apps keep crashing Android” problem. Go to the “Settings” app on your Android phone and choose the “Apps” options. Find the app that keeps crashing, click on “Storage”, followed by the “CLEAR STORAGE/CLEAR DATA” and “CLEAR CACHE” options.

clear app cache to stop it from crashing

Method 4. Reinstall the App to Fix Android from Crashing

If the reason behind Android keeps closing apps is incomplete install, this should probably fix it.

Find the app that keeps crashing. Long press on the app’s icon and slide to the “Uninstall” option. Go to Play Store, search for that app again, and reinstall it on your device.

uninstall the crashing app on Android

This is one of the popular fixes that have worked for many users who were facing the problem like Google app keeps crashing.

Method 5. Free Up Space on Device Storage

Have you ever noticed that Android asks you to free up space when installing an app even though you have the exact space available?

Well, the low internal storage of your Android device also causes this problem.

To free up space on your device, you can move large media files to your SD card.

move app data to SD card on Android

You can create a backup of these files on your desktop/laptop. That’s the safest option to clean up your device’s storage. You can also uninstall unused apps on your device.

Method 6. Troubleshoot Internet Connection

If your Android apps keep crashing is being caused due to Reason #2 we mentioned in the above section, this solution should be able to fix it.

Check if your internet connection is working okay. You can use a second device to confirm that. If it’s not, try turning the airplane mode on & off. Use other apps to re-check if your internet connection is working okay.

Once you are sure that your internet connection is good enough, re-open the app that was crashing earlier. It should work fine now that you have troubleshot your internet connection.

Method 7. Wipe Cache Partition

One of the other reasons behind the “apps keep crashing Android” problem is the wrong cache partition. Follow the next few steps to wipe the cache partition to prevent your apps from crashing.

  1. Step 1: Put your Android device into Recovery Mode. To do that, you can visit the official site of your Android device manufacturer to find out how to do that. If you own a Samsung device, press & hold “Home”, “Power”, and “Volume down” buttons.
  2. Step 2: Navigate between the options that appear on your screen to choose the “wipe cache partition” option, followed by “reboot system now”.

    wipe cache partition

Once your device restarted after clearing the cache partition, the “apps keep crashing Android” problem should be fixed.

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Method 8. Repair Android System to Fix Apps Crashing Android

After the above steps, if you still have the problem with App randomly or constantly crashing from time to time, it is possible be an Android system malfunction. In this case, you can solve this problem by using professional Android System Repair software. UltFone Android System Repair is one of the best among the many choices because of its neat interface and high success rate.

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UltFone Android System Repair is primarily created to fix issues related to the Android system like the problem at hand. Follow the below steps to fix Android apps down issue:

  • Step 1 Download it on your Windows PC.
  • Step 2 Connect your Android device via a USB cable. Click on the "Repair Android System" option, followed by “Repair Now”.

    UltFone Android System Repair interface
  • Step 3 Choose your Android device’s information on the following screen. Once done, click on the “Next” button to continue.

    choose the correct info for the connected device
  • Step 4 Depending on the device you are using; this tool will automatically download a firmware package to repair your Android System. After the firmware is downloaded successfully, click on the “Repair Now” button and then the “Continue” button.

    download firmware file for Android
  • Step 5 Follow the instructions that appear on the next screen to put your phone in download mode. Click on the “Done” button when you will see the message confirming the process completion.

    Android system repair is completed

The Android System repair should fix your Android apps closing on their own problem.

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Method 9. Factory Reset

We have covered almost all possible solutions to the Android apps crashing after update problem. Now the only option left is to Factory Reset your Android device. Make sure that you have created a backup of all your files because this will erase all your data.

Go to the “Settings” app on your Android device. Choose the “Backup & Reset” option and click on the “Factory Data Reset” option. Once you have reset your Android device, the “apps keep crashing Android” problem should be fixed!

factory reset android

The Bottom Line

That is the full solutions for Apps crashing on Android. It is suggested that you try the basic troubleshooting issues like restart your phone, force quit the crashing app or clear cache. If the problem still occurs, you can use the professional Android system repair tool or factory reset to get your phone back to normal.

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