Move to iOS Not Working/Connecting? Find the Solutions Here

Hello, I'm trying to make the switch from my Samsung S10 to the iPhone 12 Pro using the move to iOS however I can't get the devices paired. How do I make it work?

It’s no secret that “Move to iOS” is a remarkable tool to transfer data from an Android device to your brand new iPhone. “Move to iOS” is Apple’s official tool that’s specifically designed to make the entire “Android to iOS” transition as smooth as possible. However, despite being such a useful tool, even “Move to iOS” is vulnerable to unexpected errors. While scrolling through Apple’s official forum, we came across a common user query that talked about the “Move to iOS not working” issue. If you’re also stuck in a similar situation, we’re here to help.


6 Ways to Fix Move to iOS Not Working/Connecting

First, let’s take a look at a few quick solutions that’ll help you fix “move to iOS not working” issue instantly and transfer your files from Android to iPhone without any hassle. In case these solutions don’t work, we’ll also take a look at an alternative method that you can utilize to transfer files between the two devices.

1.Restart Both Android and iPhone

As surprising as it may sound, but sometimes a simple solution like restarting both the devices will instantly fix the “move to iOS app not working” issue. When you’ll reboot your devices, it’ll automatically clear the cached files and prepare them for data transfer.

Android: To restart your Android device, press-and-hold the “Power” button and tap the “Restart” icon. Wait for a few seconds and let the device restart automatically.

iPhone: On your iPhone, however, you’ll have to first power-off the device and then manually turn it on for a successful reboot. Here you can find the steps to restart iPhone for different models:

Once the devices are successfully rebooted, simply check if “move to iOS” not working issues is prevailing or not.

2.Check Wifi Connection on Both iOS and Android

Keep in mind that “move to iOS” will only work if both the devices are connected to a stable Internet connection. Check “Network Settings” on Android as well as iPhone and make sure they are connected to your Wifi network.

check iphone wifi

In case, the Wifi is not working properly, go ahead and reboot the Wifi router. This will reset the Network connection and you’ll be able to transfer data using Move to iOS without any interruptions.

3.Confirm the Compatibility of Your Devices

If your device is not compatible with the app, you’re most likely to encounter the “move to iOS not connecting” error. Like any other application, even “move to iOS” requires a minimum system requirement to function properly.

Your Android device should be running Android 4.0 (Kitkat) or higher whereas your iPhone must have iOS 9.0 or higher. In case, your devices don’t meet the minimum software requirement, “move to iOS” won’t connect and you’ll have to look for a different method to transfer data between them. For Android users, go to Settings and About phone to check your current Android versions, while iOS users can check by going to Settings>General>About.

check android os version

4.Turn on Airplane Mode

In many cases, your smartphone’s network connectivity may interrupt the normal “move to iOS” functionality, causing the app to stop working. That’s why it’s always a great strategy to turn on Airplane mode on both devices before connecting to “Move to iOS”. Since you only need a Wifi connection to transfer data, turning on airplane mode will ensure that no other network connection hinders the data transfer.

On iPhone:

To enable Airplane mode on your iPhone, swipe up to launch the “Control Center” and tap the “Airplane Mode” icon.

iphone airplane mode

On Android:

On your Android device, pull down the notification tray and click the “Airplane Mode” icon.

android airplane mode

Once Airplane mode is active on both the device, you can easily connect your devices to the Wifi and start transferring data using “move to iOS”.

5.Turn Off Connection Optimizer

If your Android device is running the latest version (Android 8.0 or above), it’ll have a built-in “Connection Optimizer” feature. This feature is designed to automatically switch between Wifi and cellular network to provide optimal speed. However, since “move to iOS” only works over a Wifi connection, this feature will most likely interrupt the entire data transfer process.

So, before you start connecting your devices using “move to iOS”, make sure to disable the “Connection Optimizer” feature on your Android device.

Step 1 - On your Android device, go to “Settings” and click “Connections”.

Step 2 - Navigate to “Mobile Networks>Connection Optimizer”.

Step 3 - Now, disable the “Connection Optimizer” setting and manually turn-off your cellular connection as well.

connection optimizer

6.Check Your iPhone’s Storage Space

Finally, if none of the above solutions work, there’s a huge probability that your iPhone is running low on storage space. Basically, your iPhone should have enough storage space to accommodate all the data that you’re transferring from your Android device.

check iphone storage

In case your iPhone has low storage space, you can either delete a few files from the iPhone's storage or only transfer essential data like contacts and WhatsApp from the Android device.

Alternative Way of Move to iOS to Transfer Files from Android to iPhone

If none of the above solutions fix the “move to iOS app not working” error, you’ll have to use an alternative way to transfer data from Android to iOS. We recommend using a PC to get the job done. You can simply transfer files from your Android device to the computer via USB and then send it to your iPhone using iTunes. Even though this method can get a bit complicated, it’s safe to say that it works all the time. Here’s how you can transfer data from Android to iOS using a PC.

Transfer files from Android to PC

Step 1 - First connect your Android device to your PC/laptop through USB.

Step 2 - Make sure to enable the “USB Debugging” feature on Android. Also swipe down to bring the notification tray and select “USB For File Transfer”.

usb debugging transfer files

Step 3 - Now, simply select and copy the files from Android to a dedicated folder on your PC.

Use iTunes to Transfer Files from PC to iPhone

Once you have transferred files to your PC, you can use iTunes to move them to your iPhone.

Step 1 - Using a lightning cable, connect your iPhone to the PC.

Step 2 - Now, launch iTunes and tap the device icon in the left sidebar.

Step 3 - Make sure to enable the “File Sharing” feature and then select the app that you want to use to transfer files.

itunes file sharing

Step 4 - Click “Add” and select the data that you want to transfer to your iPhone.

Note: Alternatively, you can also use UltFone iOS Data Manager to transfer data from your PC to an iPhone. It’s one of the best iTunes alternatives, that allows users to export data from PC to iPhone (and vice-versa) within one click. Simply install the software on your PC and start transferring data to your iPhone easily.

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Video Guide on How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone using WhatsApp Transfer Software

Final Verdict

So, that’s how you can fix the “move to iOS not working” error while transferring data from an Android device to your iPhone. However, in case you still encounter any errors with the app, you can simply use the above-mentioned alternative methods to successfully transfer files between the two devices.

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