WhatsApp Link Generator Reviews and Tips

WhatsApp link generators can help you saving dozens of contacts just one click and you can contact your favorite store on your favorite app. If you are also wondering about what WhatsApp link generator is, or, how to generate a WhatsApp link and how to add it to your social media profiles, you came to the right place. In this article, we will answer all your questions and recommend some WhatsApp link generators (free), and how to use them. That’s not all, for all our WhatsApp fans out there we also have a very special App for you to make the WhatsApp experience even smoother by using UltFone WhatsApp transfer. So, let’s get started.

Part 1: what is WhatsApp Link Generator

WhatsApp link generators are the new trend of the day which just gives you a link that you can add to your profile description. Anyone who wants to contact you will simply click on the link and will be directly redirected to your WhatsApp inbox where they can easily reach out for help or any guidance. This will not only make it convenient for people who want to reach out to you but also make it much more convenient for you to reach out to more people. Also it providing a convenient way for people to reach out which can help you grow and increase your traffic exponentially. Without any hassle of saving dozens of contacts just one click and you can contact your favorite store on your favorite app.

whatsapp generator

Part 2: Official WhatSapp Link Generator

WhatsApp offers an in-built link generating option for Business users. For this, you must have an account on WhatsApp Business.To create a short link from WhatsApp Business, follow these steps:

  • 1. Click on the Three-dot and open the Settings option.
  • whatsapp business

  • 2. In the settings option, look for WhatsApp Business settings.
  • whatsapp-setiing

  • 3. There you can find the Short Link option and with this, your link will be generated. Now you have to copy this link to your profile or any other social media place to help buyers reach out to you.
  • whatsapp short link

    Unfortunately, this option is for WhatsApp Business users only, but don’t worry we got you covered.

    Part 3: Top 8 WhatsApp Link Generators

    Here are the Top 8 WhatsApp link generators which you can easily use.


    One of the best WhatsApp link generators available on the internet. The best feature you get from this tool is that you don’t have to go through several complex steps. The user interface is extremely friendly and they even display an option of how your user’s screen will look like after clicking your link.  Another very helpful option that you get with this tool is to add any short instance message. For example, if you put the link under your products you can add a custom message like, how to buy? Etc. This will further improve your clients' experience. Here’s a link to their website WA.link  


    2. Postcron

    One of the most famous tools for creating WhatsApp account links. Postcron is also a viable option for those who want to directly share it on their user profiles. It even shows you a graphical example of how to post WhatsApp links on your social profiles.  Click the link to visit the website Postcron  


    3. Join.Chat

    Another simple and user-friendly tool to generate WhatsApp links. You can simply add your number and generate the link right away. That’s how simple this tool is. You don’t even have to go through a short tutorial which ironically makes things more complex. The best part about this tool is, even for those who opted for a simple option this is also a good tool for bloggers. They have their very own WhatsApp plugin which offers numerous features. They also offer full support in Spanish which is icing on the cake.  Check out the tool at this link Join.Chat  

    join chat

    4. ChatWith.IO

    One of the very best tools to use for making your WhatsApp link on the internet. It also comes with a very friendly user interface and also includes the option of adding a short auto-typed custom message for the convenience of your customers. In their premium option, they also offer WhatsApp Poll creation option, Payment linking options, etc.   If you are a busy seller and cannot afford much time to look after all the things from complaints to orders and payments. This might be the most suitable tool for you.  Check out more at ChatWith.IO  


    5. WhatsHash

    One of the best and fastest tools to use online to help your business grow. WhatsHash offers the option to create a WhatsApp link right on their home screen. You just have to type in your WhatsApp number and click the generate link button and in seconds you can have your short link. This also comes with a plugin for chrome to help you manage multiple WhatsApp contact links.   Their android Apps offer WhatsApp link generators and WhatsApp Poll creators. Unlike their counterparts, most of their options are free. Visit the link to use the tool WhatsHash  


    6. Chat API

    Another tool with full Spanish and Brazilian language support. You can create your WhatsApp link from this website right from their home page. You can also add a custom message that will be sent to your WhatsApp once your client clicks on your link.  Check it out at Chat API  

    chat api


    One of the simplest tools to use for generating your WhatsApp link. You Just have to enter your WhatsApp number on the home screen and click the generate button to get your link. It has a very simple interface which is very helpful for people who want things simple.  Click on the link to visit WASSMEE.US  


    8. Advant Marketing

    Another very simple app to use if you want to generate your personalized WhatsApp link. You can scroll down the home screen to find the option of link generator. There you will add your WhatsApp number and click the generate button to get your personalized link. Check it out at Advant Marketing  

    advant marketing

    Part 4: How to Share WhatsApp Link to a Facebook Shop

    After you have successfully created your WhatsApp link, adding it to your Facebook pages or Instagram Bio will be a piece of cake. It will help more visitors to reach out to you in a convenient method. Here we will give you a step-wise guide on how to add your short WhatsApp link to your Facebook shop.

    1. Step 1.Copy the link from the app or tool which you used for making your WhatsApp link.
    2. Step 2.While writing descriptions on your shop, you can add the link at the end of the description, this will help customers contact you easily. Here you have to stay within 200 words, so it will be wise to stay brief and precise.
    3. whatsapp shortlink

    4. Step 3.You can also add the link to the description of each product. This will come in handy when people will see your products in sponsored ads. They don’t have to visit your profile to inquire about a certain product.
    5. whatsapp shortlink

    Part 5: How to Share WhatsApp Link to Instagram Bio

    For most of you, Facebook is not the only platform to reach customers. Insta is also one of the most used Social media platforms and becoming one of the biggest market places too. Other than that, not only sellers but growing influencers can also use Instagram to reach their fans.  To add your WhatsApp link to your insta description follow these easy steps

    1. Step 1.One your profile and click on the Edit Profile button.
    2. whatsapp shortlink

    3. Step 2.In the Bio section, you can add your WhatsApp link at the end of the bio and click on it.
    4. whatsapp shortlink

    5. Just like that, you can add your WhatsApp link to both Instagram and Facebook. This helps buyers and fans reach out to you more easily. This trick will also help you improve your ratings and fan reach by growing more audiences.

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