Step by Step Guide on How to Restore WhatsApp Backup on iPhone

Have you lost your WhatsApp chats due to some reasons and want to get them back? You don’t need to worry anymore. In this blog, we shall answer all your questions regarding how to restore WhatsApp backup on iPhone and much more. WhatsApp allows its iPhone users to save their data on the iCloud through the Apple ID. The saved data may include all your chats, WhatsApp media, and documents, which can be retrieved. The backup can be restored to your iPhone using various ways. This blog contains a step-by-step guide on how to restore WhatsApp backup on iPhone and a better alternative, let’s begin.

Part 1. How to Restore WhatsApp Chat History from an iCloud Backup

iCloud is a renowned and secure cloud server for Apple users that keeps a backup of all the important data, which can be accessed whenever needed. WhatsApp also makes use of iCloud to store its backup for iPhone users, and In case you need to restore your WhatsApp chats, they can be accessed and retrieved from iCloud. Before we begin with the process, let’s first discuss the necessities for the restoration to complete.

  • Ensure that your iPhone is logged into the same Apple account which contains the backup.
  • Confirm that the phone number you use is the same as for which the backup was made.
  • Check that your phone has enough space to restore the backup. 

If all the requirements above are fulfilled, the steps below shall help you restore chats from iCloud.

  • Step 1: We need to ensure that we have a chat backup available. To check that, open WhatsApp. Now go to setting and click on Chats. Then, on the next screen, click on Chat Backup, and the screen shall present you relevant details regarding the last backup.
  • ensure chat back available

  • Step 2: Now, go on to delete and re-install WhatsApp. Then enter your number and click Done.
  • delete whatsapp

  • Step 3: Then click on Restore Chat History, and the process shall begin.
  • restore chal history

However, there are some problems associated with the backup and restore using iCloud. Users have reported that the process gets stuck or is very slow if there is a slight variation in the internet connection. Similarly, some users have found the restore to lack some of the files which were backed up. But it isn’t all bad; the latter part of the passage would discuss “how to restore deleted WhatsApp messages without backup on iPhone,” so you are good to go.

Part 2.How to Restore WhatsApp to iPhone from iTunes Backup (Without Uninstalling and Erasing)

You can also try iTunes to restore WhatsApp to iPhone. The problem associated with iTunes is that it doesn't offer a selective restore or backup feature. That means you would have to create the backup of the entire data of your iPhone. Therefore, the best way to restore WhatsApp backup to iPhone is through a third-party tool just like UltFone iOS Data Manager. This tool is a one-stop solution to managing your iOS data. By taking the assistance of UltFone iOS Data Manager, you can restore the WhatsApp data selectively to your iPhone. Also, the tool allows you to clone the data from iPhone to iPhone or between iPhone and iPad. Besides it, the tool is widely praised because of its smooth operation and privacy security.

Here are some of the features of UltFone iOS Data Manager.

    • Transfer photos from iPhone to a computer with a single click.
    • Efficiently manage your iOS data.
    • Preview backup before restoring.
    • Selectively restore the data.
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Follow the step-by-step guide to restore WhatsApp to iTunes.

  • Step 1Install and launch UltFone iOS Data Manager, and then connect your iPhone to the system.
  • backup now

  • Step 2From the main interface, go to the Backup & Restore tab and select to view or restore previous backup files option.
  • select a backup to restore

    Step 3Now, the program will display all the backups that are stored on your computer. Choose the latest backup and click on the View Backup Data option.

    restoring files to iPhone

    Step 5After that, the program will extract and display all the files from the backup. You can select the files that you wish to transfer and then click Restore to the target device.

    generating whatsapp data to transfer to android

    Step 6Wait for few minutes, and the selected files will be transferred to your iPhone.

    generating whatsapp data to transfer to android

Bonus Tip: How to Restore WhatsApp from Android to iPhone without Backup

Now, you have a good idea of how to restore WhatsApp to iPhone. However, if you want to restore WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone without backup, then simply try UltFone WhatsApp Transfer . The program not only allows you to restore WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone but also enables you to transfer WhatsApp contacts, call history, and other multimedia files stored in your WhatsApp conversation.

Key Features of UltFone WhatsApp Transfer.

  • Transfer, backup, restore WhatsApp data with ease.
  • Offers 1-click feature to backup and restore data.
  • Support Mac as well as Android.
  • Super-fast speed for data transmission. 
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Here is the guide on how to restore or backup WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone.

  • Step 1: Launch UltFone WhatsApp Transfer on your computer, and connect iPhone and Android to PC via a USB cable. Once the devices are recognized, click Transfer.
  • transfer whatsapp from android to iphone

  • Step 2: Before the transfer, the program will create a backup of your WhatsApp data on the source device.
  • backup-whatsapp-android

  • Step 3: Once the backup is completed on the source device, you would be required to verify your WhatsApp account.
  • verify whatsapp account

  • Step 4: After verification, the program will start transferring data to the targeted device.
  • obtain whatsapp data from source device

  • Step 5: Wait for some time until the transfer is completed. That's it. Now, the WhatsApp data would appear on your iPhone.
  • whatsapp messages transfer to iphone successfully


You can try the above solutions to restore WhatsApp backup on iPhone. You can choose the best one according to your device situation. For a hassle-free experience, the top-recommend method is by using UltFone WhatsApp Transfer. This is just because the tool is safe, secure, and trusted by millions of users because of its success rate. Additionally, it is easier to operate, and even someone with no technical skills can use it. We hope by following this guide, you would have successfully restored WhatsApp backup on iPhone. Remember to share your experience with us in the comments below.

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